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In our previous article, we spoke about how to capture leads in Kommo. Today, we’ll look at a critical element of any company -- sales automation.

From knowing the number of leads in different sales pipeline stages to determining the bottlenecked leads in between, your team needs to keep track of everything.

You can't afford to waste your sales team's time on repetitive tasks. You'd rather see your sales reps hone their expertise and focus on enhancing their sales skills.

Unfortunately,such tasks increase the workload of your team and sales department. To ease the workload for your team, Kommo has created a well-built sales pipeline, known as the digital pipeline, that can handle repetitive and forgettable tasks.

In this guide, you'll learn how to automate the entire lead management and sales process to leverage your company's overall efficiency and productivity.


    What is Sales Automation and Digital Pipeline?

    Automation is an action that is set up to be automatic. For this reason, automating sales processes can help reduce your unnecessary spending on resources to a great extent.

    Kommo has a digital pipeline that can automatically warm up leads to progress them toward a sale. It tracks lead behaviors, triggering nurture that engages leads when they're most responsive. For example, you can set it so that when a lead visits your pricing, it triggers a task for the responsible sales rep to call them.

    🤔 Digital pipeline is Kommo's automation center for your pipeline, an engine that runs underneath your sales pipeline

    Benefits of Sales Automation in Kommo

    Incorporating sales automation in Kommo can be highly beneficial for your company due to the following reasons:

      ✅ It accelerates productivity by reducing manual labor and repetitive mundane tasks.

      ✅ Your business can work 24/7 without being "late" or "sick," thereby decreasing the "human factor" influence.

      ✅ Your team can focus on sales as much of their time is freed up by Kommo.

      ✅ You can contact leads, warm them up, and reduce rejections efficiently.

    What Can You Automate in Your Sales Department with Kommo?

    With Kommo, you can make your sales workflow a breeze. Thanks to the digital pipeline, you can do the following:

      🪄 Send emails automatically on behalf of the sales rep.

      🪄 Send texts automatically to a variety of recipients.

      🪄 Lead and track the leads through the pipeline without any manual input.

      🪄 Subscribe leads to mailing lists, run Facebook ads, and turn off the ads once the respective lead is closed.

    📌 Please note: The digital pipeline can be accessed through the "Setup" button on your Kommo account.

    Once you create an account in Kommo, you will gain access to the following primary pipeline stages:

      Incoming leads. Designed for leads that may or may not be your genuine clients

      Initial Contact. After accepting the incoming lead, it moves to the contact stage, which includes the leads you want to do business with.

      Negotiation, Decision Making and Offer Sent. In these stages, some give and take with your leads while maintaining their expectations and your sales objective.

      Closed Stages.In Kommo, all pipelines have two parts that cannot be removed: The Closed - Won stage (for the leads you have won) and Closed - Lost (for the leads you have lost).

      You can add new stages to your digital pipeline by clicking on the + button. However, if you want to delete a stage, you can do so by selecting the bin button.

    Automatic Task Assignment and Closure

    In Kommo, you can find a plethora of automation tools called triggers. These triggers are designed to automate mundane admin work, and this is why triggers in Kommo play a fundamental role.

    🤔 Trigger is an action that initiates subsequent action – such as automatic sending of a message – usually in marketing or sales workflow

    So, keep reading below if you want to learn what Kommo's triggers can do for you and how to use them for automating task assignments and closure 😉

    Trigger: Add a Task

    You can create and assign a task to anyone on your team automatically and according to your needs. Once the task assigned to your Kommo account, the responsible person will receive the notification and start working on it.

    Why should you add Add a Task trigger?

    The Add a Task trigger increases not only the speed and efficiency of projects but also the reliability of your company.

    Most importantly, regardless of business type and number of employees, you can always use this Trigger for assigning tasks in Kommo quickly.

    Trigger: Complete a Task

    The next Trigger depends on your requirements. You can create a task and assign it to a specialist, which they must complete on time.

    For instance:

    The assigned person ran a promotion campaign for a company and left the contact details. Now, the lead can directly contact the company.

    Once the lead connects with the team, someone on the team must reply to the lead and mark the task as completed. After that, the lead can be moved to the next pipeline stage.

    The next negotiation step is carried out by one of the sales reps. After completing this task, the sales rep moves the lead to the next stage, which is the payment.

    The accountant is also notified to send the invoice details to the lead. Once the payment is confirmed, the lead can continue to the next step, and the accountant can mark the task as completed.

    Automatic Emails and Online Alerts

    Automatic email, sometimes known as triggered email, is one of the most critical and reliable channels to keep the leads engaged before and after becoming clients.

    📧 You can send an automatic personalized email – according to the template you set– to your lead or client whenever the lead is created or when the lead reaches a certain stage of your pipeline.

    In Kommo, you can also generate more validated leads through email marketing campaigns. You can use email marketing in different stages of your sales pipeline, and automate the following:

      ✔️ Promotional offers

      ✔️ Meeting reminders

      ✔️ Commercial offers

    Automatic Lead Creation and Change of its Status

    Creating leads and changing their status in Kommo is too easy. Thanks to Kommo's automation, you can manage your leads and take them to the next steps of the digital pipeline effectively.

    Trigger: Create a Lead

    You can automate the process of lead creation and change of its status.

    📌 Please note: To start using Create a Lead trigger in Kommo, you need to perform just a few steps.

      - Go to “Setup” in your leads section in the upper right corner and select the pipeline stage you are interested in placing the trigger on.

      - Click on "Add”

      - Select “Create lead” and adjust the settings based on which you want your automation to work.

      - Click on “Add a condition" to select the leads you want to run the trigger on. There are various conditions to choose from.

      - Use the “Execute setting,” which decides when the trigger is run.

      - Select the option of “Create a lead with” and decide the data you want to carry over.

      - Finally, you can decide on the pipeline and press "Done."

    Trigger: Change Lead Stage

    The stages in a sales pipeline are designed around the actions that your sales reps take to turn leads into customers. With Kommo, you don't need to move a lead or client through the sales pipeline manually. Now leads can be progressed automatically when they meet given conditions.

    For example, you can easily configure the pipeline to push leads forward from the "initial contact" stage if they send an email or visit a particular page on your site. The system will then notify the responsible sales person about the changes, and they can take steps to keep the lead moving forward.

    To put it simply, the Change Lead Stage trigger enables you to move leads from one stage of your sales pipeline, to another.

    📌 Please note: to set it Change Lead Stage trigger, do the following:

      - Go to the “New Lead” section of your Kommo account and click "Set Up"

      - Few empty cells will open up, and you can click on any stage to add a trigger

      - Go to the “Change Lead” settings and set up the conditions and execution

      - Follow the same steps for the next stage too

    Automatic Survey Generation

    Collecting data through surveys is one of the best ways to gain opinions from leads about your company. With Kommo, you can create special links and send them to your leads. It does not require any manual data entry and is an efficient way to gain updated information about your leads.

    Trigger: Forms

    The Forms trigger collects information from your potential leads. It is an automatic action that sends your customers a special link that they can fill out. This way, they can update their information themselves.

    You can also use referral forms, ideal for new leads and referral programs. Once they fill out the form, their information will be updated automatically. Plus, you can use this data to analyze your customers' feedback.

    So, when you click on Generate Forms, a wide variety of options will pop up, and you can select all the required parameters and other details.

    You can create an individual form as well as referral forms. There are various form templates you can choose from and customize the same for your marketing purpose.

    Automatic Tags Edit

    By editing tags in your Kommo account, you can change the status of your leads and manage them without any hassle.

    Trigger: Edit Tags

    Editing tags is extremely handy for segmenting your lead base, and you can require it a lot for managing your entire sales process.

    📌 Please note: Kommo can assist you in editing tags of leads automatically as long as you follow a couple of steps.

      - Go to “Setup” and go to the decision-making stage.

      - Click on an empty cell and select “Edit tags” from the menu.

      - Following this, you can edit the condition, execution, and tags.

      - Repeat the steps for other stages.

    Automatic Change of the Responsible User

    The sales process highly depends on teamwork. Each employee has a role to play in a sales pipeline. Kommo enables you to transfer responsibility to each employee smoothly and every team member is aware of their role.

    Trigger: Change Lead’s User

    The sales process highly depends on teamwork. Change Lead’s User trigger is important because each employee has a role to play in a sales pipeline.

    Once someone on the team completes their task with the lead, they transfer the lead to the next pipeline to ensure the process continues efficiently. This transfer of responsibility from one employee to another can be done without the manual participation of your teammates through Kommo’s digital pipeline.

    Automatic Field Edit

    Some tasks may be repetitive and require a lot of manual effort. But you can automate such tasks and reduce errors in data entry with Kommo’s sales automation tool.

    Trigger: Change Field

    There are times when you have to enter the same type of values in the fields and this can get quite monotonous. Thus, Kommo allows you to automatically fill out any custom field to remove the repetition of tasks after a specific condition is met.

    Automatic Chatbot Launch

    We label our chatbot as a salesbot because it serves many purposes than simply offering chatting services.

    🤔 Salesbot is Kommo's bot for chatting and performing actions

    Trigger: Salesbot

    Kommo’s salesbot is AI-powered. For this reason, it can perform many actions, including:

      🤖 Drive in potential leads

      🤖 Fill lead’s details

      🤖 Assign a responsible user

      🤖 Help the lead progress through the pipeline

      🤖 Add tags

    So let's dive deeper into how Kommo’s salesbot can help you leverage your conversion process.

    Salesbot can help your leads move through the sales pipeline automatically. It can interact with leads while minimizing human intervention effectively.

    If you’re worried that a message can require human help, the Salesbot is smart enough to stop replying and send a notification to the right sales rep. And the sales rep can join the conversation to render appropriate information to the potential lead.

    You can also adjust the settings of your salesbot depending on how and when you want it to work. If the salesbot receives any unknown request, it will automatically ask for the manager's assistance.

    How Our Team Can Help?

    Kommo can be considered a powerful automation tool that offers noticeable results from the first month. With Kommo’s automation triggers, you can establish winning processes and achieve the following:

      🙌 Decrease the lead closure cycle duration

      🙌 Accelerate the processing of incoming requests

      🙌 Improve conversion rates and sales

    We understand that using new software can be challenging. Hence, our team is always there to solve your queries and help you automate your sales process.

      💬 Connect with us from your account or on the website

      🤓 Book a free demo with our team

      🏖 Find a partner to automate for you, so you can relax

      Make a personal sale with Kommo

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