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6 ready to use chatbot templates for online schools

October 28, 2022

6 min.

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Chatbots are little AI helpers that can take care of your routine tasks, including customer communication, retention, sales, status updates and many more.

No doubt a nicely done chatbot can save you time, money and a lot of effort. 😌

The best part about a chatbot is that you can use it for any kind of business. In fact, when it comes to creating a chatbot template or script, your possibilities are endless. All you will need is a visual builder and a little bit of imagination. 🪄

Below, we’ve gathered 6 ready to use chatbot templates for online schools, which will give you some ideas on how you can use a chatbot in your business.


Chatbot template #1: Online courses

When we launched our free online course, we had a brilliant idea💡-- why not conduct the course in a WhatsApp chatbot? Genius, right? And this is how it works:

☝️ First, when a user contacts you on WhatsApp, you automatically get their number. And once you have multiple numbers, it will be possible to send mass messages.

✌️ Second, thanks to the messenger, you can keep the leads engaged by occasionally sending them exciting content and promotions, waiting until they are ready to purchase.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how a chatbot can be used in education and do the following automatically:

✅ Automatically send messages with lessons. This will simplify the learning process and save teachers time

✅ Share useful content: Links, PDF docs, your YouTube videos and infographics

✅ Assign students their homework

✅Answer students’ FAQs, freeing up the time of course curators for more important tasks

We’ve designed a chatbot for our free online course. Scan the QR code below to test it:

Chatbot template #2: Marathons

Marathon: a short course where you provide your subscribers with “portioned” unique information on a topic in which you are an expert. The theme for the marathon can be anything. It can include minor tasks as well as valuable video lessons. The most important part here is that the topic is eye catchy and useful to your audience.

Most often, entrepreneurs run marathons to attract a new audience and sales purposes.

Here are some tips to help you create your own marathon:

  • Target audience 🎯

First, do market research, establish your target audience, and understand existing gaps in the market in the area your business operates. Make sure the content you deliver is suitable and creates value for the audience you are trying to attract.

  • Marathon theme 🏃‍♀️

Choosing a topic is straightforward - you can simply ask your subscribers what topic they would like to explore further. You can also analyze your posts or google search statistics to see which topics are trending and facilitate the most engagement.

During the marathon, you can showcase your case studies, videos, educational materials with tasks, or any other creative content you come up with 😌

  • Plan 📋

Start by providing a definite timeline of all the activities that will take place during the marathon. This will let your participants know what to expect and help them stay motivated throughout the program.

  • Rewards for the participation 🎁

There must be some kind of incentive for the participants, motivating them to engage in the marathon until the end. This can include a discount on the main course, a promo code, a certificate, etc.

  • Duration ⏱️

The ideal marathon duration is 3-4 days. If you make it longer, then there is a risk that the audience might lose motivation and drop out. Keep in mind that you will keep losing participants each day, with only the “hottest” and most interested users reaching the end.

⬇️Check out an example of a marathon chatbot:

Chatbot script #3: Webinars and events

With the increasing popularity of online webinars during the pandemic 👨‍🏫, there is a need to automate the registration process for participants.

With a chatbot, you can:

📋 Register participants (collect their full name, phone number, email, and other information)

🔔 Send reminders about the start of the event (a day/hour/15min before)

🎥 Send a live recording after the event

🛍️ Send bonuses and rewards for attending the event

💬 'Warm up' the audience with occasional updates and promotions

The chatbot will take care of it without wasting time and money on mass messaging and answering frequently asked questions.

⬇️ Check out an example of our webinars and events chatbot, which you can download immediately and import into your Kommo.

Chatbot script #4: Reminders and notifications

📈 Online education market is growing at a rate of 10% each year, which signifies the competitiveness of this segment. To keep your market share, you have to fight for the attention of your target audience. 🥊

Suppose you don’t consistently remind them about your product and engage in conversation. In that case, subscribers can easily get swayed by your competitors that provide a more seamless and immersive user experience with tools like WhatsApp chatbots.

So how can you prevent that from happening? 🤔

  • Keep your audience engaged. Send messages with reminders of important events and news updates. Share useful content that adds value to your subscribers.
  • Check with registrants to make sure they will be attending an event.
  • Send mass messages mainly to the “warm” leads.
  • Send invitations to the event.
  • Do not send spam!

A chatbot that can automate all these processes can be created in just 5 minutes in our visual editor. It can help you register leads for the event, share useful materials, and send links to the participants on the day of the event. Imagine that these actions can be done without human interaction. 🤖

Chatbot script #5: Lead magnets

How to convince a user to leave contact information? 🧐 It's simple - offer them a useful lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a profitable offer for a user in exchange for contact information. It can be a checklist, presentation, guide, case studies, etc.

Use a chatbot to give away your lead magnets:

  • After a webinar or offline event, send checklists, presentations, PDFs, links, and other files with useful information.
  • After offering rewards, send your offer - for example, enroll in a course or study for free or at a discount.

Go to our visual builder to see how the chatbot that distributes bonuses is designed.

Chatbot script #6: Quizzes

Worried the users would ignore the information you are trying to send across?

With the help of interactive quizzes, you can bypass banner blindness and establish a genuine connection with potential leads.

Quizzes can be more than you think. They can help you attract a new audience. A handy marketing tool. 👍

You have to offer an incentive to motivate the user to complete your quiz. Keep in mind that your quiz can give your audience an important sense of achievement. This will help you enhance their customer loyalty and engagement.

Here are some tips on how to use quizzes in chatbots:

  • Keep your audience engaged with interactive content - run fun polls or quizzes, and give out rewards upon completion.
  • Educate your audience. Provide them with quizzes as a course refresher or to test their knowledge of the materials covered.
  • Warm up your audience: create questions that will educate the audience about your product, increasing their interest in it and likelihood of purchasing.

Here is a quiz chatbot we created for you in our visual editor. Download it, take notes and try to make something similar or even better! 🤩

How to send mass messages on WhatsApp without spamming?

Sending mass messages to your leads on WhatsApp can get you banned in no time. To avoid this, you will need to connect an official business account - WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business API allows you to connect several employees to the chats inside a CRM system, automate mass messaging and connect chatbots. You will be able to legally connect to messengers for automation and mass messaging, with no risk of getting blocked. And yes, it’s also suitable for small businesses.

⚠️ Remember not to spam your audience with dozens of messages in a row. Make your content useful and engaging to keep them interested and craving for more.

Only a limited number of intermediaries have been granted access to WhatsApp Business API. In Kommo, you can find integrations with several of them:

Thanks to these integrations, you can use WhatsApp with Kommo in the most convenient way 🤩

How to launch your own WhatsApp templates for online schools?

Now it's time to learn how to create your first WhatsApp chatbot. 💃

Step #1 Watch the video below on how to build a sales bot in Kommo. There, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to design and integrate your chatbot.

Step #2 Give it a try! Use the visual chatbot editor in Kommo for free for 14 days. Register on the Kommo website and create your own chatbot in 5 minutes. No programming skills are required! 🤩 You can also use our chatbot templates for an online school to give you hints. 😉

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