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Twilio CRM: How to boost your sales through Kommo integration

February 10, 2016

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Twilio is one of the best tools for sales and marketing strategies through messages, and the Twilio CRM integration can boost those strategies results. It happens because through the CRM you manage your clients and leads, create automations, pipelines and templated messages. Uniting it with Twilio’s features, you can create powerful strategies. 🚀

We will talk about this powerful integration in this article. You will see 👇


What is Twilio CRM?

Twilio CRM is a way to integrate Twilio with a CRM system, which is used to manage your customers and leads easily, wherever they are. This kind of software is used to get in touch with cliente, nurture leads and make customer loyalty strategies 🎯. When you integrate it with Twilio, both functions complement each other and are used together to boost your strategies results and sales.

👉Let’s talk more about Twilio CRM integration later, first, we will see “what is Twilio used for” and “How to use Twilio”.

What is Twilio Used For?

At first, it’s important for us to understand what is Twilio used for, before we get in the Twilio CRM.The Twilio is used for you to get in touch with your customers in various platforms and ways, through message, voice call and video call, whether they are on the cell phone or in the desktop 📲. It uses SMS outreach, virtual phone number, API integration, chatbot and other incredible tools.

Like the popular saying, when we talk about Twilio, the sky’s the limit 🐦, because it can be used for many things and have many functions, like live streaming, Internet of things, VoIP infrastructure, build and run codes…Many things, but summarizing, we can answer “what is Twilio used for” with:

  • Integration with phone numbers for SMS and voice calls.
  • Connecting with WhatsApp API to have another contact platform.
  • Automate messages through triggers and bots.
  • Integrate with mobile and web chat.
  • Improve your email marketing campaigns results.

📚Twilio is used for sales messages. If you want to know more about this kind of strategy, you can check our free Ebook Delivered

How To Use Twilio?

Now that you know what Twilio is used for, it’s time to see how to use Twilio. Actually, it is very simple. You need to sign-in and verify through the email (you can make a free trial), then to request a new number and configure your automations and messages through the application Dashboard. It takes only a few hours 🕐.

We will talk more about it on the topics below 😄. There is also Twilio CRM integration, that’s when you integrate the application with a CRM software to improve your message strategies results.

Sign In (You can make a free trial)

Since you use your phone, it’s important to verify it before using. Twilio will send you a confirmation message, and all you need to do is to use the code to verify that your number is actually yours.

Choose your number

To make the calls and send messages, you don’t need to use your own number 👌. Twilio has a list of available numbers, and you can choose the one you prefer. You can select by country (for example, American, French, German…), and also by area (for example, New York, California, Brandenburg…) to be more convenient for you.

Twilio selects a number for you, but you can change. So you use one number, but you can add more by upgrading your account 🚀.

Create your templates

In essence, when you configure your phone number in Twilio, it's ready to use. Okay, but now…How will you get in touch with your customers? It would take a long time for you and your team to write each message from zero. You all would lose productivity.

In Twilio, you can create templated messages to automatically get in touch with those people who opted-in on receiving messages from you.

Design your automations

On Twilio, it’s possible to create automations and make your work easier and more productive 💁‍♀️. You can create those automations on the “Twilio Studio”, inside the application. One of them (which couldn’t lack on a “how to use twilio” tutorial) is the SMS autoresponder. On this function, you have some options:

  • Start from scratch.
  • Appointment reminders.
  • Phone tree.
  • SMS Chatbot.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Lead routing.
  • Import from JSON.

After that, you have to choose a trigger to start the automation 🤖 (can be an incoming call or message) and what will be done after it. When using a Twilio CRM, those automations can achieve really good results.

📚 Automation is useful for any kind of business. You can learn more on our article 10 valuable use cases for customer service automation


As you saw, it’s not a hard task to create an account in Twilio and then use it. A simple thing results in lots of useful features. Summarizing, how to use Twilio

  • Sign in through the site and make your free trial.
  • First, integrate with your own number and verify it through a code.
  • Then, choose a new number available on Twilio.
  • Create your message templates for each step of the customer's journey.
  • Set-up an automation that will make your team’s work easier.

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Using Twilio CRM

Whats is a CRM?

We can start by saying what a CRM is and how it can be used by your team to improve the sales. CRM means Customer Relationship Management. It’s a software used to manage visitors, leads and customers, interact with them, evalue their positions on the customers journey and automate the processes used by your team.

A good CRM integrates different message platforms to make your communication easier, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, and…of course, Twilio. When integrated with a CRM, this app can be used with more facility and productivity, that’s the reason why we will call it Twilio CRM integration.

How to use Twilio CRM

Now that you know what a CRM is, it’s time to see how to use a Twilio CRM integration. Generally, the CRM that integrates with Twilio makes the integration on its own CRM. For example, in Kommo, you have an area that shows all the integrations. All you have to do is download, install, copy the ASID account and the token on the CRM…and done, the integration is complete.


There are many advantages to doing this Twilio CRM integration. In Kommo, you have the following advantages.

  • You track the customer directly on the pipeline, being able to analyze all the customer journey.
  • Get in contact with the client through voice call on the leads card.
  • Create tasks to not forget anything.
  • Also creates important notes about each client.
  • Can create message templates directly on the CRM, improving your productivity.
  • Have automations through chatbots, making your work easier.
  • Easy to use, you have an intuitive dashboard with intuitive leads cards.

Integration with Kommo

You saw what Twilio is used for, how to use Twilio and the advantages of the Twilio CRM integration 🎯. If you are interested in this kind of integration, we will tell you how you can use it through Kommo.

Kommo now has a new telephony extention – meet Twilio, very user friendly and with lots of useful features. The best thing about Twilio CRM integration – it is very easy to use.

All information integrated

Integrate it with your Kommo account and you will be able to make, receive calls and create call lists. After each call a window will pop up where you can register the result of it 📈. You will be able to make the necessary notes about the conversation, play the record of this call and create a task.

All this information – result of the call – will be attached to the card of the contact you just spoke to and to the corresponding lead’s card 👌. Even more - attach files to the result of the call and these files will be displayed as notes in all the cards linked to this call.

Mobile call and “Do not disturb” Switcher

Among other small - but very useful - features are call forwarding to the mobile phone of each sales person and “Do not disturb” switcher 🤫. Each manager can enter his/her mobile phone number and with a single click forward the call to the mobile device. “Do not disturb” switcher will prevent the calls from being forwarded to the managers that are currently busy and cannot receive calls.

All these features are available right in Kommo interface and all the settings are managed in one window – Twilio widget settings window.

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