The notification center is a new feature of the Kommo system, which provides convenient and reliable delivery of alerts from integration to the end user. The Kommo API allows developers to send notifications in a single format to a single notification center, promptly informing the user about the status of the integration work. There are several delivery channels for notifications:

  • Interface
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Browser


This delivery channel can not be disabled by the user. All new messages will be displayed in the Kommo interface.


This channel sends notifications by email. The user can choose to deliver the message at the time of the event or once a day.

Gap Description
At the time of the event the Notification is sent immediately in a separate letter after the event.
Once a day An unread notification stack is sent to the email in 24 hours. If the time is set at 18:00, then from 18:00 the previous day. The template displays the 5 most recent notifications. If there are more than 5 notifications, a link will appear at the bottom of the email template, clicking on which, you can see all the messages in the Kommo interface.


When an event occurs, the user will receive a push notification in the mobile application. In order for this message delivery channel to work correctly, you need to configure the rights for the mobile application and allow pop-up messages to be displayed.


If the delivery channel is active, the system will send a push notification to the browser, and notifications will be allowed in the browser.

Setting up notifications

In the user profile, settings are available that allow you to change the order in which notifications are received and for each provider choose message delivery channels.

You can enable or disable all notifications by moving the Receive notifications radio button.

The settings show all the available notification providers.

To configure the delivery channels, you must select the required ones, set the notification receiving mode if the Email channel is active and click the Save button.