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Turn your Facebook followers into clients

Boost Facebook sales
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Kommo's chatbot which can response in facebook

Say goodbye to constant scrolling

Save time and streamline your sales process by having a unified inbox for all your messages, meaning you can find clients with just a click.

Kommo's unified inbox with facebook messages

Stay connected 24/7

Upgrade your sales process by using Salesbot to collect client details, carry out repetitive tasks and much more.

Message templates for facebook in Kommo CRM

Reply in a flash

Speed up your responses with templates for FAQs, and personalize them using customer profile information.

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How can a CRM for Facebook Messenger help?

Facebook is a great way to connect with clients. Use Messenger CRM to view all your connections in one place for a smooth sales process.

  • Keep track of conversations through the whole buying journey
  • Label conversations in just one click
  • Set tools such as reminders, templates and automatic follow-up messages

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