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How to automate follow-ups on WhatsApp with Kommo

March 7, 2023

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Lead management is an artform in itself. In order to win the sale, tons of different factors have to fall into place, but it can all go south if you simply forget to reply to lead’s message and lose it.😫

And the larger your business gets, the harder it becomes to keep up with evergrowing number of leads coming your way. 😮‍💨

But luckily, we have Kommo.

Kommo has been designed to help you structure and optimize communication with your clients. So you can fully automate follow ups, including WhatsApp follow-ups, and be sure that every lead is taken care of.

Now keep reading to find out more.😉

Benefits of automating follow ups in Kommo

Automating follow ups in Kommo is not just another FAD in project management tools. It comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • Decrease in manual work
  • Increase in productivity
  • Streamline workflows
  • Boost in brand reliability
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction

So, if you are still asking yourself if you should automate tasks for WhatsApp follow-up messages, the answer is YES!

How to automate follow-ups on WhatsApp?

There is a reason why Kommo was named one of the most user friendly CRM solutions for your business, because it’s very simple and straightforward. 😎

To create an automated follow up, let’s say when a client stops responding to you after 3 days, you just need to follow a couple of basic steps.

  1. Go to you Settings > Click Communication tools.
  2. Click Create a bot.
  3. Scroll through the templates and choose “Follow up when a client stops responding to you after 3 days”.
whatsapp light vs whatsapp

  1. You can edit the message “Hi again, still need help?” or leave it as it is.
  2. Click Save & Continue.
  3. A window with an Execution condition will pop up. Click Done.

Now, if a lead from WhatsApp doesn’t respond to you for 3 days, you can be sure that your Salesbot will follow up on your last conversation.

conversation with chatbot

How our team can help

Now you know that regardless of your business type and size, Kommo can automate your follow ups on WhatsApp! 🤩

Still have questions how to automate your follow ups? Send us a message or schedule a free demo of our CRM solution for you and your team.

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