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Rebranding: amoCRM has evolved into Kommo

October 11, 2022

3 min.

Today, we’re proud to announce that amoCRM has become Kommo. Though we’re rebranding to a name that we feel fits us better, we’ll still be the platform you rely on daily.


amoCRM rebrand: The spirit of love (”amo”) in all we do

At amoCRM, we’ve always had a philosophy: the best way to grow your sales is by nurturing relationships with your clients, human-to-human.

For more than a decade, the amoCRM platform has given small and medium businesses the tools to show their clients love:

  • a pipeline to help you guide clients through the buying process
  • task management, so you always remember to get back in touch
  • lead profiles, so important info is never lost
  • automations to free you up, so that you can focus on relationships

Over time, your needs have evolved — clients have increasingly demanded the ability to connect with you on multiple channels.

In response, we introduced more communication-focused features to amoCRM: we added our unified inbox, grew the number of messenger integrations and improved templates and Salesbot.


Over time, we noticed our customer base was changing... marketing and support teams were using amoCRM for an end-to-end customer journey, and many of our new customers were never even venturing into the pipeline. For some potential users, “CRM” was unknown jargon that pushed them away from trying our platform. But our system was built for everyday small business owners. We had to become more understandable.

We started to ask ourselves if amoCRM was really a CRM anymore.

We decided that it is — we will always be a CRM... but to so many of our customers, we’re also more than that now. That’s why we’ve decided to evolve our brand.

Though our name is changing, love (”amo”) is still at the core of what we do and the main driver for developing the best solutions for your business.


From amoCRM to Kommo: Our new name

We chose a playful name that connects back to our main purpose: helping you communicate with leads, customers and colleagues. Kommo is inspired by the words “communicate” and “como”, which means how in Spanish, Portuguese and French — we want Kommo to be how you communicate on a day-to-day basis with your leads and clients.


Our new logo

Our logo is sturdy with a twinkle of rebelliousness.

The partial K in our name symbolizes the idea that everyone communicates differently… and being understood is all that really matters.

We truly believe that there’s no “right” way a business should connect with their customers, and so you should find the right formula that works for you — whether that’s driving sales through email campaigns, building informal relationships over WhatsApp or any other way!


What’s next for Kommo (formerly amoCRM)?

The Kommo will continue to expand. In the last 6 months, we already opened two more offices, with one in London and our newest in Montevideo, Uruguay!

And while we are planning to continue updating our visual brand identity, the Kommo platform will continue to be the one you know and love.



Why did you decide to rebrand amoCRM?

The decision to change the amoCRM name comes purely from a branding perspective. Over time, we began to question whether the name amoCRM represented who we are and who our customers expect us to be, and we decided that evolving our brand was the right move.

Will my account change?

The only noticeable change to your account will be its link. The link to your account will change from to, so make sure to bookmark it and update it in any integrations, such as Zapier.

Will pricing change?

We have not increased our pricing in over 8 years, and do not have any plans to do so.

I have private integrations in my account. What should I do?

Please follow our instructions. In case you’ll need more help, please contact us at

Jacqueline Phillips

Head of brand & product


🚀 I’m on a mission to help small teams win more sales!

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