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Templates for WhatsApp

Stop repeating yourself

  • 🗂
    Grab a chat template easily

    Respond to FAQs & typical situations with templates at your fingertips

    • Customizable templates for WhatsApp & other messengers
    • Templates for WhatsApp & other chat apps
    • Pull up your templates fast: just start typing
    • Grab templates fast: just start typing
    • Share templates with the whole team
  • 📝
    Personalize your message

    Deliver the personal touch to potential customers instantly

    • Auto-fill in the message with details from the lead’s profile
    • Auto-fill templates w/ the lead’s details
    • Dress up your templates with emojis & send attachments
    • Dress up templates with emojis
  • ⚙️
    Send templates for WhatsApp automatically

    • Auto-send messages to multiple people simultaneously
    • Send messages to multiple people at once
    • Trigger messages based on tag, pipeline stage, action & more
    • Trigger messages based on tag & more
    • Combine w/ Salesbot: launch templates based on intention detection
    • Combine templates with our AI Salesbot

Templates for WhatsApp FAQs

Asked Questions

  • What are templates for WhatsApp?

    Templates for WhatsApp are pre-written messages that you can retrieve and send lightning-fast. There are two main use-cases for using templates with WhatsApp. First, these chat templates speed up the process of answering typical questions. Secondly, if you use WhatsApp Business API, you will need to use approved WhatsApp templates in order to communicate with leads outside of the 24-hour window. Please note: Unlike WhatsApp Business API, WhatsApp Business does not have this restriction. Not sure which WhatsApp you have? Book a call with our team.

  • How can I personalize my templates for WhatsApp?

    In Kommo, every potential client has a customizable profile, where you can fill in any information you want. You can personalize your templates for WhatsApp and other messengers automatically by using placeholders that dynamically pull information from the lead’s profile. That way, every message is unique and special.

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