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The Power of Salesbot: Chat routing

May 25, 2023

2 min.

When a lead or customer reaches out with a question or concern, Salesbot kicks into action! 🤖💥 With its smart routing system, Salesbot automatically directs the conversation to the best team or person to handle that specific inquiry. 🎯

In this article, we’ll cover an automated chat routing bot in Kommo. This is a powerful feature that was designed to make sure that you don’t miss a lead. Put your leads in the right hands! 😌

Technology in your hands: What is an automated chat routing

Automated chat routing or chat auto-assignment is a process that automatically sends a conversation to the best person or team to handle it based on the content or context of the chat. 🤖

This feature has become a staple in modern customer service and support systems. 💻👥 With its ability to streamline communication, this bot is essential for any business looking to provide top-notch customer service. 🌟

Thanks to the power of an auto-responder bot 🔥, you can:

  • Ensure fast and accurate responses to client inquiries
  • Improve customer satisfaction and experience
  • Boost the efficiency and productivity of your customer support team

And the best part is that setting up your Salesbot for live chat routing is a piece of cake with our ready-to-use chatbot template. 😉

Ready-to-use a chat auto-assignment bot

Kommo’s ready-to-use chat auto-assignment bot template was specifically designed to assign leads' questions to the right team member, streamlining communication and improving response times.

With Kommo, you can start providing top-notch customer support right away and leave your clients feeling satisfied and valued. 💬

Let's say you are a small marketing agency owner that receives customer inquiries daily via Instagram. By using the chatbot template for conversation auto-assignment, your lead’s inquiries automatically route to the right team member based on their expertise.

For example, these could be:

  • Product expert
  • A billing specialist
  • Technical support representative

📌Please note: To use this chatbot template with your Instagram account, first integrate it with your Kommo account. Learn how here

Setting up a chat auto-assignment bot to help you thrive

Since Kommo has been designed to help you thrive, our code-free visual salesbot builder is as easy as the ABC. 🧸

Let’s hop into Kommo and see how to set it up:

  1. Go to your Kommo account > Communication tools > Create a new bot.
  2. Select Assign a conversation to a user based on a client’s answer from the templates below.
  3. Let’s make this a chat router bot for Instagram. To do that, simply select Instagram as your channel:

  1. Now choose one of your team members as a responsible user to respond to each of your lead’s questions.
  2. Now choose one of your team members as a responsible user to respond to each of your lead’s questions.

  1. In the Execution condition window, you will see a bot trigger being set to When an outgoing message is started from any channel. Just leave it as it is.

  1. Click Done, sit back, and let your salesbot route questions to your team members! 🥂

Bottom line

With Salesbot for automated chat routing, you can achieve the following:

  1. Reduce response times ⏰
  2. Improve efficiency and productivity 🚀
  3. Enhance the customer experience 💯
  4. Reduce costs 💸
  5. Optimize resource allocation 🧑‍💼

Stop waiting and give your clients lightning-fast, personalized service with Kommo Salesbot! ⚡️🌟

Still having doubts?

If you have some doubts about setting up chat auto-assignment Salesbot template or connecting Instagram to your Kommo account, you can:

💬 Chat with us here on the website or within your account

🤓 Book a free demo session with the team

🤝 Find a partner to do it for you so that you can relax

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