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WhatsApp calculator

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The charges fluctuate based on the category and your customer’s country.

Charges for WhatsApp Business API are based on a 24-hour conversation between the business and the customer, with fees applied for all messages exchanged during that time period.

Use Kommo’s calculator to estimate your message expenses.

The prices listed are set by Meta and subject to change. Check Meta’s latest updates

Countries not mentioned in the list are categorized as "other" countries and are subject to the same fees.

Marketing conversation
$0.025 / 24 hours
Utility conversation
$0.015 / 24 hours
Authentication conversation
$0.0135 / 24 hours
Service conversation
$0.0088 / 24 hours
Amount of media in all conversations



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Frequently asked questions

To use a WhatsApp pricing calculator, choose the region where most of your customers are located. Then estimate the number of conversations and messages you plan to have each month under each category and let the calculator determine the potential cost of your messaging strategy.

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