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How Zapier integrations power up Messenger-Based Sales

June 24, 2019

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In our modern digital age, customers play by a different set of rules. Today's empowered consumer demands total control over their purchasing experience, highlighting speed, convenience, expert help and friendly assistance as the most essential components to a positive buying journey (PwC, 2018).

Zapier integrations support messenger-based sales

Customers are obsessed with instant messaging

To survive as a business means meeting customers on their terms — where and when they want. Brands that plan to be around in the next five years will have to interact with customers via their customer's favorite communication channels, giving them the freedom to message when it's most convenient for them. With billions of people actively using chat apps to communicate (a number that is expected to keep growing), companies will have no choice but to implement instant messengers for business, and offer a sales experience that fully meets these expectations. For this reason, new business strategies, such as Messenger-Based Sales, have been picking up steam.

To survive as a business means meeting customers on their terms — where and when they want. @Kommo #messengerbasedsales

Living up to the modern customer's demands

Messenger-Based Sales is defined as an approach that prioritizes chat apps as the primary communication channel between a customer and a business. The demand to use messengers for business has been gathering so much momentum that the world's top instant messaging apps — Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp — have been investing heavily in ground-breaking updates that transform their messengers into sales tools. New features like payment and appointment booking are just the tip of the iceberg.

Speaking of messengers, it's important to acknowledge that their interface isn't designed for sales. For instance, there is a limited amount of space, it's difficult to make notes, and leads are only sorted by the newest conversation at the top. Besides, it's hard to dish out responsibilities to team members and keep track of many different apps and switching between them.

Four people are chatting via messengers

Messengers are free, easy-to-use and convenient

Kommo integrates the world's top instant messaging apps

The easiest and most effective way to create a lean, mean Messenger-Based Sales machine is to use Kommo to centralize all your conversations into a unified inbox.

Case in point: let's say a potential client decides to text you from their favorite conversational app — Facebook Messenger. This message will be added to your pipeline as an incoming inquiry, and the lead profile will be created automatically. Then regardless of where you write your response (whether it's Facebook Messenger or right from the lead card), the chat history is saved automatically, and nothing gets lost.

Want to learn more about how to achieve your business goals using this approach? Join our class on Skillshare or download our free book about Messenger-Based Sales.

How Zapier integrations support Messenger-Based Sales in Kommo

Now, since Messenger-Based Sales requires a full strategy, you need to have a plan for staying on task, managing contracts, and processing payments. Even though Kommo already comes with many built-in tools and integrations, it's not possible to do everything. But have no fear — Zapier comes in handy to empower your Messenger-Based Sales approach.

So, how does Zapier work? It lets you connect 1,500 of the best web apps without any coding. Some of our favorite ways that Zapier powers up your Messenger-Based Sales strategy include apps for managing tasks, signing contracts and securing payment transactions.

Zapier integration apps for task management

Organization is key and the best way to meet deadlines is to know precisely what you need once you get your hands on it. Kommo has its own task management system; for example, with the built-in calendar, it's easy to see where the sales team stands. However, if your colleagues prefer to use other apps such as Asana, Samepage or Trello, Zapier can connect them all with Kommo.

Woman integrates zapier apps to increase sales via messenger

Ease your life by automating your chatbot with Zapier integrations

Zapier integration apps for documents, proposals, and contracts

Other elements that companies can't function without are document automation, proposals and contracts. Zapier integration facilitates sales processes by connecting Kommo with:

  • Document apps that provide users with the power to collect, track, and request documents quickly.
  • Online quote and proposal apps that turn out to be crucial to make sure that sales cycles runs in a flash.
  • Signing and sending electronic contracts, such as SignNow — one of the many options in Kommo to provide a secure and easy electronic signature.

Payment processing apps

The next step in the buyer's journey is paying. In order to minimize the friction that customers face during purchase (and in turn, decrease abandoned carts), you should optimize your payment procedure. Kommo already integrates with Stripe; however, if you're a Paypal or PAYMILL user, Zapier has got you covered.

Customer receives an invoice to buy via facebook messenger

Shortening the buying process

Most popular Zaps for Kommo

The great thing about Zapier is that you can create your own zaps, making the possibilities virtually endless. But if you'd like a quick-start, we've already put together a number of pre-made zap templates for Kommo! Here are the top picks that our users can't live without:

More Zapier integrations?

To get a full list of Kommo + Zapier integrations to power up your Messenger-Based Sales, click here!

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