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How to create a WhatsApp chatbot in CRM

September 23, 2020

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Silence is golden.. We’ve all heard this phrase many times. But when it comes down to communication between companies and their potential customers, silence can be deadly for business.

Messengers such as Facebook Messenger have revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers, but chatting manually can often leave customers waiting for an answer. Mistakes happen and leads are lost. Chatbots are an ideal solution which will automate your communication flow and provide your potential clients with a seamless, 5 star customer experience. They are able to do hundreds of actions, such as greeting messages, providing and gathering information, CRM actions and even doing invoicing for you. 🤖 And the best thing about it, they are free and easy to create. 🥳


    WhatsApp chatbot in Kommo

    WhatsApp Chatbot conversation in Kommo

    Kommo WhatsApp Chatbot capabilities

    The Kommo Chatbot (also known as Salesbot) has features which will automate many aspects of your customer communication. 😎

    Message types

    • Text.
    • URL button (clicking on the word or phrase redirects the customer to a different page)
    • Action button (suitable when you provide different options, the course of the conversation will depend on the selected action)
    • Send videos, pictures and documents.

    All of these message types can be combined, giving Chatbot the ability to communicate using different types of media and text.

    Automatic actions

    The bot is able to take actions inside of the Kommo account depending on the answers and choices the customer makes while chatting.

    • Send information and take actions depending on the customer’s message
    • Add notes in the lead card
    • Change the lead status or responsible user
    • Manage tags
    • Send internal messages in the lead card
    • Set card fields
    • Adjust sales values
    • Subscribe to chat

    And as they would say in any good teleshopping channel: ‘But wait, that’s not all! 😁

    AI Chatbot

    The artificial intelligence feature enables the bot to recognize the intention behind customer questions and give the appropriate answer. The future is now.

    😎 Invoicing

    Chatbot can also create and send invoices to your customers. Basically, you can create a complete communication flow from the moment a potential customer contacts you, until they buy your product.

    Net Promoter Score

    Once a conversation finishes, Chatbot will ask the customer to assess the quality of the service they received. We don’t doubt you’ll always get high marks, but in the case a potential customer leaves a low grade your team will be informed so you can improve the quality of service in the future.

    Personalized messages

    Add simple code in the message text such as [First name] or [Legal name] (Company) and the bot will use the contact name in the lead card to address your customer by their name. It is a small detail but it makes a big difference. As Dale Carnegie said: “A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound.”

    Creating a WhatsApp chatbot in CRM

    A Chatbot can be created for free in Kommo. You can have multiple bots in different pipeline stages of the sales & marketing process.

    No worries, the bot builder is easy and intuitive. You don’t have to be a graduate at software engineering to create your very own bot companion.

    To get started:

    In the Pipeline setup page select the stage where you want to add the bot in. Choose Salesbot, click on ‘+ Create a new bot’ and give him a name.

    Adding a new WhatsApp bot in Kommo

    You are in Kommo’s bot builder now. I’ll demonstrate how easy it is to add actions in the bot. Let’s create the first greeting message and make it more fancy by adding buttons which will prompt the bot to send a message depending on the choice.

    Creating a chatbot with multiple choice buttons

    Now we can populate each option. We will put a video in the first button, provide event info in the second and let them know one of our colleagues will get in touch with them in the third.

    The bot doesn’t only communicate with customers, it can also be a great lead management assistant in your CRM by automatically populating lead cards and moving them across stages.

    You can easily grab contact info such as emails, phone numbers, company details or any information important for you in the sales process. Everything will be neatly saved in the lead card.

    Adding data in lead card fields with Kommo’s Chatbot builder

    The bot is able to automatically move lead cards across stages of the sales pipeline, creating a smooth flow of events as the lead moves to make a purchase of your services or product.

    Once a potential customer asks to speak to one of our agents, Chatbot will move the lead to the ‘Negotiation’ stage (The pipeline stages are also customizable according to your business processes). When the lead card is moved, the team will be immediately informed that a customer is waiting to speak with one of our representatives.

    Change lead stage in Kommo’s Chatbot builder

    Don’t forget to set when the bot gets activated. There are many available options, such as from the moment a lead enters a stage or after some period, a message or email is received from the lead and many more.

    Select when the WhatsApp Salesbot is activated in Kommo

    With the simplicity of the builder, you will be able to create your Chatbot in no time. It is even fun to play around and test all of the possibilities of the bot creator.

    🙋‍♂️ If you need an expert hand in creating the perfect bot fit to your business needs, you can request the help of Kommo’s partners who will be glad to assist you.

    How to use the WhatsApp Chatbot

    The way you use and set up Chatbots greatly depends on your own business processes. As mentioned earlier, the bot is capable of providing excellent customer support, doing promotions, acting as a sales channel and regularly following up your customers.

    First contact

    Chatbots are great at saying hello, gathering details and providing info to potential customers.

    Here’s how a Veterinary clinic would greet a client and find out what kind of help they need with the simplest 1 step Chatbot.

    A simple greeting WhatsApp bot in Kommo

    Once the customer writes a message a lead card is generated in Kommo. You can move the lead manually or automatically and the bot will initiate. In this case the bot was set up in the second stage, that’s why we need to move it, but a bot can be placed in the first stage and be active immediately when someone writes to you.Here’s how the WhatsApp conversation looks like in Kommo 👇

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    Follow ups

    Following up customers can be the key to success. But doing it manually is flawed.. It takes a lot of time and we humans can sometimes forget things. The Chatbot will always remember his task and consistently follow up your customers. I’ve personally used chatbot as a highly effective follow up tool during a period when I had many leads, too many for our human resources to handle. The bot made us feel as if we employed 10 people just to communicate with our customers. 😎

    To do this you can add multiple bots in the same pipeline stage, the only difference is the time when they are initiated. In our case the 3 bots were set to activate: Immediately and after 48 and 168 hours.

    Multiple WhatsApp chatbots for follow up in Kommo

    Your potential customer will receive a WhatsApp message 3 times in the different intervals. It works great and definitely brings results. In our case often the 3rd time was the charm. 💃

    Complete A to Z sales process

    Depending on the products and services you offer, you can even create a complete process from the first initial contact to a sale in one Chatbot.You’ve got all of the tools you need to build it. 🧐 Demonstrate your products in the chat and add the Stripe invoicing widget. Lay back and watch the profits roll in.


    Create fun promotions with the Chatbot and engage your customers. Let your imagination run wild and set up activities which will attract customers to your company’s WhatsApp number. A prize should await in the end. 🎁

    Customer support

    Chatbots are customer support champions 🏆 They provide customers with immediate answers to the most common questions regarding your products and services. They can save up to 30% of your customer service costs. (Source: Chatbots life)

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    Wrap up

    The Chatbot also known as Salesbot is a powerful messaging automation tool which provides many benefits to businesses and their customers.

    We covered how to create a chatbot in a WhatsApp CRM and the creative ways you can put it in action. Using a WhatsApp bot will automate and enhance customer communication, improve your lead management and help you achieve more sales.

    Creating a bot is simple and free, so make sure to check it out and let your creativity run wild when you start building your first bot.

    💬 Learn more about Chatbot and the #1 WhatsApp CRM.

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