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Top 5 amoCRM integrations to boost sales

October 12, 2022

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‼️📣 Important Message! Starting mid-October 2022, amoCRM becomes Kommo.🥳

Before we get into amoCRM integrations, there is something important to mention.

For 15 years, amoCRM has been an irreplaceable business companion for over 250k users in almost 70 countries around the world.🌎 Our company has grown and evolved throughout this time, and we've realized that our brand does not grasp the full scope of our current strategic objectives.

This is why starting mid-October 2022, amoCRM becomes Kommo.😱

amo means love in Spanish, and though our name has changed, love for CRM is still at the core of what we do and the main driver for developing the best solutions for your business.

We are extremely excited about this change and hope you will be too.😍

On average, businesses use 900 applications on their daily basis, when only 28% of them are integrated with their CRM software.

🤔 This means that employees often have to switch between the apps to complete tasks. Hence, they spend more time getting things done, hindering businesses’ efficiency and profitability.👎

Don’t want your business to suffer because of this?

Then you came to the right place.😉

With amoCRM integrations, you will never have to worry about that.👍

This blog post will tell you everything about amoCRM integrations and how they can completely revamp your business by saving time, increasing sales, and improving customer experience.


What is amoCRM?

amoCRM is an easy-to-use, web-based CRM solution for businesses. The software was designed to help you manage your leads, everyday tasks, and sales team.

📈 It allows managers to streamline their sales process, take the full control over their teams and pipelines with extremely rich analytics and monitoring tools.

🏢 Plus, it helps companies innovate the way they foster and manage those relations to generate long-term business.

However, to get the most out of amoCRM, we advise you to connect it with other applications and software - called integrations.

What are amoCRM integrations

🔗 amoCRM integration is a seamless connection between your CRM and any other software applications that your company relies on for day-to-day operations. This includes social media networks, messengers, workflow, productivity & billing automations and many more.

These integrations allow you to connect with potential leads using their favorite channels directly in amoCRM without wasting time switching between tabs and apps 🙌. That way, you can manage your lead data effortlessly, get a full picture of the sales process and keep all the conversations and tools in one place.

The amoCRM integration marketplace features over 100 different integrations that are designed to help you:

🚀 Expand the amoCRM functionality

🪄 Streamline the sales process

⌛ Save time

❌ Reduce errors

🥰 Improve customer experience

🔥 Boost productivity

🤑 Make more sales

Here, we’ll break down 5 key amoCRM integrations that will help you boost sales.👇

Integration #1: amoCRM + WhatsApp

Customers nowadays feel more comfortable using messengers to connect with companies. And WhatsApp is officially the most popular messenger in the world 🌎. That’s exactly why amoCRM has created the WhatsApp + amoCRM integration.

When your potential leads send you messages on WhatsApp, they automatically land in your sales pipeline.🪄

This integration will help you skyrocket your WhatsApp sales.📈

Here’s what you can get from it:

✅ Receive WhatsApp messages in the sales pipeline

✅ Respond to WhatsApp messages from amoCRM

✅ Use personalized WhatsApp templates

✅ Connect Salesbot to WhatsApp

✅ Collaborate on WhatsApp conversations with the whole team

🔌 Just head to Settings > Integrations > and select the WhatsApp integration that suits you best.

For small businesses, we recommend using WhatsApp for Small Business integration. It’s totally free and easy to install.🤩 For larger businesses requiring to send mass messages, try WhatsApp via Twilio integration.

Integration #2: amoCRM + Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular and effective marketing tools for businesses to use these days. Though one of the main purposes of Instagram is to enhance brand awareness 🗣️ and increase visibility for your target audience, the platform is also used to communicate with your leads and customers.

With this integration, you can directly connect with your Instagram followers in amoCRM. Every time someone sends you an Instagram Direct Message, a lead card will be automatically created in amoCRM, saving you time and effort.🤑

One cool feature of the Instagram + amoCRM integration is that you can add static message buttons when the lead opens a chat with your account. Thanks to amoCRM, you can get the most out of Instagram when doing business.

To make things even easier, add amoCRM’s Salesbot 🤖 to specific pipeline stages to accelerate the response speed, making more sales and increasing customer loyalty.

⚠️ Keep in mind to use this integration, you’ll need a Business Instagram account. Your business MUST also have an active Facebook Business Account to get one.

To install Instagram + amoCRM integration:

🔌 Click 'Leads' > ‘Set Up’ in the top right corner

🔌 Go to the ‘Lead Sources’ column on the left > Select ‘Add Source;

🔌 Choose ‘Instagram’ > + Install

🔌 Sign in to your Facebook Business Account

🔌 Confirm the connection with amoCRM

Integration #3: amoCRM + Facebook

Facebook Business Page is an essential tool for small and mid-sized businesses. A Facebook page gives you a platform to showcase your products or services, while Facebook messenger allows you to communicate with your target audience.

Imagine a potential lead visiting your Facebook page and sending you a message to clarify your product functionality or resolve an issue with their appointment. They want to get an answer immediately, or they might switch to your competitor.😕

Facebook Messenger + amoCRM integration will allow you to respond to your leads' incoming messages on Facebook Messenger directly in amoCRM. No need to switch tabs!😱

A nice bonus is that by connecting Facebook Messenger, you're automatically connecting Facebook comments too! So, you can respond to the comments without leaving amoCRM, and your responses will be sent as a private chat message.💬

Last but not least, in case you have more than one Facebook Business Page, in amoCRM, you can connect different business pages to other sales pipelines.

Multitasking at its finest. 😉

To set up the integration:

🔌 Click 'Leads'> 'Set Up' in the top right corner

🔌 Go to the 'Lead Sources' column on the left > Select 'Add Source'

🔌 Choose ‘Instagram’ > + Install

🔌 Sign in to your Facebook Business Account

🔌 Confirm the connection with amoCRM

Integration #4: amoCRM + Telegram

Telegram is a new up-and-coming messenger providing a more secure communication channel that takes growing concerns about ‘data security and encryption more seriously. 🔐 This is why more and more companies choose Telegram as their go-to platform to conduct their business and communicate with their leads.

As with any other messaging app, you can connect with amoCRM Salesbot to greet your leads on Telegram, gather necessary information by asking simple questions, answer FAQs and provide engaging content.

⚠️ Keep in mind to use this integration, you’ll also need a Business Telegram account. You can integrate your Telegram channel with amoCRM in a few simple clicks without any coding 👨‍💻.

To install it:

🔌Create a bot on Telegram

🔌 Paste in the API token to the integration

Integration #5: amoCRM + Calendly

Another excellent amoCRM integration is Calendly - a modern scheduling platform. Calendly's user-friendly interface can be combined with different tools, including amoCRM.

Your leads can use Calendly to book a meeting with you with no manual input necessary on your end.😎

Connecting Calendly to amoCRM can help you decrease the number of follow-ups and automate the scheduling of business meetings.

Here’s how the Calendly + amoCRM integration works:

📅 New lead books a meeting with you on Calendly

📅 The lead automatically appears in your amoCRM account

📅 The lead is ready to be qualified and interacted with

📅 The integration imports all your meetings into the CRM

📅 The CRM syncs it with your other calendars

During the meeting, you can also view your lead information in amoCRM in real-time as you speak and save the meeting outcomes.

To install it:

🔌 Go to Settings > Integrations

🔌 Click on Install

🔌 Sign in to your Calendly account

🔌 Add the API key

Wrap up

amoCRM helps companies of different sizes and industries manage their business relationships at scale.

To get the most out of the software, consider connecting your favorite apps and combining several tools at once by using the built-in integrations.

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