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WhatsApp for Sales

Make sales conversational

  • 🎣
    Capture & manage leads from every source

    Send leads from all communication channels to your Kommo sales pipeline in real-time.

    • Track all leads in a drag-and-drop sales pipeline
    • Track all leads in a visual sales pipeline
    • Capture leads from WhatsApp & other messengers instantly
    • Capture leads from WhatsApp & other chats
    • Encourage web visitors to chat with our easy-install engagement button
    • Easy-install button: Chat w/ website visitors
  • 🌡
    Nurture your potential customers

    Get prospects on your side before they even think about the competition.

    • Fast: Chat from any messenger without switching apps
    • Fast: Use any messenger in a single app
    • Faster: Deliver the personal touch with instant-fill chat templates
    • Faster: Instantly fill personalized templates
    • Fastest: Automate your whole communication sequence with Salesbot
    • Fastest: Automate everything with Salesbot
  • 💸
    Use chat to close sales & build loyalty

    • Connect Stripe to send invoices through chat automatically
    • Send invoices through chat automatically
    • Stimulate repeat purchases with the customers pipeline
    • Drive repeat buys in the customers pipeline
    • Track NPS (net promoter score) to measure satisfaction
    • Track satisfaction with net promoter scores

WhatsApp for Sales FAQs

Asked Questions

  • Why should I use WhatsApp for sales?

    WhatsApp is the single, fastest growing communication channel in the world, surpassing 2 billion active users already. And it’s not just a personal chat platform — WhatsApp is fast becoming an instrumental touchpoint between businesses and their customers. Check out our cases to see how Kommo users use WhatsApp for Sales.

  • Isn’t WhatsApp too informal for business relationships?

    No way! In the era of convenience where internet culture rules the world, the line between personal and professional has blurred. Now a spontaneous message with an emoji is everyone’s favorite alternative to a stuffy, multi-paragraph email.

  • Can WhatsApp compete with email and phone?

    Phone didn’t go away when email emerged, and it’s the same with WhatsApp. Sometimes it’s more convenient to pick up the phone, other times to compose an email, and now — typing out a chat message will become yet another can’t-live-without tool that’s perfect in certain situations.

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