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How sales and marketing can work together - joining forces to boost results

July 22, 2021

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Companies often fail to improve their outcomes because their sales and marketing teams do not align. They often ask questions, such as “How do sales and marketing work together?”.

The two departments work with different KPIs and endgames in mind. As a result, their strategies to achieve these goals end up varying from each other. Research shows that over 23% of salespeople stated how they need better quality leads from the marketing team. Perhaps, it’s one of the reasons why these two teams can be busy blaming each other for their overall poor performance.

Your best solution to avoid this? Combine your sales and marketing teams. A 2020 report by LinkedIn had over 87% of sales and marketing leaders agreeing that better collaboration between the teams helps in critical business growth. Your business will find it easier to develop common strategies to resolve issues and improve results.


How do sales and marketing work together?

Most companies let their marketing and sales teams work independently. Separate work causes inconveniences such as lack of communication and understanding as well as the absence of common goals. If these complementary departments can work together, they can get better KPIs and boost the company’s performance.

Of course making sales and marketing work together smoothly, integrating the teams and coming up such a solution seems complicated.

However, finding the right software or tool, can be a solution that would help to tailor to both of the team's needs. If you the resources, you can hire developers to create a custom software for your business that will help in marketing and sales teams collaborate on digital marketing strategies

The benefits of sales and marketing working together

It’s awful being on a full-time job with someone you can’t collaborate with, right? Now imagine when you can’t collaborate with a whole team. That’s what happens when marketing and sales don’t communicate or work together. Before moving on to the process of putting together your sales and marketing teams, let’s take a look at the benefits you get if you create a joint team.

1.Improved Relationships and Engagement

If sales and marketing teams work together, their interpersonal relationships will improve significantly. This way, both teams would work to achieve one shared goal, which will make them communicate better with each other.

The teams would rely on each other and brainstorm how to create top-quality marketing and sales strategies to hit targets. With joint work, the campaigns and outcomes can be more way more impressive and effective.

2.Better feedback

Both sales and marketing departments are heavily dependent on each other. Let’s say your marketing team develops a strategy that will affect sales in the upcoming quarter. If the teams don’t work together, then it can become difficult for the sales team to provide their feedback regarding the new strategy.

On the other hand, working together improves workflow and transparency.

3.Increased revenue

Improved communication, increased rate of feedback and adjustment, as well as refined performance of your sales and marketing teams will also increase your revenue.According to HubSpot, companies can earn a 208% increase in their revenue when their sales and marketing teams work together.

If the teams don’t work together - there is lack of clear direction and communication. You can reduce this and increase your company’s revenue by putting together your sales and marketing strategies.

How to make your departments work together

By now it has been clear that there are many benefits when sales and marketing work together, but what can you really do to bring both teams together? Let’s take a look.

Create a common strategy 📜

You need a common plan to make your marketing and sales teams work together. You also need two different strategies for each group to achieve the same target, but these plans have to be related. Both teams should understand what each department should focus on and collaborate to achieve this common goal

To create a common strategy for both departments, you need to create KPIs and OKRs, (Objectives and Key Results) that complement each other.

1.Focus on KPIs that are relevant for both teams.2. Have a company goal; let it funnel down to all other departments. But have different OKRs for each team to fulfill this goal.

Both teams want to grow their customer base, create more awareness, and bring in more profits. Utilize these similar goals to bring the two groups together and set up relevant OKRs and KPIs. It’s the only way your marketing and sales teams can leave an impact.

Create a communication plan

You need to keep in mind that communication is key. Arrange regular meetings so that both teams can spend more time together and discuss performance, issues and growth. It will help them understand what they have to do to perform better.

Decide on the best tools 📏

You need proper tools to help your sales and marketing teams work together and stay on the same page. A CRM solution is one of the tools that can be considered as a must-have that you should utilize to help teams collaborate.

Helpful tools for sales and marketing working together

Now that you know what can be done to align your sales and marketing teams in your company, let’s look at the tools that you can use to streamline the process of both teams.

Communication tools💻

We’re living in the era of technology so ensure that your teams use digital platforms. Some popular platforms used by marketing and sales teams that helps them work together include:


You can use this platform to create various channels and assign tasks to micro teams. You can also set settings to private to make sure you don’t bring into the micro team. It can also work as a chat dashboard and a team management tool. Slack is probably the best platform to keep up with allocated tasks, inform team members of progress, and communicate freely to build personal relationships.


Wrike is another platform that you can use to assign tasks to your team. You can also be up-to-date with all your to-do lists and targets, leading to improved team efforts.

3. RingCentral RingEX™

RingCentral RingEX™ is an all-in-one communications platform that offers a wide range of essential business capabilities, such as VoIP telephony, video conferencing, team messaging, file sharing, and task management. With more than 300 pre-built integrations available, you won’t have any problems automating your workflows and reducing repetitive tasks. Plus, this AI-infused solution can help you create more immersive interactions and unlock personalized insights for better decision-making. All in all, RingCentral RingEX™ is the ideal solution for connecting in-office and remote staff and keeping everyone on the same page.

Collaboration tools📁

Apart from simple tasks and conversations, you need to give your teams graphic sources to fuel their enthusiasm. That is where collaboration tools like Mural and Xtensio come in.


Mural is an innovative digital platform that allows visual brainstorming. You can create simple but effective designs, flowcharts, and diagrams to represent your ideas on this virtual platform. Bring together your sales and marketing teams working together and see the magic happen in Mural.


Using Xtensio as your content collaboration tool, you can achieve great results. This platform has various templates to create personas, presentations, and one-pagers to help your marketing and sales departments brainstorm together effectively on the virtual platform.

CRM solutions💹

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. You can use this tool to establish and expand relations with new and existing customers of a business. CRM solutions boost a company’s growth by improving the buying experience for all customers.

Most people now use social media messengers to stay in touch with the world. The benefit of using Kommo is that it is a messenger-based CRM solution. That means that with our services, you can connect and create meaningful relationships with your potential and existing buyers via messengers.

Suppose you get messages on WhatsApp from someone who wants to buy your product. You can manage these purchase requests by filling up spreadsheets and ledgers manually. Or, you can try Kommo solutions for fully automated customer relationship management.

To sum up

If you read this article, you probably want to boost your company’s outcomes. To do that, we recommend ensuring that your sales and marketing teams are working together on all your projects and have common goals. Incorporate communication and collaboration tools to make mixing these different groups of people more manageable and more promising.

And if you need help with sales and task management, automated sales messages, creating comprehensive lists of marketing leads, book a free demo session with us.

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