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4 Integrations You Should Be Using Now

June 6, 2017

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Integrations Help You Meet Today’s Expectations

In the past, potential customers who wanted to ask a company a question needed to show up in person, call, or—heaven forbid—post a written letter. Today, in the era of social media and live online chat, waiting more than 48 hours for an answer seems preposterous.

4 Kommo Integrations You Should Be Using Now

Kommo Integrations

This extreme level of accessibility is celebrated because it puts the business far more in sync with the buyer at every step of the decision process. The old tactic was to simply bombard the masses with mailings or calls at arbitrary intervals, hoping to hook a fraction of them. Whereas, companies these days track and target people who have shown interest, offering support in their decision-making process and moving them toward purchase more subtly ...At least that’s the idea in theory.

However, as effective as it is, increased accessibility comes with its own set of problems:

1. Most of your competitors are probably already doing it

So instead of a competitive advantage, it’s actually a matter of just keeping up with the times. Clients develop an expectation of swift response: if your competitor can answer all my questions within 20 minutes via online chat, but it takes you a day to respond by email, chances are I’m going with them. And I wouldn’t feel an ounce of regret. I’m trying to decide who to give my money to, so of course I’m going to prefer the company that cares about making it easy for me.

2. It’s just plain complicated

You’ve got to maintain a presence across all the major channels, which means hiring people or developing bots. And then you also have to get prospects’ information—collected from across all these different sources—into your CRM so your salespeople can follow up (Let’s not dare to consider the barbaric method known as manual entry).

Thankfully, Kommo can grab these leads automatically using integrations, and moreover, allow you to contact them on any of these channels from the comfort of their Kommo lead profile.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most important touch points there is. This essential integration is designed to grab potential leads from the messages your company already receives on Facebook, and then keep them moving forward through the sales pipeline with no extra work whatsoever.

For example, let’s imagine that you’re a design firm.

  • A Facebook user named Ellen messages you asking if you could do a custom project outside of your normal range of services.
  • The inquiry is sent automatically to the pipeline as an incoming request awaiting your approval.
  • Visit her Kommo profile to keep chatting: she’ll receive the messages in Facebook, and you’ll have a complete history of your conversation in Kommo.
Kommo Integration with Facebook Messenger

Kommo Facebook Messenger Integration

Even better news, this isn’t limited to Facebook—we’ve just added integrations for Telegram, Viber, and Olark. There’s also a brand new button you can add to your website that lets leads chat with you in one click. And it looks great too.

Kommo Engagement button

Kommo Engagement button


Along the same vein, the integration with Wufoo provides lead grabbing straight from webform to CRM. The really neat part is that you’re basically getting people to fill in their lead profiles themselves! Of course, research has shown that the more fields there are, the greater likelihood of abandoning the form, so don’t go too crazy.

When you set up the integration, you can assign different webform field to any lead, contact or company field in Kommo, including notes and tags. For example, you can set it up so that any text written in the webform’s comments section would appear in the lead’s card as a note.

Tip: See all your Wufoo leads instantly. Wufoo automatically assigns your form a long number called a hash. In Kommo, every lead that comes in from Wufoo is tagged as “Wufoo_HASH”. Just use Kommo’s smart search to display only the leads with this tag. Remember, you can save this custom search! I’ve named it “wufoo form” in the image below.

Kommo Integration with Wufoo

Kommo Wufoo Integration


Zapier is the perfect way to get your feet wet with automations, which are called zaps in Zapier. These are made up of simple conditionals: if this trigger, then that action.

The real power of Zaps is that you can automate across apps. Their database gives you hundreds of apps to choose from, making the possible combinations of zaps virtually countless. But don’t be overwhelmed—Zapier offers lots of recommendations. A free account lets you make 5 two-step zaps (if A, then B), which is perfect for experimenting. If you plan to take automation seriously, though, you’re going to need to upgrade to get your hands on multi-step zaps.

So let’s see it in action

Imagine that colleagues in other departments want to know about the leads currently in your pipeline. Why not share a spreadsheet with an always up-to-date list of all your leads? First, you’d add a two-step zap: for every lead created, a new row with the lead’s info would be added to the spreadsheet. You can see this in action in the image below.

Okay, great, but the whole idea of a CRM is to work with leads-that means you’re constantly updating their information. To deal with this, we need a 3-step zap: for every lead modified in Kommo, find the lead in Google Sheets, and then update it.

Tip: If you want to be fancy, you could then set up conditional formatting within Google Sheets (for example, so that each pipeline stage is highlighted in a certain color or different sales values are in different colors). Then when leads are added or modified, Sheets’ formatting is updated too! This is only a taste of what you can set up in Zapier in a few minutes.

Kommo Integration with Zapier

Kommo Zapier Integration


If you’re the kind of business that requires documents for each client, then being able to access them from the client’s profile will save you loads of time. Say you need to take a look at Gold Co.’s contract. Simply go to their lead card and access it in one click; no searching required.

Why Dropbox? Why not use Kommo’s file storage? Well, you certainly can. But since we don’t specialize in storage, our capacity is limited, and many of our users need more space than we are able to offer. That’s why we built the integration with Dropbox, so you always have the ability to connect your crucial docs to your CRM system.

Kommo Integration with Dropbox

Kommo Dropbox Integration

Many, Many More

This post just scratched the surface of how integrations can take your CRM game to the next level. These 4 should definitely be in your arsenal, but there are many, many more worth adding. Are there any integrations you couldn’t live without? Tell us in the comments!

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