The Ultimate Guide to amoCRM

October 13, 2022

10 min.

‼️📣 Important Message! Starting mid-October 2022, amoCRM becomes Kommo.🥳

As more businesses go digital, amoCRM gives you tools to communicate with leads more efficiently.

It's 2022, which means if you are still implementing traditional old-school sales tactics, you are more than likely miles behind your competition.😰 In a technology-centric world where answers are expected immediately, your sales process must function similarly. Using automation to speed up and streamline your sales process not only increases lead generation but also makes your sales reps' jobs much easier.🤩

In this article, we'll tell you everything about amoCRM (now Kommo), a messenger-based sales CRM solution that helps businesses increase their profits.💰


What is amoCRM?

amoCRM is a messenger-based sales software that brings the power of chat to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Our mission is to make automation achievable for small businesses so they can maximize their efficiency and get better results.📈

amoCRM can fully automate the sales process from lead capture to a closed sale and beyond.

But as powerful as amoCRM is 💪, it's also super easy to use. Your team can get it up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Our goal is to make sure that you transition to amoCRM and that the user experience is as smooth as possible, so if you need any help, don't be shy and let us know.😉

We are here to assist you with a set-up and provide you with onboarding and ongoing support. (Absolutely FREE 😍)

amoCRM History

📖 It all begins with a story.

Every business has a story behind its creation, and here is ours.

In the early 00s, sales automation software wasn't as popular as it is now. (Their loss👎)

Back then, sales were made the old-school way, by using Excel Spreadsheets to store customer data.🥱 The data about the number of sales and client objections hadn't been stored anywhere, so managers couldn't really track the process or the progress.

That was before the concept of automation came in.

In 2015, we introduced the Digital Pipeline - a new tool for task management. There was nothing close to this tool back in the day, and to be honest, it was the best thing we could imagine.

Digital Pipeline is a tool that automates the sales process by triggering follow-ups and actions according to your specific conditions.🧑‍💻

In the mid 2010s, messaging became the fastest growing channel of communication. The rise of messenger apps has also changed not only how people communicate with friends and families, but also how they communicate with businesses.

In 2018, amoCRM released the Messenger-based sales concept and presented it at amoCONF in San Francisco.

Since then, messenger-based sales has become our main focus in product development.🚀

MBS attempts to create a presence in communication channels that customers use most. It offers real-time and personalized experiences. Most importantly, it recognizes the power ⚡ of automation and gives consumers control over when and how they prefer to contact your business.

Today, we already serve over 25,000 small and mid-sized businesses around the world, providing them with tools for intelligent sales management. We've also received awards and recognitions from Gartner, Finances Online, Software Advice, and many others.

amoCRM rebranding in 2022

For the past 15 years, over 250k amoCRM users from almost 70 countries around the globe 🌎 have benefited tremendously from the automation and management tools provided by our CRM solution.

Throughout these years, our business has experienced various changes driven by internal and external environments. We drastically improved our functionality, created new features, and added more integrations with some of the most popular platforms (over 100 of them 😱).

With our company expanding, we've realized that we are becoming more than a CRM solution. Hence our brand no longer represents the full essence of what we stand for. After giving it some thought 🤔, we've decided that from now on, amoCRM will become Kommo.🥁 But love ('amo') will always stay at the core of everything we do.

The benefits of amoCRM

Let us walk you through the main advantages of using amoCRM 👇

Easy-to-use pipeline management

The sales pipeline gives you a bird's-eye view 🐦 of the entire sales process. You can track the progress of every single lead, preview its task status and get the big picture of the health of your overall sales. It keeps the team organized and focused on hitting their targets so they don't miss the forest or the trees.

All communication tools combined in one place

amoCRM provides the tools you need 🛠️ exactly when you need them.Whether it's email, phone, or chat, you can connect with your leads and customers using their preferred communication channel in just one click.

All interactions will be unified into one centralized feed that captures the entire conversation history, so you only have one place to look at when searching for that important message.🔍

Lead profiles for each lead

📝 Tired of piles of paper notes and sticky notes covering your entire desk?

We've simplified your life and packed everything you need into a single card 🙌.

In amoCRM, every lead, contact, and a company you work with has a profile, and it's just like someone's Facebook profile but inside amoCRM.

No more wasting time trying to find out what happened to that one lead! The event feed contains all your interactions, tasks, and notes, so nothing is hidden or lost.🕵️‍♀️

Sales automation

Our digital pipeline fully automates your lead capture and follow-up sequences, sending emails and text and chat messages automatically, setting tasks for sales reps, and even displaying targeted digital ads. It keeps your leads engaged, moving them through pipeline stages, and ensuring a smooth flow.

So when your sales rep reaches out to them, it becomes an automatic win.😎

Built-in team messaging

Our built-in messenger lets your team communicate with the speed of the light directly in amoCRM. Now, there is no need to switch between the apps to send a message.

And when you're away from your desk — alerts are sent to both the amoCRM notification center and your smartphone. So you'll always stay connected and never miss a message from your teammates or leads ever again.🧑‍💻

Chatbot builder

Stop waiting for sales reps to copy-paste answers to the same old customer questions.

🤖 Let the Salesbot do that!

amoCRM's AI-powered chatbots engage with leads by instantly answering their most frequent questions while lowering the burden on your team. And if they need a human helping hand, they won't hesitate to ask for it.🙋‍♀️

With amoCRM visual builder, anyone can create a chatbot without any programming skills required. In a few simple steps, you can build a business companion 🧸 that will have your back, interacting with clients 24/7.

Sales analytics

amoCRM's visual, real-time reports deliver powerful insights you can rely on. You can set targets, forecast future sales, measure performance, and pinpoint problem areas before it's too late with our customizable analytics tools. Pave the road to success with data-driven strategies.💪

amoCRM Integrations

Businesses may need consolidation when they want to harmonize all their systems and achieve smoother and more efficient system operations through data consistency. All of this will help ensure increased productivity, sales, and profits in the long run.🏃

🔗 amoCRM integration is a seamless connection between your CRM and any other software applications your company relies on for day-to-day operations. This includes social media networks, messengers, workflow and billing automation

These integrations allow you to connect with potential customers on their favorite channels without wasting time switching between tabs and apps 🙌. That way, you can manage lead data effortlessly, get a complete picture of the sales process and keep all the conversations and tools in one place.

The amoCRM integration marketplace features over 100 different integrations that are designed to help you:

🚀 Expand the amoCRM functionality

🪄 Streamline the sales process

⌛ Save time

❌ Reduce errors

🥰 Improve customer experience

🔥 Boost productivity

🤑 Make more sales

Here are top 3 amoCRM integrations👇

amoCRM WhatsApp integration

Customers nowadays feel more comfortable using messengers to connect with businesses. And WhatsApp is officially the most popular messenger in the world.🏆

That’s exactly why amoCRM has created the amoCRM WhatsApp integration.

When your potential lead sends you a message on WhatsApp, it automatically lands in your sales pipeline.

The integration helps to power up your WhatsApp for sales.

Here’s what you can get from it:

✅ Receive WhatsApp messages in the sales pipeline

✅ Respond to WhatsApp messages from amoCRM

✅ Use personalized WhatsApp templates

✅ Connect Salesbot to WhatsApp

✅ Collaborate on WhatsApp with the whole team

amoCRM Instagram integration

Instagram has established itself as a highly effective marketing platform for businesses trying to raise brand awareness.📢 However, businesses use Instagram not only to build visibility and reach their target audience through an active presence but also to communicate with leads and customers.

This integration allows you to connect with your followers through direct messages on Instagram. When someone contacts you on Instagram, a lead card will automatically appear in amoCRM, enabling you to communicate with your Instagram followers directly from amoCRM.😱

One cool feature about the amoCRM Instagram integration is that you can add static message buttons when the lead opens a chat with your account..💬 Thanks to amoCRM, you can get the most out of this messenger when it comes to doing business.

amoCRM Facebook integration

Facebook Messenger is the second most popular messenger there after WhatsApp.🥈

With amoCRM Facebook integrations, you will be able to automatically receive any message and comment made to your business on Facebook directly in your pipeline. This will help you further automate your sales processes, moving leads through pipeline stages with minimal effort.😌

Let's pretend you're a Website Development Company:

A Facebook user called Eva sends you a message asking if you can create a custom website for her with features not mentioned in your price list.

The request is sent to the amoCRM pipeline as an incoming request waiting for approval.

To start chatting, simply click on her automatically generated lead card. She will keep receiving messages in her Facebook account, while you get to keep the entire conversation history in your amoCRM account.

amoCRM Pricing Plans

amoCRM pricing depends on which plan you choose for your business.

Currently, we offer three plans:

  • Base plan for $15 per user/month
  • Advanced plan for $25 per user/month
  • Enterprise plan for $45 per user/month

amoCRM subscription plans

All three subscription plans include important features:

  1. Omnichannel lead capture

Capture more leads by connecting your favorite communication tools to amoCRM. Choose from dozens of cool integrations, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat, to streamline your sales and marketing processes.✌️

  1. Form builder

Step into a new era of lead generation.💃 With amoCRM, you won't need coding skills to create customizable webforms and insert them on your website.

  1. Website chat button

Make it easier for your website visitors to reach out to you with a chat button.💬 By connecting messengers to your website, you and your lead will have the conversation history safely stored in your Kommo account.

  1. Google Sheets sync

Sync your data from forms and spreadsheets with your amoCRM account. Wherever a new data entry is made in Google Sheets, it will automatically appear in your pipeline.🤖

  1. Lead scraper

🔎 Use amoCRM's Google Chrome extension to be able to generate leads from any website. With simple tools, you can select the data, and it will automatically create a new lead in your pipeline.

  1. Email parsing

Automate the lead generation process based on your incoming email.📨 Simply highlight the required info and assign it to matching fields, and new leads will start appearing in your pipeline.

  1. Business card scanner

Create new leads and save contacts with the help of amoCRM's Business Card Scanner tool. Take a photo of your business card, and the contact info will be imported directly to the lead card.🤳

  1. Messenger & call integrations

Old-school marketer or a pioneer, amoCRM has got you covered.😎 Integrate the most popular messenger and voice services to communicate with your leads without switching apps.

  1. Chat & email templates

Speed up your response rate by using easy-to-make chat and email templates to take care of your most frequent requests.📇 Automated responses will definitely increase your team’s efficiency.

  1. Customizable lead profiles

Kommo’s interface is fully customizable to fit the needs of your business. Adjust the feed view and the lead card to ensure you only see what you need and when you need it.😉

Click here to find out more amoCRM pricing.

Who are amoCRM Partners?

amoCRM's Partners Program was designed for those with a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to launch their own business. In addition to being an ambassador for amoCRM and messenger-based sales, you will have a chance to develop your own business specialization. In return, you'll not only earn a commission but also unlock the opportunity to grow your business.🌱

Simply speaking, amoCRM Partners are those who refer to us while doing business and receive extra income from it.

Being an amoCRM partner means we'll provide you with requests from our customers wanting to customize their integrations and receive consulting services or team training. You'll get access to all the necessary tools to become amoCRM Pro and help our customers get the most out of our CRM solution. And you will get to keep 100% of what you'll charge for your services.🤑

The partner program provides multiple ways to earn:

  • 35-50% commissions on every sale you make
  • 100% on your first sale
  • Earn additionally by providing amoCRM-related services

We can also promote your services as an agency on our partner directory, helping you increase your brand awareness and generate more leads.📣

Our customer base will be able to reach out to you in case they need advertising support, landing pages to be built, graphic design, and web development, among others.

If you want to get the ball rolling 🎢, join our amoCRM Partners Program now by following these simple steps:

📋 Step 1 Fill out the application form

🏅 Step 2 Take a short amoCRM course to become certified

✅ Step 3 Pass amoCRM Partner Certification test


So, by now, we've made it clear that amoCRM is the software that helps you automate your entire sales process and drastically improve customer experience.

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