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Selling with messengers in Kommo

December 11, 2019

6 min.

To sell well, you’ve got to be where your customers are. It makes sense - some groups of customers prefer email over the phone, and some prefer messengers over emails.

Yes, messengers. That’s where the jam is.

payment process via messenger

If you’re set on conquering messenger, you need a system that connects every chat app to a single place (a hub, of sorts) and speeds up the messaging process with automation.

Sound good? Alright, here’s the action plan to start selling with messengers.

Selling with Messengers - Quick Start

The first step to selling with messengers is to have a valid messenger channel connected to Kommo. Let’s take Facebook Messenger as an example for the sake of clarity (and popularity! It’s #1, after all)

Connecting Facebook Messenger to Kommo can be done in 4 simple steps:

  1. Enter the Digital Pipeline
  2. Select the Add source button
  3. Select Facebook
  4. Enter your login credentials

And that’s it. For more detailed instruction, we’ve got the whole process laid out in this knowledge base article on connecting Facebook Messenger to Kommo.

As soon as you start to receive messages, the contact data is automatically added to the system and you can begin chatting with the lead straight from the system’s interface.

Chat with them, add more details to their lead card as time goes on - whatever suits your sales process.

incoming lead request in Kommo

1Here’s an incoming lead - the name, the message, the source - all already in the file

Messaging straight from Kommo has a number of benefits for your team members. The first little helper is, of course, the templates feature. Chat messages by their own nature are short and sometimes entering links or images over and over again is a hassle. To save your teammates time and sanity, use a template!

Message templates

To create a message template, go to the Settings section, and proceed to Communications.

See the Chat templates at the top? This is where the magic will happen. The templates are not limited to just text only. Select the fields on the right to automatically parse contact data into the message!

Let’s look at an example: the contact name. Once you add this field to the message, it looks funny like this: {{}}. Don’t be put off: that’s not how the message will look like when you send it. Instead, it will parse the real contact name you have in the system, and automatically address the customer by their name!

template maker in Kommo

This is the template maker. In case this thing looks confusing, don’t you worry, you only need to become friends with it once. Now, what your team members will see instead is...

another template maker in Kommo


As you can see, whatever code was there in the brackets transformed into real data, stored in the file (the lead card). Your representative doesn’t have to lift a finger to enter all of this ever-changing data by hand.

Do check out other fields and tags available for automatic data filling. What you probably want to use is the contact name, the name of the deal and the name of the contact person in the company, along with their phone or email.

That’s a great productivity boost for your sales team. Because otherwise, it breaks the spirit of a frontline salesperson to do the same thing over and over again manually, and it’s such a relief when they don’t have to.

Think the conversation went well? That means it's time to get some feedback! And that’s where the Net Promoter Score comes in.

Net Promoter Score

How would you assess customer service? Rifling through conversations manually is quite a chore. Let’s give our customers a chance to assess the services provided in a quick manner.

Head out to the Settings section of your Kommo account and visit the Communications page. See the Net Promoter Score at the bottom of the page? That’s where you configure it.

The system works on a scale from 1 to 10 (worst to best). Set up the threshold, and if your team member gets a score lower than the threshold, you will get a notification.

In action, it works this way: a customer is having a nice conversation with your team members. As the conversation draws to a close, the two parties exchange good-byes. Once that happens, your teammate clicks the “Close” button and the system then automatically offers the customer to assess the conversation. You can even set the timer for the conversation to conclude automatically - after which, of course, the customer will get the chance to assess the service.

NPS in action in Kommo

1NPS in action - simple and it gets the job done

And it’s as simple as that! The Dashboard section of Kommo can help you track the statistics and see how well your team performs daily, weekly and monthly. Be sure to keep an eye on it!

That finally brings us around to the real gem: automation with chatbots!


A chatbot is more than a mere means of doing less manual work. It is an actual tool for sales empowerment and means to selling with messengers.

How so?

Whenever the volume of inquiries you receive starts to grow out of hand, you are faced with increased costs: more manpower, lost business due to delays and lower reviews as a result. That's just not good.

Chatbots take care of all that - it will answer simple questions for you, schedule calls, send process payments, etc - the opportunities are many. That frees up your sales team to do actual sales and focus on tasks only they can do.

You don't even have to know programming to build one. Here's how it's done in Kommo

A chatbot can be created in the automation hub of Kommo - the Digital Pipeline. Go to the Leads section and click Setup.

Now you see a grid with all the possible slots for all the awesome automation you can create - including a chatbot.

salesbot in Kommo

1A Salesbot automatic action in action (actually, not yet! It’s waiting for it)

Click on an empty space, select the Salesbot, and then find the “create new” button. That's where you build your own digital butler!

What you see before you know is the visual chatbot builder. You can select many different steps that your chat will then follow - that may be requesting information, sending an invoice, and simple communication too.

salesbot in Kommo

1Chatbot conversation tree - a very rough sketch, just to give you an idea of what it’s supposed to look like

It's important to first get a grasp of what the Salesbot is capable of and play around with it for a while. In case you're a pro - see the “code” button in the upper right? Click it and build it in the way only you can.

Do try different things before you build a live version and remember - you'll always need to improve your chatbot. You can further enhance your chatbot with AI capabilities - like neural language processing - to make your chatbot understand anything is said to it.

Not ready to splurge on an AI bot?

Read about rule-based chatbots

Once you've made a chatbot that looks something like - find a place for it in the digital pipeline (does it greet new customers? Sends link to repeat customers? Etc). Select the stage based on your actual sales pipeline, and tailor its settings to match it.

Eyes on the horizon

Messengers are conquering the top of the food chain as a sales channel, and there is little doubt this channel won't make a bank for your business too.

The first step towards success is always a small one, and connecting a messenger as a sales channel is a couple of minutes task. Try it, and selling with messengers will bring you results.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more!

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