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An awesome new way to capture leads

Facebook Lead Ads is a platform for creating ads on Facebook to generate leads. Every digital entrepreneur should know how to run Facebook Ads and use it for his/her businesses. For this reason, it can be considered a lead generation machine. When a Facebook user sees your ad, they can click on it and submit their information in a form. Compared to other methods of advertising, Facebook Lead Ads is superior for two main reasons.

  • The form opens directly in Facebook, minimizing time spent on downloading it.
  • The lead's information is automatically filled in based on the data from their social profile.

And now Kommo has an integration that automatically grabs leads directly from Facebook Lead Ads, so all that goodness is sent straight to Kommo.

Get started with a 14-day free trial of Kommo and see for yourself!  

Turning on the lead faucet

In order to configure the integration, go to the “Incoming Leads” column in Digital Pipeline and click the connect button in the Facebook Leads section. This will prompt you to sign into Facebook.


Unlimited number of forms

After authorizing the integration and logging into Facebook, you can add forms from your Facebook advertising account. Add as many as you want. Just:

  • Click on the + button to add a form.
  • Select your product or company’s page and then select the specific Fb Lead Ads form you want to grab leads from. Click next.

Ultra easy field matching

Now you should decide how the fields on the Facebook form will correspond to the fields in the Kommo lead profile. This is done manually, but it’s really easy and fast. You can also leave a Kommo field empty, but remember that the data from the Facebook form will be lost. Note that you can’t combine than one Facebook field into one Kommo field, and you can’t leave all Kommo fields empty.

Facebook leads integration

You are free at any time to edit the name of the form in Kommo, change the field mapping settings (it will be relevant for all future leads), or delete the integration with the connected form from Kommo.

Once you configure all the fields, click "Save", and the integrated form will be displayed in the Facebook Lead Ads block in the Digital Pipeline.

Now sit back and let the leads pour in!

After an interested user has submitted the Facebook Lead Ads form, they are automatically added to the incoming leads stage of your pipeline. Just decide whether to qualify them as a lead, and you can start working on the deal.

Facebook leads integration

You are free at any time to edit the name of the form in Kommo, change the field mapping settings (it will be relevant for all future leads), or delete the integration with the connected form from Kommo.


And what if I want out?

You can exit the Facebook account in two ways:

  • In Kommo

    Delete all integrated forms and refresh the page, and you will automatically log out of the Facebook account.
  • On Facebook

    Go to settings, "Applications", and delete the Kommo application from there, thus revoking permission to access the account.

Check out the integration in action

You can check this using the option to preview the form on Facebook. To do this, go to your Facebook page where the forms are connected. In the "Tools for publication" tab, you need to find "Forms for advertising leads" and go to that tab. When your form library opens, it will display all the current (active) forms. Under the name of each form, there is a line "Preview." There, you can fill in the form created and create a lead that is grabbed by Kommo. Attention! Sending a test lead on Facebook is only available once, but you can use the tool for testing advertising for leads in Facebook for developers, in which you can remove test leads (


Future ideas

Future plans for this integration

In the near future, we will be adding more features to this integration. The plan is to include advanced form settings with the ability to specify the responsible user, the lead stage, and add tags and to-dos.

🚀 Make a personal sale with Kommo

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