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What is amoCRM API?

October 14, 2022

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Some of you might be tech-savvy and eager to get your hands dirty creating new features to streamline your sales processes further.

amoCRM API was created exactly for those people, always looking to innovate, optimize and get creative. It's a feature that can help developers to establish a link between two software, ensuring bilateral information flow.🔁

What is amoCRM?

amoCRM is a cloud-based sales CRM solution with superpowers.🦸‍♂️

🤔 Now, what's that supposed to mean?

It means that amoCRM has features superior to ordinary CRM solutions.

amoCRM is not only a customer relationship management tool, it also provides various integrations with other popular communication (like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram) and productivity platforms (like Calendly, Slack, and Dropbox) to help you streamline your sales processes.

Can you imagine everything you can do? 🤯

✉️ Send text and chat messages within the lead card

📞 Make and record calls without leaving the app

🧾 Create webforms to simplify the lead generation

⚙️ Automate workflow processes

💱 Generate invoices and close sales

There is no limit to your ambitions with amoCRM! Create a widget and monetize it. 💰

(And so much more.😎)

Integrations are special applications that connect amoCRM with other platforms and allow them to exchange information through a REST API,which we call amoCRM API.

🤔 You might wonder what the word REST means.

Let's just say that there are two methods, and we chose to give our developers the easier one to use.🤭

What is an API?

The abbreviation API stands for an application programming interface. This interface contains a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software, enabling two software components to communicate with each other.

Just a sprinkle of magic.🪄

For example, the National Weather Service records daily weather data on its server. The 'Weather' app on your smartphone 'talks' with the server using APIs, providing consistent weather updates.

What is amoCRM API?

You can think of the amoCRM API as a contract 🤝 between the amoCRM system and other systems integrated within it. Basically, it’s a way to access amoCRM account data without using the amoCRM user interface.

If the integrated system sends a request, amoCRM sends a response. As simple as that.

Developers don’t have to worry about how amoCRM services are implemented.🥳 They just have to send requests and accept responses in the way amoCRM API understands it.

If you are a developer, you can benefit from this amoCRM feature and create your own software applications, or integrate our services with other platforms, expanding services' capabilities and connecting them.🖇️

What does amoCRM API provide?

amoCRM API is a set of functionalities provided for developers to give them the ease and flexibility they need to unleash their creativity💥 without worrying about the processes inside the CRM.😵‍💫

With amoCRM API, developers can receive and search for information, create new entities, or update existing ones.🤩

You can ask “why” do I need an amoCRM API

Why do you need an amoCRM API? 🤔

Let's say your company is using a particular messenger to communicate with leads, and one of them is reaching out to you. So, instead of adding a new lead manually to your amoCRM account, their information can be sent automatically from your messenger to your pipeline, creating a new lead or maybe updating an existing one while also adding a note or a task.🗒️

With amoCRM API, you can drastically decrease the amount of work you have to do while increasing your efficiency and boosting revenue.

So, we can say automation is a big reason why you need amoCRM API.🤖


When working inside amoCRM, the user always has a secure connection, but when working outside the platform, the connection might be jeopardized.😰

The great news is that when you connect through amoCRM API, all the communication occurs in a secure way.

amoCRM API only accepts calls sent over HTTPS and validated with OAuth 2.0 using an access token to ensure security.


amoCRM API contains different endpoints for different pieces of information:

  • Accounts
  • Leads
  • Users
  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Links between entities

For example, to create a lead, you can send a request to the endpoint (URI) provided by amoCRM API, given you have relevant data.

With amoCRM API, you can create leads, view and update them, and change their state in the pipeline. You can also add tasks to the leads or add contacts and companies and link them between entities.🤓

In other words, everything you can do with the amoCRM interface can be done using the amoCRM API.

And more!

💬 Besides managing the essential entities, with amoCRM API, developers can also manage chats and lists 📋, integrating various channels for messaging and controlling multiple lists.

📞 Calls are also an excellent way to communicate. With amoCRM API, you can manage them by linking to contributed entities, creating new contacts, tasks, or notes, and attaching them to the call.

🔔 On top of that, amoCRM API provides methods for adding notifications for any action of your choice.

With amoCRM API, we try to provide opportunities for innovation.✨ If we got you inspired, let your imagination go wild and think about your new integration.

Go to the developer section and learn about amoCRM API

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