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Mobile marketing: The key to generating new leads

September 11, 2020

6 min.

Mobile marketing is an incredibly effective tool for lead generation. Keeping your existing customers and clients happy and loyal is crucial, but finding and attracting new customers is key to growing your business.

To maintain or grow your market share you have to constantly keep getting the same amount (to maintain), or more (to grow), of new users/entrants to use your product or service.

A lot of leads are generated organically via word-of-mouth, which is even easier today with the proliferation of online review sites and social media. However, you should always actively be attempting to generate new leads for your business. One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is via the mobile phone using products like SMS, MMS and other forms of mobile marketing.

You will learn:

Mobile marketing – a few stats

Did you know?

  1. There are more than 4 billion mobile internet users worldwide - and 80% of internet users worldwide own a smartphone.
  2. The average user checks their smartphone 150 times daily.
  3. More than 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new product or brand when searching online via mobile.
  4. Almost 70% of web traffic occurs on a mobile device.
  5. 60% of consumers check email on their smartphones.
  6. 35% of people who search for a product on their phone spend more than originally intended in-store.
  7. SMS has a 98% open rate with 90% of text messages read within minutes of receipt.

How mobile marketing can benefit your business

Smartphones now represent one of the greatest channels for the delivery of marketing messages, where they will be seen by the widest audience. Clever modern marketers adopt mobile marketing. It is an effective and affordable way to attract and captivate new customers. Consider using mobile marketing in the following ways.

holding a mobile phone

Mobile search

Optimize your website for mobile so that you harness the full power of mobile search. Include directions, ask customers to check-in at your business online on social media, and direct search results to your relevant landing pages for easy conversion via mobile.


Invite consumers to opt-in to your SMS list. Use keywords and shortcodes to then push messages that offer high-value benefits. This is the most cost-efficient form of mobile marketing.

Mobile email

Ask your customers to subscribe to your email list when they check out or via your social platforms. Provide email content in the form of newsletters and special offers, and push emails to mobile users. Your website and your email content MUST be optimized for mobile!

Mobile apps

Offer app downloads from your mobile-optimized site. Marketing messages can then be pushed to consumers via downloaded apps.

Using SMS messaging to shave hours off your sales tasks

Mobile marketing is an incredibly effective way to send advertising campaigns in easy, one-off blasts.

Did you know, you can turbocharge your account management and sales productivity tasks using SMS too?

Integrate your text messaging tool with your CRM tool to automate your regular communications - without even writing a line of code (read on for detailed instructions). This one-off setup shaves hours off your repetitive tasks, freeing you to take on more leads or to tackle more of the challenging questions.

Integrated text messaging from Kommo

There are multiple ways you can get started with automated messaging from your customer relationship management application.

The easiest way, without requiring any coding, is through Zapier. Zapier is a platform that allows different applications to talk to each other, allowing you to connect them even if they do not have a native integration. Through Zapier you can access thousands of integrations and really make the most out of your CRM.

Setting up no-code text message automations in Zapier

You can sign up for a free account with Zapier in order to connect Kommo with your preferred SMS messaging tool.

Once in the dashboard, select your applications, the trigger event and the action to occur. For example, Kommo offers the following as triggers:

  • Lead status changed
  • Lead updated
  • New lead
  • Task updated
  • Task deleted
  • New task
  • Lead responsible user changed
  • Company updated
  • Contact updated
  • New company
  • New contact

Then choose the action - which is send SMS.

zapier and clicksend integration

Connecting Kommo

Then click Create Zap and follow the prompts to link your accounts in both applications. Then test your zap and you’re good to go.

Set up zaps for all sorts of repetitive outreach tasks, for example:

  • Lead followup
  • Client support
  • Meeting setup and booking
  • Meeting reminders and confirmations
  • Project updates
  • Service changes or outages

You could even consider combining SMS with another medium, with ClickSend offering options to send MMS, fax, text to speech calls, postcards, letters and more.

Automated lead followup

Set up your messaging such that should a lead status change or you have not made contact with a lead, you can automatically send out a text message based on your leads’ activity (or lack thereof). You can do this by adding time delays when building your zap.

Client support automations

If you set up SMS keywords on your account, you can easily have automated messages sent triggered by your most frequently asked questions. Save time and stop repeating yourself by offering automated client support for the basics.

Bookings via text message

Offer your clients and leads the opportunity to self serve when it comes to booking meetings and appointments. In your other advertising media - website, social media, or even above the line advertising - include an option to text your dedicated number or shortcode to get immediate options or even a link to your booking system. If you use Calendly or a similar application, that can also be integrated with integrations platforms like Zapier.

Booking confirmations and reminders

Go a step further with your booking automations and send an automated booking confirmation at time of booking, when a booking is changed or cancelled. You can also send reminders ahead of the scheduled time to ensure that your client remembers the appointment and is still available in that time slot. There’s nothing more frustrating than clients or leads setting up appointments and then failing to arrive, so send appointment reminders and watch your attendance rate improve.

an iphone on a table

Project updates

If you have clients who are waiting for additional features, keep them updated with text messages when requested features go live. Simply segment out the clients who have requested this update into a separate list and send it as an SMS blast.

Service changes or scheduled outages

Just like with project updates, you can quickly and easily keep clients informed of any changes, outages or maintenance occurring that may affect them. Simply send out a text message blast to your client list and they will be informed within minutes.

Best practices for texting your leads and clients

Like with any type of communication, there are some dos and don’ts. Here are some tips for SMS best practices.


Avoid the awkward ‘hi there’ (or worse - ‘dear sir or madam’) in your communications - in 2020 use of first name tends to be expected. And it doesn’t require manually adding names to every message, so you can do it at scale. Use name placeholders to automatically fill in your client or lead’s first name to engender trust.


SMS by nature is meant to be brief (literally

message service); if you need to convey more information, you may want to add a link to further information or use SMS in combination with email.

That said, avoid using acronyms and overuse of ‘text speak’ as it’s easy for your meaning to get lost.

Sending time

Be mindful of the time in which you send your message. Unlike with email, SMS tends to be more immediate and you want to avoid interrupting people when they are sleeping or even late at night. If you have clients in multiple timezones, be aware of this when choosing a send time. You can split your lists by timezone and stagger sending times - simply schedule the send time rather than pushing your message out immediately.

Also be mindful of sending messages too frequently - if you bother your contacts with frequent hard-sell messages, it’s likely they will unsubscribe or simply ignore your messages.


When sending any form of marketing message, you must have the consent of the recipient to send them messages. You can get this consent through signup forms or even verbally in your conversation with them.

And it should go without saying that you should never buy contact lists - not only is it illegal in most countries, you don’t want to be wasting your time on leads who aren’t interested in your product or service.

Wrapping up

Unlock the potential of mobile marketing and SMS automations to nurture your leads, support your clients and drive new sales. There are so many ways you can use text messages to really boost your business - reach out and tell us exactly how you implemented mobile messaging in your business or any other cool applications you integrated with your CRM. We would love to hear from you.

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