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Top 5 Way to use a CRM for Small Business Growth

April 1, 2022

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When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM), businesses have a lot of options to choose from. It can help businesses manage and keep track of customer data, communications, and interactions. So it’s very important for every entrepreneur to use a CRM for Small Business.

These days, businesses are coming online via the marketplace and having their own ecommerce website. A CRM for ecommerce is essential for any business. It helps you manage your customers, their orders, and their interactions with your store.

On this article, you will learn about 👇

Why to use a CRM for small business?

Ecommerce stores continue to grow in popularity. Many businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to expand their businesses 🚀. There are a number of different ways to do this, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. One way to expand an ecommerce store is to add new product lines. This can be used to attract new clients and to increase sales.

Another way to expand an ecommerce store is to add new features or functionality to the website, like a CRM software for small business. There are many advantages on this kind of tool, like:

  • It’s an easy way to manage visitors, leads and clients.👥
  • You can automatize messages, emails and chatbots📩
  • Allows you to integrate marketing strategies with the sales team💱
  • Have simple graphics to show important statistics📊
  • Gives you insights for marketing and sales strategies.📌
  • Make the store more user-friendly and can increase sales.💸

It is definitely a good idea to implement CRM and Sales Force Automation on the business website. A CRM Software like Kommo can be a productive tool for all types of business owners 📊. This CRM has many advanced features which can skyrocket the sales of any ecommerce store. It’s also an easy to use CRM for small business, allowing you to improve your sales without complex stuff.

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Using a CRM for Ecommerce

There are many productive tools in the market like Magento, Shopify or wix, etc. But these are high cost productive tools for most SMB'S. You can also look for shopify alternatives and ecwid alternatives for small and medium businesses. And, of course, a CRM for ecommerce is very useful to grow your business.

Your online store must have a productive CRM feature which can provide growth in your sales 🌟. It’s a great way to keep track of your customers’ contact information, purchase history, and other data. A CRM system can also help you send targeted messages to your clients.

You can exercise due diligence and research the CRM that matches your needs. As among the most in demand SaaS tools for businesses of all types and scales today, customer relationship management platforms play a crucial role in finding leads and engaging and keeping them. Webflow integrations services can help streamline and automate your CRM processes for improved efficiency and productivity.

Here are the top five ways a CRM for small business help grow your business, they are

  • Keep track of customer data💹
  • Automate the sales processes📪
  • Skyrocket Employee Productivity🔨
  • Provides better customer service💁
  • Build long term relationships with customers👬

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1. Keep track of customer data

A CRM system helps businesses to track customer interactions and transactions 🔍, and allows them to keep a history of customer activity. This information is vital for businesses who want to keep track of their customer base and who want to provide a high level of customer service.

It can also help businesses to identify potential customers and to track the success of marketing campaigns. A CRM for small business can help you track your all the engagement with the customers, including:

  • Phone calls📳
  • Emails📧
  • Notes📓
  • Tasks📑
  • Social media messages💻
  • Form subscription📍
  • Meetings👪

It can be really helpful when you need to quickly access information about a customer.

This can also include learning what products and services your customers are interested in, what marketing messages are most effective, and more. All this informations allows you to improve your marketing and sales strategies.

It’s easier when you have all this information in the same place, it allows you to make decisions about how to best serve their customers. After analyzing the data, businesses can also perform email marketing for their products or services.

A productive CRM software for small business can provide you with insights into your customers’ buying behavior, preferences, and history. This allows you on understanding your customers and create more effective marketing campaigns 🎯.

2. CRMs can automate the sales processes

When it comes to sales, there's a process that you need to follow in order to be successful. Firstly, you must indentify your target and understand the customer needs . Once you know what the customer wants, then you need to create a sales pitch that is tailored to them. In that case, a CRM for ecommerce can also help businesses automate and organize their sales and marketing processes.

This tool can automate many of the processes involved in selling, such as:

  • Creating proposals💫
  • Sending invoices💵
  • Tracking customer interactions📅

This is a great feature for small businesses who want to streamline their sales process and make it more efficient 💰.

This can include automating lead capture and follow-up, automating sales and marketing tasks, and more. This can improves your efficiency and helps you saving time. ⏳. You can also track your sales pipeline and forecast future sales. This can help you better manage your sales pipeline and increase your chances of achieving your sales goals.

Online businesses can also consider store management software which provides all in one solution to streamline the sales process.

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3. Skyrocket Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is crucial for the success of any business. By ensuring your employees are productive, you can improve your bottom line. There are a number of things you can do to help increase employee productivity such as providing a comfortable work environment, setting achievable goals, and providing the necessary tools and resources.

A good CRM for small business can help improve employee productivity by automating many of the tasks that employees would otherwise have to do manually. A CRM can also help employees stay organized and keep track of their customer interactions. By automating tasks and providing a system for organization, a CRM can improve your employees productivity and helps them on saving time. 😄.

With the help of a CRM tool, you can make your employees more efficient and productive. Employees can also better communicate within the organization for the project completion.

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4. Provides better customer service

A big part of customer service is human interaction 🤝. It's important to treat your customers with respect and to make them feel valued. When customers feel valued, they're more likely to return to your business and to recommend you to their friends. A CRM software is essential for managing customer service. By tracking customer interactions and managing customer data, you can provide a better customer experience. This, in turn, will help you retain customers and increase sales.

Darshan Somashekar, who runs the multiplayer games at Solitaired, uses CRM to manage customer communication on product development. “When we get feature or new game requests from users, we use a CRM to help us stay in touch with those users and let them know when those features or games are added. Our users love this proactive communication, and we’ve seen our customer satisfaction score skyrocket as a result.”

You also need to be prepared to deal with difficult customers 🥱. Don't take their attitude personally and always stay calm. It's important to handle difficult customers the right way, because it can actually turn them into loyal customers. A CRM software for small business provides a single view of the customer, so you can see all interactions with that customer, regardless of the channel.

This allows you to provide a consistent experience across all channels. It also helps you track customer trends, so you can see which products or services are most popular with your customers.

5. Build long term relationships with customers

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. It’s the first line of defense against unhappy customers, and it’s the department that sets the tone for the entire company. Great customer service is able to make an unhappy customer become loyal advocate for your business 💝. It's essential to have sure your customer service team is well-trained and equipped to handle any situation.

A CRM software for small business can help to build long-term relationships with customers. It's a system that allows you to track and manage customer interactions and data. This information can be used to provide a better customer experience 👍.

It can help you to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and retain customers. It also helps to build trust and loyalty with customers. CRM is essential for businesses that want to build strong, lasting relationships with their customers.

CRM tool consist of so many features which can provide better customer service and support at scale.

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Easy to use CRM for small business

It’s very important using a CRM for small business, so that you can grow even with simple tools and without a giant investment. But if this CRM system is easy to use, your work will be much better. Using complex tools is awful for all entrepreneurs, since it’s hard to learn every solution. Also, it takes a long time to understand everything, and nowadays, time is money 💸.

Kommo is an easy to use CRM for small business, it is very intuitive and with simple features you can improve your sales and marketing strategies results. What makes Kommo easy to use is:

  • Intuitive dashboard📌
  • Easy to integrate with other platforms, like email and WhatsApp📌
  • Set up chatbots and automations quickly📌
  • Have a simple pipeline to track your leads📌
  • Create message templates easily📌
  • Create tasks and send messages to your team inside the pipeline.📌

Kommo is the perfect CRM to help your business improve sales in an easy way. Would you like to Try It For Free?


In conclusion, CRM software for small business can be an incredibly valuable tool for small business owners. It can help you manage your customer relationships more effectively, keep track of your sales and marketing efforts, , and help you make more solid business strategies. If you're not currently using CRM software, then you must consider it for your business productivity. It can make a big difference in your business success.

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