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How to Add WhatsApp Link for Instagram: Step by step guide

June 6, 2022

While Instagram is quite powerful on its own, adding a WhatsApp link for Instagram to migrate WhatsApp conversations can unlock many business opportunities.

With just a few clicks, you can add a WhatsApp link to your Instagram account and start engaging your audience on WhatsApp.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

    WhatsApp Link for Instagram: What are the benefits?

    Directing your Instagram followers toward your WhatsApp account has quite a few advantages. Especially when negotiating with them in a personalized manner:

    🟢 You can share any essential documents and 1-pages via chat.

    🟢 You can share presentations, images or videos wherever relevant to the conversation quickly.

    🟢 You can send a large text message easily. People are much more likely to read longer texts on a personalized WhatsApp chat than on a social media platform.

    🟢 You can even contact leads by video or audio call. This is extremely helpful when resolving customer objections or closing large deals.

    On top of that, if you have a WhatsApp Business account, your Instagram audience can see your work timings, company name and other business information.

    You’ll be able to:

    🟢 Share your product catalog with your contacts - upload photos, prices, and descriptions.

    🟢 Add auto-reply templates for answers to commonly asked questions. Hence, saving time in the long run.

    🟢 Add labels to your contacts' messages to find the important ones later on, quickly.

    🟢 Most importantly, with WhatsApp, you can add a number to your contacts to organize them better. This allows you to develop long-term relationships with your customers and partners in a systematic way.

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    How to add a WhatsApp link to your Instagram?

    There are multiple ways you can add a WhatsApp link for Instagram. But before that, ensure that you have an active Instagram Business Account and a WhatsApp Business account. Once you have those active, you can use one of the three methods below and get started:

    💡 Add a CTA to your Instagram Bio (via the website field).

    💡 Add a CTA button to your Instagram profile

    💡 Add a CTA link as an Instagram Stories Highlight


    Let's take a look at it step-by-step.

    How to add a WhatsApp Link to your Instagram bio

    To add a WhatsApp Link to your Instagram bio, follow the steps below:

    1. Create a native WhatsApp link that allows your followers to reach you by clicking that link directly. To generate such a link, type your phone number in place of 'phone_number' in the following URL: https://wa.me/phone_number. Do not use any symbols. Type the exact phone number.

    2. You can also link an automatic pre-filled message that will be shown in the chat text field once your users click on the link. This helps increase your engagement if you know your folks will have a specific question when reaching out to you on WhatsApp.

    3. Now, we need to post the link on your bio. Open Instagram, go to your profile, and click 'Edit Profile.

    4. Once a new window opens, paste the link to the 'Website' field and click 'Done' to confirm the changes.

    5. That's it! The WhatsApp link for Instagram is ready. Your WhatsApp link will now be visible on your Instagram bio in your website field. Please note that you can only add one URL here. If you want to add your business website, use another method. Keep reading to find out.


    How to add a WhatsApp CTA Button to your Instagram Profile

    The second method allows you to set up an action button that leads your users to a WhatsApp chat with you directly.

    Here's how to do that in a few steps:

    1. If you don't have it already, go to the App Store and install the WhatsApp Business app on your phone. You can't add a button without it.
    2. Sync it with the personal WhatsApp - all chats will be transferred so that no communication will be lost.
    3. Set up a business account: name, profile picture, description, and more.
    4. Once the WhatsApp Business profile setup is complete, go to your Instagram profile. Click 'Edit profile' and select 'Contact options.'
    5. Select 'WhatsApp Business Phone Number.' Enter the phone number that is linked with your WhatsApp account.

    Done! Now you should be able to see a WhatsApp button on your profile that your audience can tap on to reach you directly on WhatsApp.

    How to Add a WhatsApp CTA to your Instagram Stories' Highlights

    Using the WhatsApp link for Instagram in your Stories, mainly adding a CTA, is also something you should consider. There are two ways you can accomplish this:

    🔗 With a QR Code

    🔗 With a link

    QR Code

    You can use a QR code to lead your Instagram followers to your WhatsApp chat quickly. This QR code can be published in Stories, in a post, or pinned to the highlights. Please note that this feature is only applicable if you have a WhatsApp Business account.

    Here's how to create a QR code that leads to a WhatsApp chat:

    ✔️ Open your WhatsApp Business app

    ✔️ Go to Settings -> Business Tools -> Short Link

    ✔️ Click QR Code -> Share Code

    ✔️ Choose Instagram -> Story

    ✔️ Once the story is posted, click on the heart icon at the bottom right to save the story as a highlight.


    Now your audience can click on that highlight and use the QR code to reach out to you on WhatsApp.

    That's it!

    The link

    Another effective method is to post an Instagram story that links to your WhatsApp chat through the link. Here, you simply need to create a story with a WhatsApp logo image and insert the WhatsApp link. This link should be clickable within the story.

    ⛓️ Create a story with the image of WhatsApp logo

    ⛓️ Click on the Attach icon

    ⛓️ Select Link

    ⛓️ Insert the WhatsApp link (refer to the 1st method for help with creating this link)

    ⛓️ Click Done

    ⛓️ Place the link icon in your story and post it.


    Once the story is posted, you can add it to the 'Highlighted Stories' section and rename it with the name 'WhatsApp' or 'Contact us on WhatsApp'. The Story will be shown permanently on your Instagram profile. Your visitors will be able to contact you easily.

    Common problems that can occur when adding a WhatsApp link to Instagram

    Having copied the WhatsApp link, there are often problems that can occur in social networks.

    1. If you send your URL in Instagram DMs more than five times a day, Instagram can block your profile

    So, make sure not to exceed this daily number when you talk to your leads on IG.

    2. When creating the WhatsApp link, it’s easy to make small errors that can affect the link.

    For example, when entering the number in the international format with '007' or '+380', it should be entered without extra characters, indicating only the country code, that is: 007 or 380 and then the number itself.

    Your URL should look like https://wa.me/380XXXXXXXXXX

    3. A common error that occurs when adding the WhatsApp URL to Instagram:

    The text has no spacing around the link. In this case the link is not clickable.

    Add space between the text and the link.

    4. You might accidentally enter the wrong phone number

    Double-check the phone number as even a minor error can hinder your sales.

    5. Privacy and chat settings issues

    To start a conversation with a new user, you need to grant access to send messages using the method below.


    Creating a WhatsApp link for Instagram with Kommo

    Along with the methods we mentioned above, there are also special tools that you can use to create a WhatsApp link for Instagram and access some powerful features at a fee. One such tool is Kommo.

    Kommo is a communication hub for all your valuable business conversations. You can communicate with your customers on WhatsApp directly from your Kommo account.

    The 'one link in bio' rule on Instagram can be quite limiting for your marketing. You will have to swap the bio link manually whenever you want to promote a new blog post, campaign, or product 🙁.

    💡But you don’t have to worry about that anymore because Kommo has an Engagement Page.

    Kommo Engagement Page helps you connect with your followers through CTA links and content. These include: text, contact forms, images and videos. You can customize your username and the link in your bio, allowing your audience to contact you quickly.

    ✨ An intuitive interface with a drag-and-drop editor

    ✨ An Add Contact Form option and social media buttons

    ✨ A custom profile URL and the ability to customize links, texts, and color

    ✨ Numerous themes

    Kommo also allows you to:

    ☑️ Manage all leads in your WhatsApp CRM pipeline

    ☑️ Stay organized - every lead has a profile

    ☑️ Label leads with tags

    ☑️ Communicate in the lead card — no switching apps!

    ☑️ Send emails & WhatsApp messages automatically

    Kommo has:

    ✅ Integrations with Messenger, SMS, live chat, email & phone

    ✅ Personalized email & WhatsApp templates

    ✅ A WhatsApp chatbot (Salesbot) to automate frequently repeated conversations

    How our team can help

    Getting started with WhatsApp Marketing isn’t easy. Our team is happy to answer questions or make a CRM onboarding session for your whole team.

    💬 Chat with us here on the website or within your account

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