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15 ways to capture leads with Kommo

April 28, 2022

8 min.

Kommo is designed to help you capture leads and sync them automatically with your Kommo account.

Definition: A lead refers to an individual who has the potential to become a customer.

In this guide, we'll teach you

💡 How to make sure that no leads fall through the cracks

⚙️ The benefits of Kommo's lead capture tools

🚄 How to create leads automatically and speed things up

We’ll cover:

What is Lead Capture

As the name suggests, lead capture is a process of gathering information about the person who shows interest in a product or service by using lead capture tools, such as web forms. This person can become a potential customer.

Why do you need Lead capture?

The end goal of lead capture is to maximize conversions of cold traffic. Collecting important information about your leads, can not only convert them into customers but also build a long-lasting relationship with them.

How to use Kommo to capture leads

If you are searching for information about capturing leads, most likely you're struggling to convert your website traffic into customers. Kommo offers a variety of lead capture tools - also known as lead sources - to convert leads at a very high rate.

Some of these tools include:

💬 Messaging apps

💻 Your website

🌐 External websites

📝 Google Sheets

📣 Advertising

Connecting lead sources to your Kommo is pretty easy. We suggest watching the video below to get a step-by-step guide.

Get leads from messaging apps

There has been a global shift from public communication, such as social media, to more private communication channels, like messengers. For this reason, people increasingly demand chat apps and SMS as a way to communicate with brands.

Adding and maintaining these channels, however, is not an easy task for small and medium-sized businesses.

Kommo offers the easiest way to use chat conversations as a way to capture leads and convert them to customers. Most importantly, with Kommo, you can get all chat conversations under control in a single space that we call the unified inbox.

Connect Whatsapp to Kommo

Since your leads can feel more comfortable using messengers to connect with you, Kommo has built WhatsApp + Kommo integration.

When your potential customer sends you a message on WhatsApp, they will automatically land in your sales pipeline.

We have built the WhatsApp + Kommo integration to power up your WhatsApp for sales. With this integration, you can do the following:

  • Receive a WhatsApp message as an incoming lead
  • Respond to WhatsApp messages from Kommo
  • Add Salesbot to WhatsApp

Integrate Instagram with Kommo

Instagram has established itself as a highly effective marketing platform for businesses trying to increase their visibility. However, companies use Instagram not only to boost brand awareness and reach their target audience by maintaining an active presence but also to communicate with their leads and customers.

The Instagram + Kommo integration, for example, allows you to add static message buttons for the moment the lead opens a chat with your account. Thanks to Kommo, you can truly put this messenger to work when it comes to doing business.

It only takes around 2 minutes to connect Instagram to Kommo. To use the integration, you will need an Instagram Business account.

Once the integration is added, everything will work following Instagram’s rules and regulations.

Add Facebook Messenger to Kommo

Small businesses are almost nothing without Facebook Business Page and Facebook Messenger these days. So what if your lead visits your Facebook Business Page and decides to get in touch with you on Facebook Messenger? (Keep in mind that your lead might want to learn about your product or resolve an issue on an urgent basis via this platform).

In Kommo, the Facebook Messenger + Kommo integration enables your leads to communicate with you via Facebook Messenger and allows you to respond to an incoming message on this platform without leaving your CRM.

You can set up Salesbot - a perfect addition to your Facebook Messenger - that can answer incoming queries instead of you.

Another thing worth mentioning is that by connecting Facebook Messenger, you’re automatically connecting Facebook comments. You will be able to respond to them through Kommo as well. Your response to the comment will be sent as a chat message.

Last but not least, in case you have more than one Facebook Business Page, in Kommo, you can connect different business pages to different sales pipelines.

Connect Telegram to Kommo

Numerous businesses use Telegram as a more secure messaging application. In light of growing worries about some messaging apps’ security and encryption, some companies consider Telegram as a safer platform to conduct business and communicate with their clients.

You can integrate your Telegram channel with Kommo in just a single click and without any coding.

Just as with Facebook Messenger and any other chat app, Salesbot can greet your leads on Telegram and gather necessary information by asking simple questions. It can even lead your potential clients in the right direction via buttons in the chat interface.

Capture web visitors

What about those people who don’t get in touch with you via messengers but come to your website instead? Kommo has designed a couple of convenient tools to make your website the main way to capture leads on the internet. Let’s dive in.

Add Website chat button to your website

With the Website chat button, also known as the Engagement Button, your leads can message you directly from your website.

Definition: The Website chat button combines all messaging platforms that have been integrated into your account into a single button that the customer can use to contact you.

The Plugin can help you do the following:

  • Receive messages from leads from any channel
  • Respond directly through Kommo without having to switch apps
  • Immediately collect lead information
  • Transfer leads to a responsible user in your Kommo
  • Automatically sync messages in the lead profile without losing history

You don’t need coding skills to embed the Engagement Button on your website.

Add the Kommo web form to your contact page

As you have learned by now, Kommo ensures that your entire lead capture process is fully automated. Web forms not only capture leads automatically but also simplify your life and enhance the user experience when implemented properly.

In short, here’s what you need to do:

➕ Create a web form

➕ Add it to your website

➕ Receive leads in Kommo

The more you customize your form by asking for the most important information, the better the quality of your leads will be. Remember that a good lead capture form can make a huge difference to your conversions. Kommo has made it simple thanks to flexibility and customization.

Connect Calendly to Kommo

Another excellent way to generate new leads is on Calendly - a modern scheduling platform. Calendly's user-friendly interface allows for the integration of different tools, including Kommo.

Your leads can use Calendly to book a meeting with you without any input necessary on your end. Connecting Calendly to Kommo can help you decrease the number of follow ups.

Here’s how Calendly + Kommo integration works as a lead source:

📅 New lead books a meeting with you on Caledndly

📅 The lead automatically appears in your Kommo account

📅 The lead is ready to be qualified and interacted with

📅 The integration imports all your meetings into the CRM

📅 The integrations sync with your other calendars

Finally, in Kommo, you can also view lead information in real-time as you speak and save meeting outcomes.

Capture leads from external websites

As you’ve seen above, there are dozens of lead capture features that you can use to increase your conversions. But we'd like to show you even more. Let’s go ahead and take a look at how you can capture leads from external websites.

Connect your email to Kommo

Have you ever considered using email as a lead capture tool? Most likely, you have a specific email to answer your lead’s questions.

Kommo makes it easy to connect your email so you can communicate with your leads directly through your Kommo account.

Parse your emails

Another way to capture leads and avoid manual data entry is through email parsing - Kommo’s built-in integration. This feature is extremely useful if you receive tons of emails.

Definition: Email parsing is a process that automatically extracts specific information in an email.

Email parsing in Kommo can extract any data that you need, such as contact details, order numbers, dates and more. It is an excellent approach to automating the process of creating and capturing leads from received emails.

Add contacts by using Kommo's Lead Scraper

Kommo allows you to experiment with different websites and turn them into lead generation platforms with its Lead Scraper tool.

Definition: Kommo's Lead scraper is a chrome browser extension that can be used to scrape lead information from any website, including LinkedIn.

Once you add the extension, in the top right corner of your Chrome browser interface, the Lead scraper will display. All you need to do is simply point and click on the data you wish to preserve, and the lead scraper will create an entirely new lead profile in your Kommo, replete with contact information.

Attach Engagement Page to your Instagram

The Engagement Page is a mini landing page that you can customize to display all the communication channels leads can reach you on without any programming skills.

You can include multiple messengers, pictures, company name, logo and even description. It is an advanced online business card that offers most of the features of a complete website.

Connect Google Sheets

Google Sheets is some of Google Drive’s most popular free tools that can help you drive conversions.

You can count on Google Sheets to collect leads of all kinds. Google Sheets + Kommo integration allows you to send new leads straight to your Kommo automatically.

The most amazing thing, whether you enter data into your spreadsheets manually or gather Google Forms entries, you don’t need to waste time transferring data into your Kommo. The integration automatically sends leads to your Kommo account. No need to juggle files for exporting and importing.

Capture leads from advertising

Advertising leads can also be synced directly with your Kommo account to help you and your sales reps take immediate action. Let's take the Facebook Leads Form as an example.

Integrate Facebook Leads Form with Kommo

To enjoy a steady flow of qualified leads to your Kommo account, we designed the Facebook Leads Form integration. With a user-friendly interface, Facebook Lead Forms are easy to use, making the process streamlined when people sign up as a lead. The procedure occurs totally on Facebook and the feature automatically creates leads in your Kommo space when the form is submitted.

Just like other integrations, you don’t need any coding skills to integrate Facebook Leads Form with your Kommo account. Plus, you can use automation and messengers to chat with your Facebook leads directly in Kommo.

How our team can help

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