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WhatsApp Chatbot: A Complete Guide

September 23, 2020

8 min.

Are you struggling to track WhatsApp leads seamlessly throughout your sales journey? Is the lack of an efficient follow-up system slowing down your responsiveness? Don't let opportunities to grow your business slip through the cracks!

Here’s the solution: Use chatbots.

Chatbots are an ideal solution to automate your communication flow, giving your clients a 5-star customer experience.

This article will introduce you to the WhatsApp chatbot and how to use it in Kommo CRM to scale up your business communication.

What is a WhatsApp chatbot?

In simple terms, a WhatsApp chatbot is a program created to automatically respond to your clients on WhatsApp. With pre-defined triggers and actions, a chatbot can instantly provide appropriate responses and offer service to your clients without you needing to lift a finger.

Chatbots can use artificial intelligence (AI) or natural language processing (NLP) technologies to understand and respond to client queries conversationally.

💡 WhatsApp chatbot: a computer program that chats with users on WhatsApp using pre-set rules or artificial intelligence. It automates communication within the WhatsApp platform.

Example of a WhatsApp chatbot

How to use a WhatsApp chatbot: Practical examples

How you use and set up your WhatsApp chatbot depends on your business needs. It’s excellent at greeting your clients, following up, handling your sales process, running promotions, and improving customer service.

Example 1: 👋 Greeting a client

You own a vet clinic, and a client wants to chat with you on WhatsApp, but you need more time to reply to all your messages. The WhatsApp chatbot can handle that first greeting.

WhatsApp chatbot greets a client in real time

Example 2: 💬 Following-up

Imagine you’re an artist who sells paintings in a small art gallery. A potential customer reaches out to you via WhatsApp, expressing interest in buying one of your paintings.

Example of a chatbot following up with a client on WhatsApp (Set up in Kommo CRM)

Here, the WhatsApp chatbot acts as a personal assistant, automatically following up with your potential customers after they send you a message

Example 3: 💰Completing the A to Z sales process

Depending on your products and services, a WhatsApp chatbot can complete the whole sales process, from the client’s first contact to closing a sale. Kommo offers all the tools you need for this. The WhatsApp chatbot can showcase your products and even handle the purchase by issuing an invoice.

Example of a chatbot completing the sales process on WhatsApp

Example 4: 📢 Running promotions

The WhatsApp chatbot can also send fun promotions and run marketing campaigns. Or, set one up to simply say thank you to your customers.

A chatbot sending out a promotion on WhatsApp

Example 5: 😊 Improving customer service

If a client asks about their order status on an e-commerce platform, the WhatsApp chatbot can immediately provide delivery information and approximate arrival times. Here’s an example:

WhatsApp chatbot provides delivery information in real time

How to build a WhatsApp chatbot

To create your WhatsApp chatbot, choose an appropriate WhatsApp CRM platform that includes a chatbot builder. WhatsApp CRM is a customer relationship management software that works with WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Cloud API to help businesses connect and interact with their customers from a single dashboard.

It's not surprising that across the world, businesses of all sizes are using WhatsApp CRM to engage with clients. There are several WhatsApp CRM options available, including Kommo, Hubspot, and Zoho. Each of these paid solutions has unique characteristics and capabilities.

🤔 Choosing the right WhatsApp CRM system is a key part of your messaging strategy. Here is a list of some WhatsApp CRM alternatives and what they have to offer.

Top 15 WhatsApp CRM providers

If you're seeking a reliable and powerful WhatsApp CRM with a chatbot builder, Kommo may just be the one. 👀

WhatsApp chatbot features in Kommo

Kommo is a great solution for building meaningful connections with clients via WhatsApp. It provides numerous features that improve your WhatsApp chatbot’s responsiveness, make it easier to manage your conversations, and automate workflows. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Messages

Kommo offers different types of messages that you can send with the chatbot.

  1. Text
  2. URL button
  3. Action button
  4. Videos
  5. Pictures
  6. Documents

These message types can be combined, allowing the chatbot to communicate using different media and text. The WhatsApp chatbot can understand clients' intentions and respond with pre-made templates and workflows.

2. Automatic actions

The WhatsApp chatbot can take actions in the Kommo account based on the customer's answers during the chat.

The bot not only talks to customers but also assists in managing leads in your CRM. It automatically fills in lead cards and moves them through the different stages of your pipeline.

You can easily grab contact info such as emails, phone numbers, and company details – everything you need for the sales process. The chatbot stores all these details neatly in the lead card.

Adding data in lead card fields with Kommo’s chatbot builder

To add another layer of automation to your WhatsApp chatbot strategy, the WhatsApp chatbot can also automatically move lead cards across stages of the sales pipeline, creating a smooth flow of events as the lead moves to purchase your services or product.

The chatbotin Kommo can perform different actions, such as:

  • Send information & act depending on the response
  • Fill in lead cards & save information
  • Change the lead status or responsible user
  • Manage tags
  • Send internal messages
  • Set card fields
  • Adjust sales values
  • Subscribe to chat

When a potential customer requests to talk to an agent, the chatbot will move the lead to the Negotiation stage. (The pipeline stages are also customizable according to your business processes). When the lead card is moved, the team will be notified that a customer is waiting to speak with one of your representatives.

💡 Kommo's chatbot can streamline collaboration within your business by assigning conversations to team members. This allows easy transfer from the chatbot to human agents, ensuring that the right team member is always on hand.

Changing the lead stage in Kommo’s chatbot builder

Kommo's chatbot's ability to schedule triggers adds a layer of automation to your chatbot strategy.

3. Artificial intelligence

Kommo has an artificial intelligence feature that enables the WhatsApp chatbot to recognize the intention behind customer questions and give the appropriate answer.

Kommo’s AI in action

4. Invoicing

When you build a chatbot in Kommo, it can automate your payment process. The WhatsApp chatbot can create and send invoices to your customers. Plus, it can transfer informationfrom Kommo lead cards to your templates, creating a personalized document for every client.

Creating an invoice for WhatsApp chatbot

5. Net Promoter Score

Once a conversation finishes, the chatbot can ask the customer to rate the quality of the service they received. If a potential customer leaves a low grade, your team will be informed so you can improve in the future.

WhatsApp chatbot collecting feedback in real time

6. Personalized messages

The WhatApp chatbot uses information from the lead card, like a customer's first and last name or the name of a company, to craft personalized messages. Though seemingly minor, this detail can improve the user experience.

7. Chatbot templates

Kommo provides templates as a way of getting you started using your WhatsApp chatbot. These templates offer a starting point for various use cases. Here's an example of a template to help you automate follow-ups on WhatsApp.

Kommo's YouTube channel has all the information you need to become a chatbot expert, including guidance on features and templates! . Check it out below:

How to start building your WhatsApp chatbot in Kommo

You’re probably excited to start creating your own WhatsApp chatbot in Kommo. The most effective way to do this is using the WhatsApp Business API or any other third-party platform offering WhatsApp integrations. Kommo offers three WhatsApp integrations: WhatsApp Lite, WhatsApp Business API, and WhatsApp Cloud API.

You can only use the WhatsApp integrations with a Business Solution Provider (BSP) like Kommo.

💡 Difference between WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Cloud API: Cloud API is cloud-hosted by Meta and not by a Business Services Provider (BSP) like Gupshup, which is what the WhatsApp Business API uses.

The WhatsApp integrations in Kommo enable companies to communicate with WhatsApp users, creating an interactive and convenient chatting experience.

Types of WhatsApp integrations in Kommo

Please note: The WhatsApp Business API integration is no longer available. From now on, please use the WhatsApp Cloud API integration.

A guide to creating a chatbot using WhatsApp Business API

To build your first WhatsApp chatbot in Kommo with the WhatsApp Business API, you will need the following:

  1. A Kommo Advanced or Enterprise Plan
  2. A phone number that is not connected to a WhatsApp account
  3. A personal Facebook profile
  4. A Business Facebook page connected to your personal Facebook profile

💡 Find out how to set up your WhatsApp Business API using Kommo CRM.

Once you’ve set up your WhatsApp Business API in Kommo, decide on the first message template you’d like your WhatsApp chatbot to send.

📌Please note: If you want your chatbot to initiate a conversation using the WhatsApp Business API, you must create templates and have them approved by Meta.

In your Kommo account, go to WhatsApp Manager > Create a template. Here, you can create the first message your WhatsApp chatbot will send. Don’t forget, you can add emojis and quick replybuttons.

Creating a WhatsApp template in Kommo CRM

📌 Please note: In Kommo, you can include a maximum of 3 quick reply buttons using the WhatsApp Business API.

Once you fill in the details, click Submit for Review. Meta usually approves templates immediately. In rare cases, it can take up to 24 hours.

When your template is approved, its status will change from Pending to Approved.

WhatsApp template status in Kommo

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, you’re ready to set up your WhatsApp chatbot. You can do this through the Leads or Chats section.

1. Using the Leads section

Go to Leads > Automate > + Add trigger. Choose Salesbot and click + Create a new bot.

Adding a new WhatsApp chatbot in Kommo from the Leads section

Adding a new WhatsApp chatbot in Kommo from the Leads section

2. Using the Chat section

Click Chats > Settings (gear icon) > Templates & bots. Under the Salesbot section, click Create.

Adding a new WhatsApp chatbot in Kommo using the chats section

Using Kommo’s visual chatbot builder

Choosing WhatsApp template & channel

Choosing WhatsApp template & channel

Now you get to experience the unique power of Kommo's chatbot builder, also known as Salesbot builder. From here, you can start creating your first WhatsApp chatbot.

The first step is to select the WhatsApp template and WhatsApp Business API as a channel.

After this, you can start building your chatbot’s personality. Remember, you can make it more fun by using emojis and buttons. Here’s how the buttons will prompt the bot to send a message depending on your customer’s answer.

📌 Please note: You won’t be able to edit your WhatsApp template once it’s been approved. You must create a new one if you’d like to change it.

If you want to use quick replies in another message and the customer provides a written response instead of clicking the button, Kommo allows you to add synonyms to your bot.

Adding synonyms in Kommo’s chatbot builder

When the customer clicks the quick reply button, the WhatsApp chatbot can even provide an answer and a file.

New step for WhatsApp chatbot to send a file

If the customer clicks Tomorrow then the bot will send the eBook as requested.

Example of a WhatsApp chatbot’s scenario in Kommo

Frequently Asked Questionst

Begin your WhatsApp chatbot experience with Kommo

The chatbot, or Salesbot, is a powerful messaging automation tool that benefits businesses and their customers.

You’ve just read about why you should create a WhatsApp chatbot and how you can do it. Now you know how simple and easy it is,check it out and let your creativity run wild by building your first bot.

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