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WhatsApp Business account features

August 5, 2020

8 min.

WhatsApp is a global messaging phenomenon with 2 billion users on the standard app. These astonishing numbers started drawing in companies who wanted to communicate and get close to customers on their favorite messenger app.

As a result WhatsApp created a separate app called WhatsApp Business App which is designed for local and small companies and WhatsApp Business API, a solution for medium and big sized companies.

More than 3 million companies across the world joined in on the new trend and already use WhatsApp Business. 🌍

In this article we will cover the WhatsApp Business account features in both products.

You’ll learn: 👇

WhatsApp Business account features (App)

WhatsApp Business App helps local and small companies present themselves and communicate with customers on WhatsApp. And it is all completely free. 🥰

It is a win-win for everyone as people across the world prefer to be contacted by messengers compared to standard means of business communication, such as phone or email.

For customers, chatting with a company through WhatsApp gives them a more personal experience, they feel in control as they decide when to open and respond to a message and someone who spams can easily be blocked. Company owners are able to better present their business, communicate more efficiently and separate their personal and business chats.

WhatsApp Business App is very similar to the standard WhatsApp, and at first glance you might think they are twins: 👭

  • Both apps have the same interface.
  • They are completely free.
  • No restrictions on messaging.
  • 1 phone number equals 1 WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business account.

Even though they look the same, there are small but important differences once you dig in a bit deeper. 🕵️‍♂️

WhatsApp Business has a new app icon and the following features not which are not available in the regular WhatsApp: 👇

Business profile

Product catalog

Messaging automations

WhatsApp Business Labels

WhatsApp Business Statistics

Short link

Business profile

In WhatsApp Business you can create a detailed business page which will present your business to customers and give them all of the company info. A complete profile is important for successful communication with your current and potential customers.

In your WhatsApp Business account you will be able to fill out the following details:

  • Business name
  • Phone number
  • Description
  • Business address
  • Business category
  • Business hours
  • Email
  • Website
WhatsApp Business profile settings

Product catalog

The Product catalog feature lets you display your products and services and you will be able to add:

  • Product title
  • Photos
  • Description
  • Price
  • Product code

Customers will be able to discover everything your company offers and you and your customers can easily share individual products directly in the chat. An up to date product catalog will act as a virtual storefront for your business. 🏪

You can upload a maximum of 500 products so unless you are Nestlé, there’s plenty of room for all of your products and services. 😁

Check out WhatsApp’s video on the Product catalog feature. 👇

Messaging automations

In the regular WhatsApp, you’ve got to do things manually. 👨‍🔧 WhatsApp Business App helps you out with messaging automations which will save you time and enable you to have more efficient communication with customers.

You’ll be able to utilize the following automations:

  • WhatsApp Away message lets your customers know that you are not available in the period they sent a message to you. Write down a template which will inform them when you’ll get back with a response.
  • WhatsApp Greeting message welcomes customers whenever they send the first message to you. Write down a nice greeting message and get off to a good start.
  • WhatsApp Quick replies are templates you can create which can be used while chatting with customers. Create quick replies which will help you answer frequently asked questions and save precious time.
WhatsApp Business App automations

WhatsApp Business Labels

Once you start chatting with many customers, things might get a bit chaotic in the chat list. Many names and conversations, so it will be easy to lose track.

You might wonder what is the status of each customer and how close you are to a sale. 🤔Labels will help you structure the chat and visually mark each customer according to different stages of communication. WhatsApp Business App comes with 5 default labels:

  • New customer
  • New order
  • Pending payment
  • Paid
  • Order complete

You can create new labels yourself, name them and designate a color. You may have up to 20 labels.

WhatsApp Business labels

WhatsApp Business statistics

Statistics give you an insight into the customer engagement and how successful WhatsApp Business is as a communication tool for your company.

You will be able to see the following stats:

  • Messages sent
  • Messages delivered
  • Messages read
  • Messages received

Short link

Short link is the last of the WhatsApp Business App account features. You may have the perfect business profile with an amazing product catalog, but all of that will be in vain if your customers don’t know you have a WhatsApp Business account.

The short link helps you promote WhatsApp as a channel of communication with your business. And people will flock in, as it is convenient to chat through WhatsApp. If you ask me, companies available on WhatsApp seem pretty cool. 😎

Short link is a URL link which can be easily shared across multiple platforms, copied or shared through a QR code. But you don’t have to stop there, add the link in your email signature and social media.

Short link in WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business account features (API)

We’ve come to the second product which is WhatsApp Business API. As a comparison, WhatsApp Business App was for small businesses where you can connect the number to one smartphone and talk to customers. Useful for local companies which don’t have a very big number of customers.

That approach won’t do for medium and big businesses. That’s why WhatsApp Business API was created. 🙋‍♂️nWhat immediately differentiates it is the fact that WhatsApp Business API is a paid service and it has no standard interface.

It’s main features are:

Can be integrated with a CRM

Verified Business profile

Team access

Unified inbox

Chatbot automation

Template messages

Can be integrated with a CRM

WhatsApp Business API can be added as an integration in a CRM or another software such as а helpdesk or messaging software.

Adding WhatsApp Business API to a software such as a CRM will unlock additional benefits such as the ability to add a salesbot and automate communication, create new leads from WhatsApp and have all of the customer details and chats in one place.

Some of the CRMs which can be integrated with WhatsApp Business API are:

  • Kommo
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho

💬 Learn more on all the benefits you can get with WhatsApp Business API using the #1 WhatsApp CRM.

Verified Business profile

WhatsApp Business API profiles are checked and approved by WhatsApp itself. Usually only established businesses with a strong market presence are approved for an API account.

Accounts that use the WhatsApp Business App have Business account written below their profile name. Business API accounts have the Verified Business profile title.

If you are looking for that ultimate prestige, you can even apply to have a green official badge next to your company name. ✅

Official business account green badge

Team access

The biggest benefit of using WhatsApp Business API is the ability to have a whole team using one WhatsApp account simultaneously on multiple devices. Companies with many daily chats will be able to provide a high quality customer experience through WhatsApp.

💬 Learn more on how to get a team wide access in WhatsApp Business App.

Unified inbox

Connect WhatsApp Business to a CRM and all of the communication with customers will be unified in one place. All messages in a single lead card, no matter if it is different messengers, email or phone calls. You’ll have an internal team chat as well, for a total overview of everything related to the customer and his journey across the sales process.

💬 Find out how a unified inbox will increase your efficiency and benefit your business.

Chatbot automation

Automate communication with customers using a chatbot. 🤖 He will increase your workforce and make you available 24/7. The bot is able to greet customers and answer frequently asked questions, he can notice the intent behind a question and give the appropriate answer.

The chatbot will make automatic actions in the CRM as well and notify your team when a human touch is needed.

💬 Check out the superpowers of Chatbot and all the ways he’ll improve your customer communication in WhatsApp Business.

Session messages

Unlike WhatsApp Business App which has no restrictions when it comes to messaging and their contents, in WhatsApp Business API there are 2 modes of messaging. Session and Template messages.

When a customer writes to you first, you have a 24 hour window in which you can respond for free without any message content restrictions. These types of messages are called session messages. The 24 hour window is refreshed, every time the customer sends a message.

Template messages

WhatsApp takes great care not to have its users spammed by companies. That’s why if a company wants to initiate a conversation with a customer, or reply to a message outside the 24 hour window, they can only use template messages.

Templates are pre-approved messages by WhatsApp. A fee is charged every time you send out a template message. Technically you will be paying a double fee, one to WhatsApp and another one depending on the WhatsApp Solution provider you have selected.

💬 Check out WhatsApp’s list price schedule.

There are strict rules when creating templates. According to WhatsApp there can be no promotional and marketing content in template messages.

💬 Learn more on WhatsApp’s message template guidelines.

Using WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is amazing when it comes to customer support. Customer chats go directly into a CRM or helpdesk and your team is able to quickly respond for free in a 24 hour window.

Automate communication by adding a Salesbot which will answer frequently asked questions or get more information on the customers needs.

Apart from support, companies have found creative ways of using WhatsApp Business API providing additional value for customers on their favorite messenger app.

Netflix can send you notifications and recommend new films to watch according to your preferences directly in WhatsApp. 📺

KLM - the Royal Dutch Airlines, send their customers regular flight updates and important announcements through WhatsApp. Your booking confirmation, flight reminder and boarding ticket are all neatly sent to you on WhatsApp. Just go to the terminal and use the barcode and you are on your way to discover the world. 🛫

Wrap up

We’ve covered all of the important WhatsApp Business account features in both products, App and API. Hope you put this new knowledge to good use and make your company available on WhatsApp.

Messengers are the future of customer communication and there is no time to lose. 😎

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