WhatsApp Lead Generation with Kommo

January 10, 2023

10 min.

🥁Let's start with some great news: Whatsapp lead generation rocks!

Out of all the messengers that exist today, WhatsApp is one of the best when it comes to working with clients in small and medium-sized business segments.

Want to learn how you can use it to the fullest advantage?

Keep reading.😉

What is WhatsApp Lead Generation?

To connect with potential leads and clients, you have to integrate your business into their daily lives to seamlessly complement the overall experience.

WhatsApp is user-friendly, flexible, and convenient. This makes the app one of the best tools for client communication and, for that matter, for WhatsApp lead generation.🏆

🤔WhatsApp lead generation is about using WhatsApp as a primary tool to generate new leads and convert them into clients using WhatsApp chats.

What is a WhatsApp link?

If you've added your WhatsApp phone number to your social media profile description and you’re waiting for your leads to start texting you, then we've got bad news: it no longer works like that. ⛔️

Why? Because leads these days rarely go the extra mile to copy-paste your number and save it as a contact.

So what do you do now?😱

The answer is simple. Add a WhatsApp link.

🔗WhatsApp link is a shareable link that allows businesses and customers to connect with a single click. And it is the most important element of WhatsApp lead generation.😉

WhatsApp links are easy to share through social media handles, emails, and other platforms.

In just two steps, you can generate new leads with the help of a WhatsApp link:

☝️ The first click opens the WhatsApp app, with a pre-filled message ready to be sent

✌️ The second click allows your lead to send it over by hitting the Send button

When it’s done, your business will see the following:

✅ Phone number

✅ Name

✅ Pre-filled message

From there, you can start communicating with your lead. No extra actions are needed.😎

Pretty awesome, right?

Learn about WhatsApp link and how it works in our blog post

💡And just like any other link, you can also embed your WhatsApp link in GIFs, images, widgets, or banners on your website.

How to get a WhatsApp link

Your WhatsApp link will be similar to one of the links shown below:


WhatsApp link with a pre-filled message


You can create a WhatsApp link for free using our WhatsApp Link generator.🥳

Get your WhatsApp link using Kommo’s WhatsApp Link generator

WhatsApp lead generation: The strategies

You can generate WhatsApp leads by using the following channels:

  1. Desktop devices
  2. Social media
  3. Offline channels
  4. Emails

WhatsApp for lead generation

Let's take a look at how this works.🕵️

1. WhatsApp Lead generation: Desktop devices

Source: Perficient

In 2020, 68% of all website visits came from mobile devices, while only 29% came from desktops. Similarly, the number of people using WhatsApp Web on their desktops is much smaller than those using the app on their mobile devices. This means that your conversion rate from desktop traffic will probably be significantly lower than from mobile traffic.

But don't give up on that just yet!😈

There are three things you can do that will definitely skyrocket your desktop conversion:

WhatsApp Click-to-chat links – WhatsApp Web doesn't have the option to add a new contact, but by adding a WhatsApp link to your website, your lead will be able to start a conversation with your business with no need to reach for their smartphones.

WhatsApp Chat Widget - Make your website stand out from the crowd. If your leads have the urge to contact you, they won’t be able to miss an eye catchy WhatsApp chat widget on your webpage. After they click on a CTA button, it will automatically redirect them to your business WhatsApp profile.

Send-Back Webform – after your lead fills in a webform on your website with their contact details, an automatic WhatsApp message will be sent to them from your business, eliminating the need to create a new contact.

You can also try a couple more things to boost your conversions, but they might be quite tricky and a little bit outdated👻:

WhatsApp QR code - just like a WhatsApp link, a QR code redirects your leads to your WhatsApp chat after they scan the QR code with their mobile device. But in this case, it will add an extra step for your lead to switch from their desktop to a mobile device, then back to their desktop to start a conversation with you.🥲

Capture new leads with our WhatsApp QR code generator

The WhatsApp QR code for lead generation

Phone number on your website – allows leads to contact your business via WhatsApp, but just like a WhatsApp QR code, it will require them to use their smartphones to initiate a chat with you. There are also two other cons to this method:

😴 It's time-consuming and tedious

😩 It's difficult to determine the lead source

But it's up to you to decide which method you want to choose. 😉

2. WhatsApp Lead generation: Social networks

Social media is one of the best places to generate WhatsApp leads.🤳

Let’s focus on the 4 biggest social media platforms:

  • Whatsapp Link on Instagram
  • Whatsapp Link in Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp link on YouTube
  • WhatsApp link on LinkedIn

Social networks for lead generation

link for Instagram

Some entrepreneurs use Instagram Direct for client communication. If you are one of them, but you also want to scale up your lead generation strategy with the help of WhatsApp, then here’s how you can do it:

✅Add a WhatsApp button to your Instagram profile

✅Insert a Whatsapp link in your Instagram bio

✅Run Instagram Ads that redirect to your WhatsApp account

✅Create Instagram stories with your WhatsApp link

Read our article to learn how to generate leads with a WhatsApp link for Instagram

WhatsApp link for Facebook

Similarly, you can use a WhatsApp link for Facebook to redirect your Facebook page visitors to a WhatsApp chat with your business.💬

There are several ways how you can capture your WhatsApp leads by using Facebook, including:

✅ Adding a WhatsApp action button to your Facebook page

✅ Sharing your WhatsApp link in a regular Facebook post

✅ Boosting or running ads with the WhatsApp Action button

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to generate more leads with a WhatsApp link for Facebook

WhatsApp link for YouTube

Sharing a WhatsApp link on Youtube provides your YouTube audience and subscribers with a two-way communication channel by driving them to your WhatsApp chat, where they can easily enquire about your products or services.📢

You can share your Whatsapp link in several ways, including:

✅Video description

✅Community post

✅Channel description section

✅Links section

Learn how to capture & generate YouTube leads with a WhatsApp link

WhatsApp link for LinkedIn

As you probably know, LinkedIn has a reputation as the most professional social network. And if you can make LinkedIn and WhatsApp work together, it can really transform your business.

You can generate Whatsapp leads on LinkedIn by adding your WhatsApp link to:

✅Your LinkedIn post

✅Your About section

✅Your Featured section

Learn 3 ways to generate leads with a WhatsApp link for LinkedIn

3. WhatsApp Lead generation: WhatsApp Ads

Another way to generate more leads is by adding your WhatsApp link to sponsored ads on Instagram or Facebook. By doing that, you can reach a wider audience and seamlessly redirect them from your ad straight to your WhatsApp chat.💁‍♀️

WhatsApp ads for lead generation

4. WhatsApp Lead generation: Offline channels

We’ve just covered how to generate WhatsApp leads online. However, there are also ways to generate new WhatsApp contacts offline.🤓

Here’s how:

✅ Manually collect phone numbers through loyalty programs and subscriptions. (⚠️ Just make sure to get permission to send messages on WhatsApp).

✅ Showcase your WhatsApp contact number on promotional materials and incentivize customers to add you to their contact list.

✅ Embed your WhatsApp QR code on different offline media, from business cards to large advertising banners.

Example of using a WhatsApp QR Code

Don’t miss out on a huge opportunity to generate leads. Find out how to do it with a WhatsApp QR code.

WhatsApp Lead generation: Emails

Adding a WhatsApp link to your email signature or a clickable picture, is another great way to personalize interaction with your leads.📥

After sending an email that contains a WhatsApp link, your lead can choose how they want to continue interacting with you via email or WhatsApp.

Example of how to add a WhatsApp link to an email signature

Find out how to make the most out of your email signature with a WhatsApp link

WhatsApp Lead Generation made easy with Kommo

If you want to ace your WhatsApp Lead Generation game, having a WhatsApp CRM is a MUST.☝️

And Kommo might be just the one!😎

Kommo is a messenger-based sales CRM, or simply a communication hub for WhatsApp chats (and not only 🤓). Kommo’s features can help maximize the number of leads, routing them to the right sales reps, enhancing customer satisfaction, and increasing revenue.🤑

Here’s how Kommo can help you manage and increase WhatsApp leads:

✅ Capture incoming WhatsApp messages in Kommo

✅ Share WhatsApp access with the whole team

✅ Set automatic follow-ups to reply to different WhatsApp chats

✅ Store the whole WhatsApp chat history inside your CRM

✅ Personalize WhatsApp templates

✅ Automate WhatsApp conversations

Lead management in Kommo

Capture incoming WhatsApp contacts in Kommo

Once you connect WhatsApp to your CRM, you will realize that receiving chats and responding to messages is not enough. And you will need an effective WhatsApp sales pipeline.🤓

🤔 WhatsApp sales pipeline allows the team to move leads through different stages of the sales process in a structured manner to convert leads into customers.

WhatsApp sales pipeline is Kommo’s staple feature that gives you an overview of your ongoing deals, separated by pipeline stages that represent the actual stages of your sales process.🤑It’s fully customizable and can organize all your WhatsApp leads in a board-like view, categorize them with tags, set reminders and send automatic follow-ups.💃

With every incoming message, you will receive lead’s digital footprint from WhatsApp:

✅ Name

✅ Phone Number

✅ Profile picture

All of this will be stored neatly in the automatically created lead card in your Kommo account, where you or your team can access it anytime.💁‍♀️

WhatsApp sales pipeline in Kommo

Share WhatsApp access with the whole team

One of the biggest benefits of a WhatsApp CRM like Kommo is that it allows multiple team members to use the platform simultaneously. So once you connect WhatsApp to your Kommo account, you can bring in the crew.😎

On top of that, you can connect several different contact numbers to the same pipeline with the help of our WhatsApp integration.📞

Your sales, marketing, or customer service team will be able to respond to new WhatsApp messages directly in Kommo. 🙌

And not only can they chat with leads, but your team members can also:

💬Communicate with each other

🔄Take over leads

📋Set tasks

📝Add notes

➡️Move leads across pipeline stages

🗝Keeping in mind that data is the key, shared access will allow your managers to easily track chat statistics, team workflow, user activity, and other useful data to make sure everything’s on track and no one is slacking off.

Set automatic follow-ups to reply to different WhatsApp chats

Once the number of leads starts to grow, following up or replying to every one of them on WhatsApp might become challenging.😫 But our CRM solution has been designed to help you with this by structuring and optimizing communication processes.

In Kommo, you can set automatic tasks based on various triggers, automatically assigning a task to anyone on your team once a specific condition is met. For example, when a new message on WhatsApp is received.💬

This way, each time a new lead contacts you on WhatsApp, the responsible employee automatically gets notified🔔 about a new task in their calendar.

Store the whole WhatsApp chat history inside your CRM

Kommo stores conversations with your leads and clients all in one place. This allows your sales team to continue any WhatsApp conversation from where it was left off during the last interaction.

Actually, no matter which communication channel you chat on:

💬 Facebook Messenger

📸 Instagram

📧 Email

📱 Phone

🗣 Any other channel

Thanks to the unified inbox, you won’t miss any incoming messages. This feature will allow you to get full visibility into how your team interacts with leads, helping you manage and reply to every message that comes from any of these channels from a single tab.

🤔Unified inbox is where all your messages from different communication channels land in real-time, allowing you and your team to manage your valuable business conversations easily.

Unified inbox in Kommo

Automate WhatsApp conversations

You can easily automate all your WhatsApp conversations with Kommo's chatbot or a Salesbot, as we call it.

🤖Salesbot: Kommo's bot for chatting and performing actions

Our chatbot will take up the lion's share of your routine tasks, freeing up your time and resources for more important projects.⏳And it won't only help you to generate more WhatsApp leads but also keep your potential and existing clients informed and engaged with personalized content.

Some of the Salesbot’s superpowers are:

🦾 Sending welcome messages, images and docs

🦾 Responding to messages based on the content

🦾 Attaching URL buttons

🦾 Gathering lead data

🦾 Creating invoices

🦾 Making lead card changes

🦾 Notifying when a human touch is required

The best part, your leads won’t even know they are talking to a chatbot!😎

Personalize WhatsApp templates

As the old saying goes, 'time is money' 💸, so you wouldn't want to waste time typing the same answers over and over again before sending them to your potential leads. It can get very repetitive and redundant, and you will definitely miss out on some sales. 👎

What you can do instead is use WhatsApp templates. 🙋‍♂️

Kommo, you can create various templates that can be integrated into your WhatsApp account, using data from the lead cards to minimize manual input. From welcoming new leads to sending them invoices, WhatsApp templates can benefit you at every step of the sales process.😉

The templates can be used with WhatsApp Session Message, where you can answer for free without content limitations within 24 hours from the most recent message from the lead.⏳

⚠️If you want to send a template outside of this window, you'll have to submit it to WhatsApp for review.

WhatsApp templates in Kommo

How our team can help

Getting started with WhatsApp Lead Generation isn't easy. But that’s exactly why we are here for.😎 Our team is happy to answer your questions or make a CRM onboarding session for your whole team.

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