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Integrated calls with MCN Telecom and Kommo

September 18, 2020

3 min.

You are using Voice PBX to reach out to customers and want to optimize the work of your sales team? We’ve got you covered with the latest integration which combines MCN Telecom’s Virtual PBX with Kommo and adds phone calls in your account. You can now increase your efficiency by calling potential customers directly from the lead card in the sales pipeline!

💬 MCN Telecom is a multifunctional telecommunications operator. Find out more >

🔥 Features of the MCN Telecom integration

The integration is packed with useful features for both MCN Telecom and Kommo users: 👇

Make calls from Kommo

With MCN Telecom you can call potential customers directly from the lead card. As long as a phone number is attached to the lead, you can make a call in just a click. 📞

Save call logs

After a call ends it is automatically saved in the lead card and it can be replayed and downloaded anytime. You can add a note to the call log for a brief description of the content. All of the lead communication history will be precisely saved in the card, giving management and your team a full overview of the events.

Open the lead card as the call starts

An incoming call will automatically open up the lead card of the number calling. This will make sure your team always has complete information about the customer as they speak to them, increasing the quality of calls. 💃

Generate new leads

When a customer calls you for the first time a lead card is created in Kommo making the MCN Telecom integration one more channel for lead generation.

Receive automatic tasks

A potential customer called but no one was available to answer? Kommo makes sure a call never goes unnoticed. 🕵️‍♂️ When a call is missed, a follow up task for the responsible manager is automatically created in the lead card.

Get detailed call reports

Insights into the quantity and duration of inbound and outbound calls as well as a complete call report with data on your team, the customers they called, duration and result of the call.

By adding the MCN Telecom integration you are able to combine all communication channels in Kommo (voice calls, messengers, email, SMS). A complete solution which will allow you to create an effective sales & marketing process without the need to switch between different apps.

⚙️How to install

To install MCN Telecom:

  1. As an admin enter your Kommo account and click on Profile
  2. Copy the API key
  3. In the Settings > Integrations section click on MCNtelecom VPBX
  4. Accept the privacy policy and click on Install
  5. Enter the API key, add the corresponding phone numbers and click on save.
  6. Go to MyMCN
  7. Select the API section in the top menu
  8. On the left side of the menu select Kommo | Settings

Enter the following info:

  • Selecting the VPBX service with which Kommo is integrated - choose the numbers of the virtual telephone exchange for integration from the drop-down list.
  • Kommo administrator login - enter the login of the employee who is the administrator in Kommo.
  • Kommo Admin Token - Paste the previously copied “Your API Key”.
  • Kommo domain - copy and paste your Kommo address in format.
  • Click on the “Save” button.

The integration has been successfully installed. For more info on the installation process check out MCN Telecom’s guide.

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