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How to build a story brand with messengers

April 29, 2019

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It all begins with a story. A story of you, your dreams, people around you. Businesses, too, have stories of their beginnings and roots. Most of these are not exactly stories, but rather simple matter-of-fact history. There is a hero, the business, struggling to survive. Survival is always entertaining to witness. When your business is the hero, it’s hardly a tale anyone is interested in. The real hero of the story is your customer, and here’s why.

story brand with messengers

Story branding 101

The most common story (and the most effective one!) is a story of survival against all odds. There is a hero, a villain, and the tribulations of the hero in order to become more powerful to defeat the pesky villain. I cannot say it better than Donald Miller, the author of Building a Storybrand.

For you, a good story is a story a person can relate to, draw conclusions, and dream about it for a little while. But, it shouldn’t be just a story of your business. To illustrate it better, here’s a simple framework of a customer-oriented story building for a business.

story brand with messengers image

At the very core, storytelling for businesses can be broken down to a few simple points:

  1. Clarity. If your business is doing many different things, they all have one thing in common that you can narrow it down to. Communicate this problem-solving in the most precise way. People don’t have to guess what your business is about and why they need it.
  2. Story. Why do you care about your customer’s problems? What will change in the customer’s life if they win? What moved you to do it at the very beginning?
  3. Value. Your customer is your hero, and nothing else in the world matters as much. Give them everything they need, and be generous about it. Empathy goes a long way in business.

That forms the pinnacle of your message, the concentrated essence of your business and its impact on your customer’s life. Your message should be everywhere you go and in everything you do. Looks kind of like this:

story brand with messengers graphic

Once engaged in your marketing, your customers will understand your intentions better. At the very end of the road, a successful business is a trustworthy business. And a trustworthy business is about much more than mere profits.

Again, the way I describe it will never come close to the insights you could learn from Donald Miller’s books. Every story has to be communicated, however, and there are many mediums that could aid in this.

Finding the right medium

Let’s imagine you have experienced a moment of all-encompassing clarity and now 100% certain of the message you’d like to deliver to your audience. You are now their mentor, and with your help, they will definitely solve their riddles and slay their monsters. Now comes the hard part of actually communicating it.

There is no master key when it comes to reaching out to customers - some of them will prefer one communication channel over others.

  • Phone calls. Always personal, and a great way to relay brand values. Requires undivided attention of your customer, however, which is not always available.
  • Emailing. Great for outreach, but overloaded with competition for attention. Not everything will come through.
  • Messengers. Doesn’t allow much (if at all) for outbound tactics, but it’s a benefit: your customers make the first step, and thus, are qualified (interested) by default. We covered a lot of research about that in our new book, Delivered. Be sure to give it a read.

The communication medium shouldn’t be limited to only one channel. Email, phone, chat - they’re all doors that lead customers to you, both ways. The only consideration here would be to fully understand the channels that are suited better for your audience and concentrate on them.

Chatting with a story

If your target is a younger audience, you will find that messengers are the right medium to aim for, and here’s how you can use it better. Messengers, in their nature, are personal. It’s the same communication channel people use to talk to their family and friends. This quality, however, is double sided - the response time expectations are high by default. Typical response times is estimated to be less than 30 seconds.

The only thing that’s left is the strategy. That is entirely up to your imagination, as only you know what to tell and how to tell it best to your customers.

From there, simply form this personal relationship on the terms that are most convenient and beneficial to your customers. A compelling story with clearly set benefits is a powerful combination. Consistency of delivery across all channels and all pieces of marketing will eventually form a strong image of your brand as an authority, thus, building trust, and..tons of sales.

Now go out there, and deliver your message. Help your customers become heroes they have never suspected they wanted to be.

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