6 free chatbot templates for different industries

February 27, 2023

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So, you’ve noticed your website, and messenger traffic has been skyrocketing. But now you have another problem… You can’t keep up with all the incoming leads and requests! SOS 😱

Chatbot to the rescue 🦸‍♂️

But building a chatbot from scratch can get quite tricky unless you are Mark Zuckerberg, who can code and scriptwrite in his sleep.

So, what’s the easiest way to put a chatbot into action without starting it from zero?

Chatbot templates! 💡

By using free chatbot templates, you will save hours designing your chatbot, so setting it up will be much easier, especially if you are a newbie.

In this article, we will go over 6 ready-to-use chatbot templates that you can download for free to implement in your business today.


Beauty salon

With the help of a chatbot, you can automate the work of beauty salons 💄, hairdressers 💇‍♀️, barbershops💈, nail salons 💅, and any other beauty shop.

But how? 🤔

Your chatbot will:

  • Answer FAQs
  • Share masters’ portfolios
  • Make appointments
  • Send confirmations
  • Collect Feedback
  • Notify about promotions

Scan our free chatbot template for beauty salons and recreate it in your Kommo account!


1Chatbot for a beauty salon

📌 Please note: To launch another bot, you need to write “Stop”.

Real estate

The real estate market is the most expensive niche in terms of cost 💰per lead. The price for one lead can reach up to $100, depending on the real estate class.

In this case, a chatbot can reduce the cost per lead by 2 times and bring highly qualified hot buyers to the manager. 💁‍♀️

A chatbot for a real estate agency can:

💬 Qualify potential leads. For example, find out what budget the buyer has, if they need a mortgage, or what area of ​​the premises they expect.

💌 Send a PDF file. This can include the layout of the premises, documents, photos, or a complete presentation of the residential complex.

🛑 Find out what stops the user from buying real estate. For example, limited budget. In this case, the chatbot will offer an alternative option.

🏷️ Offer promotions or favorable financial conditions.

Scan our free chatbot template for real estate and recreate it in your Kommo account:


1Chatbot for real estate

This chatbot turned out to be a great AI helper for real estate businesses. It can do pretty much everything: segment and qualify potential buyers and find their needs and opportunities. And when the user is ready to make a purchase or needs help, they can connect with a manager anytime.🤩

📌 Please note: To launch another bot, you need to write “Stop”.

🙋‍♂️ If you need an expert hand to using our chatbot templates, you can request the help of Kommo’s partners, who will be glad to assist you.


Now let’s create a chatbot for cafes ☕, bars 🍸 and restaurants 🍔. You will definitely win against your competitors if a chatbot appears in your arsenal. That’s what it can do:

  • Introduce the restaurant
  • Show photo gallery
  • Show a menu with visuals
  • Send discount coupons
  • Inform about the working hours and loyalty programs
  • Help book tables
  • Help to place orders, arrange deliveries and takeaways
  • Collect feedback

That’s what a chatbot for a restaurant business might look like:

Get this template up and running, and you will start receiving new orders in 1-2 minutes 🚀Just scan the QR code below!

Scan a free chatbot template for catering and recreate it in your Kommo account:


1Chatbot for a coffee shop

📌 Please note: To launch another bot, you need to write “Stop”.

Still struggling? request the help of Kommo’s partners, they are here to help you.

Travel agencies and airlines

Travel agencies and airlines ✈️ always have to be online, 24/7, to be ready to answer customer questions. Therefore, implementing chatbots has become very popular in this industry.

Here's what a travel agency chatbot can do:

🏝️ Tell about the resorts and select suitable tours, considering the client's budget and preferences

🚌 Suggests places that are worth visiting during their stay and offer excursions

🗣️ Qualify the client. For example, it will ask which country or city the user wants to visit, how many people are going on a trip, the preferred date, and so on

🏨 Choose the best hotels with the highest rating within the client's budget

😍 Consider the preferences of travelers. For example, accommodation with a sea view, with or without meals, or any other wish a traveler might have

⏰ Remind them of the travel date or notify them of check-in for a flight

📝 Fill out applications, accept payments and issue tickets

Our free chatbot template for travel agencies and airlines can jumpstart your process of sales automation.🏃‍♀️Import it to Kommo visual builder and fit it to your business needs.

Scan a free chatbot template for travel agencies and airlines and recreate it in your Kommo account:


1Chatbot for travel agencies and airlines

📌 Please note: To launch another bot, you need to write “Stop”.


Gyms 🏋️ have fierce competition. And the most challenging task is attracting a target audience with active memberships in competing gyms.

Implementing WhatsApp marketing and chatbots in your business will give you a competitive advantage. 💪

Here is what a chatbot for fitness centers can do:

  • Introduce the gym, its location, and services
  • Give a gym tour and equipment tutorials
  • Book a session with a personal trainer
  • Help clients get a membership
  • Provide themed fitness tutorials (photos/videos)
  • Send healthy recipes
  • Inform about promotions and discounts

We have created our own chatbot template for a gym:

☝️ First, it can find out what fitness level a person is at - a beginner, amateur, or professional

✌️ Then, it can choose the right workout plan for them. For example, a chatbot can tell beginners how to use the machines, recommend workout sequences for amateurs or suggest proper nutrition for professional athletes.

Make sure to check it out!

Scan a free chatbot template for fitness studios and recreate it in your Kommo account:


1Chatbot for a fitness club

📌 Please note: To launch another bot, you need to write “Stop”.

Аuto business

A well-designed chatbot will help car dealers, auto parts sellers, and auto repair shops get at least 15-20% more leads. Here are examples of how you can apply a chatbot to an auto 🚗 business:

Car showroom

  • Tell about the availability of cars in the showroom
  • Provide information about cars, equipment and prices
  • Automate the registration for a test drive

Car shop

  • Help clients choose the auto parts or other goods in the store
  • Tell them about discounts and promotions
  • Tell about the availability of items

Car service

  • Simplify the registration for services and car repair
  • Send information about the prices
  • We’ve designed a chatbot using the example of a car dealership, where the ultimate goal is to invite the user for a test drive.

Scan a free chatbot template for auto business and recreate it in your Kommo account:


1Chatbot for a car dealership

📌 Please note: To launch another bot, you need to write “Stop”.

How to create your own chatbot and start using the above chatbot templates?

If you’ve decided to create your own chatbot in Kommo, you can do it without special programming skills.

  • To start creating a Salesbot, head over to Chats > Templates & Bot > Salesbots
  • Hit the Create a new bot button
  • The presets window will pop up, where you can choose and customize one of the Salesbots that are already created, or create your own by selecting the Blank bot option
  • You can now form the logical steps your Salesbot will take based on its purpose and goals
  • To add a Salesbot step, select it from the menu and enter the required parameters
  • Clicking on the ellipsis button in the top right corner of the action window will let you rename, duplicate or delete the action
  • Stopping the Salesbot is the last step of every sequence. Upon reaching it, the Salesbot will cease its function

To learn more about chatbot steps and actions in Kommo, check out the complete guide.

🤓 You can also watch our video tutorial on building and customizing your first chatbot in Kommo.

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