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amoCRM Pricing and Subscription Plans: Guide for 2022

October 12, 2022

10 min.

‼️📣 Important Message! Starting mid-October 2022, amoCRM becomes Kommo.🥳

Before we get into amoCRM pricing, there is something important to mention.

For 15 years, amoCRM has been an irreplaceable business companion for over 250k users in almost 70 countries around the world.🌎

Our company has grown and evolved throughout this time, and we've realized that our brand does not grasp the full scope of our current strategic objectives.

This is why starting mid-October 2022, amoCRM becomes Kommo.😱

amo means love in Spanish, and though our name has changed, love for CRM is still at the core of what we do and the main driver for developing the best solutions for your business.

We are extremely excited about this change and hope you will be too.😍

For every dollar a company spends on a CRM solution, it can expect a return on investment as much as $8.71— Nucleus Research

Securing a deep and lasting relationship with your customers is the key to success in today's competitive business environment.🏆

And what is a better way to build this relationship than connecting with your customers by using the same tools they use in everyday life?

In our case, these tools are social media and messengers. But maintaining this relationship might become quite challenging if you don't have enough staff.😟

This is when amoCRM will come to the rescue.

amoCRM is the world's first messaging-powered CRM that helps businesses converse through messengers, emails, and calls from a single tab (and that's only the tip of the iceberg 🤫).

In this guide, we’re focusing on amoCRMpricing and subscription plans.

Our goal is to help you choose a subscription plan that best suits your business needs.


What is amoCRM?

amoCRM is a Messenger-Based CRM solution that helps small and midsize businesses to scale their operations through sales automation, routine task reduction, and customer experience enhancement.

🔎 Within the software, you will find lead and task management tools, an AI chatbot builder, and over 20 integrations with communication and productivity platforms on top of standard communication channels. All these features aim to increase efficiency and reap record profits.🤑

So, in other words, amoCRM is your business superhero.🦾

How much does amoCRM cost?

First of all, to calculate amoCRM pricing, you need to take into account 3 main factors:

🧑 The capacity of your team

🛠️ The required tools

💭 The needs of your clients

The amoCRM subscription price is primarily based on the number of users you add to the account.

Basically, big teams are going to pay more, and smaller teams are going to pay less.

In addition, larger businesses might need more advanced features, so they would typically choose a more expensive pricing plan.

amoCRM Pricing & Subscription Plans

amoCRM pricing depends on which plan you choose for your business.

amoCRM Pricing

Currently, we offer three plans:

  • Base plan for $15 per user/month
  • Advanced plan for $25 per user/month
  • Enterprise plan for $45 per user/month

All three subscription plans include important features:

  1. Omnichannel lead capture

Capture more leads by connecting your favorite communication tools to amoCRM. Choose from dozens of cool integrations, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat, to streamline your sales and marketing processes.✌️

  1. Form builder

Step into a new era of lead generation.💃 With amoCRM, you won't need coding skills to create customizable webforms and insert them on your website.

  1. Website chat button

Make it easier for your website visitors to reach out to you with a chat button.💬 By connecting messengers to your website, you and your lead will have the conversation history safely stored in your Kommo account.

  1. Google Sheets sync

Sync your data from forms and spreadsheets with your amoCRM account. Wherever a new data entry is made in Google Sheets, it will automatically appear in your pipeline.🤖

  1. Lead scraper

🔎 Use amoCRM's Google Chrome extension to be able to generate leads from any website. With simple tools, you can select the data, and it will automatically create a new lead in your pipeline.

  1. Email parsing

Automate the lead generation process based on your incoming email.📨 Simply highlight the required info and assign it to matching fields, and new leads will start appearing in your pipeline.

  1. Business card scanner

Create new leads and save contacts with the help of amoCRM's Business Card Scanner tool. Take a photo of your business card, and the contact info will be imported directly to the lead card.🤳

  1. Messenger & call integrations

Old-school marketer or a pioneer, amoCRM has got you covered.😎 Integrate the most popular messenger and voice services to communicate with your leads without switching apps.

  1. Chat & email templates

Speed up your response rate by using easy-to-make chat and email templates to take care of your most frequent requests.📇 Automated responses will definitely increase your team’s efficiency.

  1. Customizable lead profiles

Kommo’s interface is fully customizable to fit the needs of your business. Adjust the feed view and the lead card to ensure you only see what you need and when you need it.😉

Now, let’s look at how these subscription plans differ.

Base Subscription Plan

amoCRM offers top-notch solutions for small businesses, which are suitable for companies with a limited budget.

The amoCRM Base plan can be perfect for you if you own a small business!

It doesn't include all the automation features and can't be used for large client lists, but it can definitely help you streamline sales, customer service, and marketing.

With the Base plan, you get 12,500 contacts, 2,500 active leads, 100 custom fields, and 100MB of file storage.

Advanced Subscription Plan

Advanced plan is great for medium-sized businesses with a more extensive lead base that requires more automation tools, such as the Salesbot or the Broadcasting features.

With the Advanced plan, you get 25,000 contacts, 5,000 active leads, 200 custom fields, and 200 MB of file storage.

Enterprise Subscription Plan

Enterprise plan is more expensive for a reason, and that reason is big teams need bigger options.😎

The Enterprise plan is the intranet solution for big companies that need to connect a big team and have all the possible features.

You will get 50,000 contacts, 10,000 active leads, 400 custom fields, and 400 MB of file storage. It also includes all the Advanced plan features, lead scoring, AI power-up, user activity log, and periodic data backup.😱

amoCRM pricing for enterprise plans is $45 per user per month, which is much more affordable than the prices of other CRM providers.


Here, you’ll find the answers to the billing questions you might have.👇

Is a 1 month subscription available?

Monthly payments aren't possible.

To fully set up your account, build a sales process, train your team and see results requires a minimum of 6 months. That is why the minimum amoCRM subscription is 6 months.

Standard discounts apply for subscriptions of 9, 12, and 24 months.🙌

How to cancel a paid plan?

To refund your remaining subscription, simply contact our customer support team from your account:

⚙️ Click on your profile picture, 'Contact Support' button will appear in the bottom left corner.

📧 Email us at Once you confirm the refund, your account will be deactivated.

Is it possible to add users with different plans?

An amoCRM subscription is applied to the account, not to each user. All the users in the account will have the same subscription plan, and it's not possible to add users with different subscription plans to the same account.

How to extend the subscription plan?

Since the subscription is purchased for a certain period, it is necessary to renew it on time so that the work of the sales department does not stop. You can renew your subscription without changing the tariff plan at any time in your amoCRM account.

Can I change the subscription plan?

You can change your subscription plan directly through the billing section in your account once your current plan expires.

If you wish to upgrade your subscription plan while you have another plan active, you can do so by contacting customer support.🙋‍♀️

How to get 1 month of amoCRM subscription for free?

amoCRM has a huge partner network around the globe 🌎. Buying a subscription through partners will give you an additional month for free 🥳 ! For example, you only pay for 6 months but can use amoCRM for 7 months instead.

amoCRM key benefits

Now, if you choose to subscribe, let's take a look at how your business will benefit from amoCRM.🤔

Structure the sales process

Unlike other CRMs, amoCRM has a user-friendly, intuitive interface, just like an iPhone (Sorry, Android users 🥲). In the main view, you will see all the stages of your sales processes in a bird's-eye view. From there, you can click on any lead card to see their profile details or chat with them on their preferred platform (WhatsApp, email, live chat, and others) without ever leaving the app.

Can't beat that, am I right?

This is why amoCRM is consistently ranked as a top CRM for user satisfaction.😎

But even more important, you or your team can streamline your sales processes, automate data entry and centralize your lead data with no specific skills required. (Though our team and partners are always there to assist you with any challenges you might face. 🚒

Centralized client communication

Not only can you generate leads in amoCRM, send invoices and track your sales progress, but you can also chat with your leads inside the lead cards using their favorite messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and many, many others.🥵

What's great about it is that you won't ever have to worry about missing any vital information. You will see all the lead data in the lead card right in front of you, including previous conversation history and notes.

☝️This can come in quite handy in case you need to make an informed decision right on the spot.

On top of that, you can also set tasks, automate communication processes with the help of chat templates and chat internally with your colleagues.

Improve customer experience

64% of customers said they would leave a brand if they had a poor customer experience— Emplifi

Focusing on your customers and ensuring they have a great experience is a prerequisite for your business's success.👍

High customer satisfaction means:

  • Greater customer retention
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Increased customer lifetime value
  • Attracting more leads
  • Positive Word of Mouth

However, achieving high customer satisfaction in a growing business can be difficult without extra help. Research shows that after companies start using CRM solutions, they see a significant improvement in their customer retention and satisfaction.🤓 This is why implementing a CRM is a must for your business.

47% of businesses see a significant improvement in their customer retention and satisfaction after implementing a CRM solution — Capterra

And amoCRM can be a perfect choice for you.🤩 Our CRM can help you track customer interactions, manage their data and automate communication channels with the help of AI. Smooth and efficient sales process will guarantee your customers are left completely satisfied.

Automate workflows

We've mentioned the word automation a lot by now, but what's so good about it? 🤔

Well, automation can help you increase overall efficiency and concentrate on what really matters. Besides, automatic actions help reduce errors, boost speed and even lower your costs.

And amoCRM is filled with automation to simplify your life. The software can do numerous tasks for you, including:

  • Automating lead capture
  • Automating phone calls
  • Sending emails and follow-ups
  • Setting tasks
  • Streamlining sales team operations

Time is money, and amoCRM can save you a lot of it. 💸

Connect a chatbot

One of the simplest ways for businesses to increase their response speed is to connect a chatbot.

amoCRM is a great tool that supports your business, not only you but your whole team. 💪 That’s why in amoCRM, you’ll be able to manage users and grant rights, depending on the assigned roles.

Work together with your teammates to transform more leads into customers:

  • Assign a responsible user for each conversation so no leads are lost
  • Assign tasks to yourself or your teammates
  • Get your calendar, task management & reminders
  • Set individual and team goals and then track performance
  • Chat privately with colleagues in the context of lead profiles
  • View user activity and statistics

Track and measure results

No one likes free riders, am I right?

But on the other hand, your stellar employees might not like their efforts not being recognized. 😖

amoCRM will help you avoid this situation.🤓 Our software comes with stats that will give you a deeper understanding of what's working and what's not.

The numbers will help you answer these and many other performance questions:

🦥 Is someone slacking off?

✅ Are the tasks being completed on time?

⏰ How long does it take to complete specific tasks?

📋 Is the team performance aligned with the company's goals?

🎯 Who is on track to reach their sales target?

Bottom line

In this guide, you've learned about different amoCRM pricing plans with features suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises.🔥 amoCRM provides a suite of features on par with industry-leading competitors while maintaining affordable pricing.

If you want to check out the features before committing to a subscription, you can use our 14 days free trial. You don't need a credit card to sign up, and there are no obligations or contracts. Simply provide your name, email address, and phone number to get started. 🤩

Chat with our team to learn more

If you are still unsure which amoCRM pricing plan to choose or have other questions, feel free to reach out. 😉 Our team is always here to help.

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