January 30, 2020

The sales pipeline is the main place where the work in Kommo happens. It’s the overview of your ongoing deals, separated by pipeline stages that represent the actual stages of your sales process.

When you create an account in Kommo, a sales pipeline with basic stages (Initial Contact, Offer Made, Negotiation, Closed-Won, Closed-Lost) is automatically created. You have the ability to completely change the pipeline to fit the needs of your business.

Setting Up a Pipeline

When starting out with a pipeline, we recommend you highlight only the most important stages. As your process evolves, you can then add new stages if needed. Starting with the default stages is also an option of course.

In order to go to the pipeline setup, go to the Leads section, then click on “Setup Pipeline” in the upper right corner. In this section, you can also set up automation with triggers. We call this section the Digital Pipeline.


You are now in edit mode. At the top of the line are all the stages of the chosen pipeline. With the “+” button you can add new stages to the desired location within a pipeline.


Clicking on an already existing stage allows you to edit it – you can rename it or change its color scheme. You can also change the position of any stage on the pipeline by simply dragging and dropping, and you can delete a stage by dragging it to the trash in the lower right corner of the screen.

If you have Incoming leads enabled, it will be your first pipeline stage. This stage cannot be deleted or moved since it’s a system pipeline stage. It’s used to decide if incoming requests should become a proper lead in the system or not. Use it to weed out spam and irrelevant messages.


All pipelines end in two stages, which can not be deleted but can be renamed. These stages are “Closed – Won” and “Closed – Lost” for successful and unsuccessful leads, respectively.


If you have several sales strategies that require different stages, we got you covered. You can create several pipelines by clicking on the pipeline name in the upper left corner. This opens a list of existing pipelines and allows you to edit their names, add new ones, or to delete them.


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