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We’ve got some exciting news. 🥁

Kommo has just launched an official built-in WhatsApp Business API integration.

WhatsApp for small business integration has been an integral part of Kommo CRM for quite some time now. And we are happy to announce that we’ve just added one more integration in partnership with Gupshup that can make your WhatsApp experience even smoother. 👻

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about Kommo's built-in WhatsApp Business API integration, why you should use it, how it works, and how to connect it in Kommo. Plus, find out what Kommo has in store for you for trying out our new integration.

    WhatsApp Business API Integration vs. WhatsApp for Small Business Integration

    If you’ve been using Kommo’s for a long time, you probably know about the WhatsApp for Small Business integration.🤓

    Whatsapp for Small Business is a free built-in integration that can be easily connected to the CRM using a QR code. It works best for small businesses that want to communicate and nurture their leads via WhatsApp without leaving Kommo.

    However, keep in mind that this integration is not suitable for mass messaging campaigns to new leads who don't have you saved in their contacts.

    WhatsApp integration, on the other hand, is an official API integration for your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) that uses paid template messages when initiating a conversation. It allows for massive outreach and interactive buttons to your messages.

    Unlike a free WhatsApp for Small Business, WhatsApp integration comes at a premium cost.

    whatsapp light vs whatsapp

    WhatsApp Business API Integration: Benefits

    In addition to streamlining communication with your leads and clients, as well as saving you time and effort, this particular WhatsApp integration comes with many benefits.💃

    Some of the benefits include:

    • Creating and managing WABA without leaving Kommo
    • Getting WhatsApp templates approved
    • Tracking messaging statistics
    • Topping up your balance

    The integration keeps continuously updating. So, stay tuned for more features. 😉

    whatsapp message

    WhatsApp Business API: Pricing

    When using WhatsApp API integration, you will incur two types of fees:

    • Meta’s Standard Pricing for WhatsApp API
    • Kommo’s Messaging Inbox

    Kommo will charge an additional $0.002 for each message sent or received.

    👉Meta rates depend on the country the user is from. 🌎 Check Meta’s rate cards for more details.

    whatsapp costs example

    Are all conversations paid?

    Now, let’s start with some great news!

    Every WABA account gets the first 1000 client-initiated conversations each month for FREE.

    Sending additional messages with WhatsApp integration, however, does come at a cost.

    But remember, the 1K threshold stays the same no matter how many numbers are attached to your WABA account or how many client-initiated conversations you had in the previous month.

    whatsapp statistics

    In addition, all the initiated conversations with your business via a call-to-action (CTA) button on Ads that click to WhatsApp or a Facebook Page CTA will be free of charge. However, any subsequent conversations that occur after the 72-hour window will be charged at a regular rate.

    Any business-initiated conversation will be subject to Meta’s standard pricing.

    whatsapp session graph

    Knowing how much your customers will love the experience, Kommo will give you $1 to try WhatsApp integration and see it yourself. So, you’ve got nothing to lose.😉


    How the WhatsApp Integration works

    Now you’re probably wondering how it actually works.

    Once you connect the integration to Kommo, every time a new lead gets in touch with you on WhatsApp, they will appear as a new chat in your inbox. 📥

    Just like that: 👇

    messages from whatsapp

    When you click on the lead, you’ll be able to reply to them either by typing a message or using one of the approved templates.⌨️

    📌Please note: With the WhatsApp integration, you have 24-72 hours to respond to your lead’s message, depending on the conversation category. However, you can use an approved template to reply after the window closes.

    To check your current messaging limits:

    Go to Facebook Business Page > WhatsApp Manager > Overview Dashboard > Insights tab:

    message limitations whatsapp

    📌Please Note: You may have messaging limitations based on the volume and the quality of the messages you send. To learn more, visit the official WhatsApp page.

    All custom templates should be approved by WhatsApp before you can start using them.

    Within the templates, you can include:

    • Text
    • Media: images, files, documents
    • Interactive buttons: quick replies or link buttons

    Learn more about message template guidelines

    How to connect WhatsApp Integration to Kommo in 5 steps

    Step 1: Prepare your assets

    To connect WhatsApp integration in Kommo. You will need ✌️ things:

    Step 2: Connect your WhatsApp Business Manager to Kommo

    To connect to WhatsApp Business Manager, go to Kommo:

    1. Click Settings > Integrations > WhatsApp
    2. Accept the privacy policy and click Install
    3. Go to WhatsApp manager and click Connect
    4. When you’re redirected to a new window, Click Continue with Facebook.
    5. continue with facebook button
    6. Next, log in to your Facebook account, click Get started, and then Continue.
    7. business account login
    8. Select the Meta Business account that you want to connect and click Next.
    9. Create or select your WhatsApp Business account and click Next.
    10. whatsapp business account set up
    11. Once your WhatsApp Business account is ready, verify your phone number associated with it via text message or phone call, click Next, and then Finish.
    12. Here, you need to select your phone number and click Confirm.
    13. whatsapp account in meta

    Ta-daaa, your WhatsApp Business Manager is now connected!🥳The phone number will appear in the Kommo WhatsApp manager under Connected WhatsApp accounts section.

    whatsapp account in CRM

    Step 3: Create message templates

    To start a business-initiated conversation, Meta requires you to use a message template, which must be approved first. These templates can be anything from welcome messages to appointment reminders, shipping updates, or anything that fits your business needs.

    To create your first template, in your WhatsApp manager:

    1. Click Create a template.
    2. creating a whatsapp template
    3. In the pop-up window, fill out the required fields, including your Template name, Message type (e.g., transactional or marketing), Language (you can create a template in any language of your choice), and the Text of the message itself. You can also add a header and a footer to your message.
    4. The preview of your template on the right shows you how the message will look for your lead or client.🔍

      💡 To make the message more personalized add placeholders with your lead’s details.

      message templates examples
    5. If you decide to use a placeholder, Meta will ask you to provide the placeholder example for a review. An additional field will appear at the bottom of the pop-up window.
    6. review for meta field
    7. Add interactive Quick reply buttons if you want to further automate the communication process with your leads and client.
    8. quick reply button

      📌Please note: You can edit the template while it’s still in the draft stage. However, once you click Submit for review, your template will be sent to Meta for approval, and you’ll no longer be able to make any changes.

    9. When you’re done, hit Submit for review to send the template for Meta’s approval.

    How to get a message template approved

    ✅ Here are a few tips on how to make sure your WhatsApp message template gets approved:

    1. Include a visual sample of how your template will appear to customers
    2. Don’t submit duplicate templates for a review
    3. Make sure your message doesn’t violate WhatsApp Commerce & WhatsApp Business Policies
    4. Don’t ask users to share any sensitive information, like full-length credit card or ID numbers
    5. Don’t add abusive or threatening content

    Meta can take up to 24 hours to review your message template. But you can approve your message templates much faster with Kommo WhatsApp integration.

    📌Please note: To initiate a conversation with your lead or send them a message outside the 24-hour window, you must use an approved message template.

    Once your template gets approved, you will be able to see the status change in your WhatsApp manager.📋

    Your template status can be as follows:

    • Pending
    • Approved
    • Rejected

    Having no approved templates means that you won’t be able to write to your clients first. However, if a client starts a conversation with your business, you can immediately respond to them.

    message templates status

    To send approved templates:

    Open the Lead card > go to the Chatbox > Select the template that you want & click Send.

    Step 4: Topping up the balance

    To top up your balance, go to the Billing section of your WhatsApp Manager.

    You can choose an amount from one of the options provided or put down your own (e.g., $10).

    top up history

    🥳 All Kommo clients will receive $1 to test the WhatsApp integration.

    top up

    After you select the amount, click Top up now, and you'll be redirected to the payment page. Now fill in your credit card details and hit Pay.🤑


    Step 5: Creating a WhatsApp Chatbot

    Once you are all set, you can easily create a WhatsApp chatbot, or as we call it in Kommo, a Salesbot, to start your client outreach. And don’t worry; no coding skills are required here.😉

    To create a Salesbot:

    1. Go to Settings > Communication tools > Salesbots
    2. Press Create or import a new bot > New
    3. Pick Message as your first step > choose a Template > select an approved WhatsApp template.
    4. Add additional steps for your bot according to your business needs.
    5. Once all the steps of the Salesbot are added, don’t forget to add the Stop bot step and the end of each sequence and press Save.
    6. When your bot is ready, choose how and when it will be triggered and press Done.

    Find out more about building a Salesbot in Kommo

    And now you are all set. 🙌

    Bottom line

    Kommo WhatsApp integration is a great way to reach clients using their favorite communication channels.📣 From the first interaction all the way to the post-purchase survey, you can chat with your clients using one platform equipped with tools that make the process seamless for you and your customers.

    Our team is working hard to make your Kommo experience even better. This is a new integration, and we will continue adding new features in the future. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback.🤩

    Integrations WhatsApp All

    Our content team is on top of the latest marketing and sales tools and is here to help you scale your business.


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