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December 3, 2018

4 min.

We are stoked to finally reveal an amazing set of features that have been in the works for a while now. For the last six months, it has been torture to keep it secret! Now we're so proud to reveal the big changes our devs have been pouring their hearts into. Here's a quick overview of the most exciting features in Kommo's autumn update. Let's cut right to the chase!

Messaging CRM Feature #1 Full Integration with Messaging Apps

Over the last few years, the use of messaging apps has skyrocketed. Statista expects the number of messaging app users worldwide to hit 2.48 billion by 2021. That's more than the total population of the US, Europe and India combined!

The new Kommo aims to put your sales team at the forefront of this consumer-led trend. We start by adding the whole range of messaging apps to your toolkit. So, whether it is FB Messenger, Viber, Skype, Telegram or WeChat, you can now engage your leads on the messaging app that is most convenient for them. What's more, all this takes place from the comfort of the lead card. No more app switching. Grab messenger leads, respond more effectively and drive more sales. Smooth!

Tip: Leverage messaging apps for an open rate of 80% on your messages. That is 4x higher than email, according to Mailchimp's numbers!

Messaging CRM Feature #2 All Communication Tools in a Single Feed

Imagine a customer enquired about your service on Facebook Messenger. You call them to talk about their needs and a personalized subscription. During the call, they reveal a preference to chat on Skype so you move to Skype. While chatting they refer you to the team in charge of making the deal, who prefers the traditional email correspondence.

We could go on.

Clearly, with all this platform-switching, you can easily lose track of the status of each lead. That's why messaging apps, email and phone are available in a single centralized feed that captures the whole history of your relationship and interaction with the lead. Go ahead, grab the tool that fits the situation and look in one place when searching for that one important message.

Messaging CRM Feature #3 Easy-To-Use AI Salesbot Builder

Sales automation just got easier and smarter thanks to your favorite CRM software. Now you can automate your communication flow using a salesbot. Allow your salespeople to focus on more engaging work which improves their productivity. Your salesbot can assist you with different tasks from getting basic contact info from leads to preparing invoices and closing deals.

Get creative and build your own salesbots using Kommo. Our sales bot builder offers a beautiful, visual flowchart that allows you to decide what to do in different scenarios. Want salesbot to gather a lead's contact information and add it to the lead card? Done. What about sending your customer an invoice via Stripe? The salesbot can do it all without breaking a sweat!

It's also super easy to harness the power of AI to answer typical questions — just add a short list of example questions that a client might ask and create the answer template the bot should give. The neural network will automatically expand your dataset to include similar client questions, and once it detects the given client intention, it will kick into action! Over time, the AI-based salesbot will learn to provide better on-demand service to your customers, boosting response time and taking the burden off your team.

In addition, you can train your salesbots in one click right from the lead card interface. When and if they need a little human help, our smart bots know when to ask you — and they even learn from your help. For example, when a customer gives an unexpected answer, the salesbot sends you a notification to ask what the client means. The notification takes you to the lead card, where you can click on the right answer or input a new answer. The salesbot automatically remembers your choice and uses it when a similar question is asked again. Build, train and let your AI-powered salesbot be your sales-winning wingman.

Tip: Get customer insights and improve customer service by using checking the keywords or FAQs that Salesbot collects. This can inform your marketing strategy, allowing you to tailor it to customer-specific needs, which in turn improves sales and lead conversion rate.

Messaging CRM Feature #4 Mobile CRM Overhaul

Be at the top of your game with Kommo 2.0 wherever you are. Never miss the chance to win sales because you aren't at your desk. Kommo 2.0 features a redesign of the sales pipeline, lead card, tasks, notes and messages.

You can now use intuitive gestures to get things done with no hassle. Long-press to change a lead's stage or swipe left in a lead's feed to view its detail. You also get the new messaging services including Skype and WeChat.

Stay connected with all the tools you need to close a deal at the first chance. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Try it out now and work toward your sales targets even when standing in line for that morning coffee boost.

We could go on...

Other features were also optimized for a better experience including sales automation with the Digital Pipeline, built-in team collaboration & messaging, and sales analytics. Check out the demo presented by our CEO here. Don't forget to tell us what you think by leaving a comment as well.

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