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What is Messenger-Based Sales?

April 26, 2019

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The first thing that may come to mind as you read ‘Messenger-Based Sales’ (MBS) is probably the process of selling goods and products via messengers such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, Viber, Skype or WeChat. MBS is a concept which goes beyond this simple thought. Yes, MBS does put its focus on selling through chat apps.

In fact, our book, Delivered, even defines it as a concept that ‘prioritizes messengers as the main communication channel between a buyer and a company throughout the sales process.’ However, MBS is also about producing a convenient, seamless and comfortable buying experience that creates a lasting impression and even builds and enhances relationships.

People love messengers

Just like every concept has its origin, so does MBS. Its origin has been sparked by the idea that the convenient nature of messengers has won the hearts of so many people globally (the data speaks for itself), which would be outrageous for brands to ignore. No matter what business you’re in, it is essential always to be up-to-date with where our customers want to be and how they want to reach out to us. So, today, it is messengers that we have to keep pace with, for they have become the new primary route for communication.

Man using phone and writing

The process of sending short texts over smartphones or computers via chat apps has become the phenomenon of the century. Research has only been backing this up and a study by Facebook -- conducted in 2017 that was based on eight countries including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, France, and South Korea -- found that Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion users monthly. The social network company has further revealed that 67% of participants are messaging more than they did in the past two years, and 51% have reported that messaging has replaced other types of conversations.

Boosting sales with a phone

So, why has communicating via messaging apps become more common than other communication channels such as phone calls or emails? It’s because messengers allow us to complement our hectic schedules and lifestyle; they are convenient as we can reply to our texts whenever we feel like or are free to do so; they trigger new conversations; connect us to individuals within seconds. The advantages are endless.

The era of convenience

Since messaging apps are a form of quick and short communication, customers have heightened their expectations concerning shopping experiences too. For this reason, brands must extend beyond what they have been doing. Yes, emails might still be effective and useful, but they don’t fully match the new preferences. In fact, they are easily filtered out and left trashed or unread.

Phone calls, on the other hand, may even cause awkwardness due to the pressure they exert on the customer to answer promptly and in a particular manner. MBS allows customers to interact with businesses when they want and on their own terms. After all, everyone wants to avoid wasting time ‘on hold’. Brands must now focus on sales channels that aren’t only efficient but also suit customer’s needs, and this is where MBS steps in.

When utilized correctly, MBS allows businesses to cater to customer’s demands. This sales approach supports the relationship between the customer and a company as it offers immediate response, service, and assistance right in the place where individuals spend their time daily. It is about getting in touch with brands and receiving responses as easy and quick as we get in touch with friends. It seems like we’ve achieved the most convenient form of communication in the history of communication, which must be used urgently in our sales ecosystems. MBS -- the new way of doing business.

What is Messenger-Based Sales?

The premise of MBS

The philosophy of MBS incorporates three main elements. Firstly, establishing a presence in communication channels that customers love using. Secondly, providing real-time, personalized experiences. And finally, recognizing the power and autonomy of a modern consumer. Attract customers instead of chasing them. Give them the power to contact you when they want. This is how you open up opportunities for delightful and pleasant interactions that inspire brand loyalty. This is what MBS is all about.

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