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The Power of Salesbot: Auto-responder

May 25, 2023

3 min.

We all know that customers crave lightning-fast responses. They're all about that instant gratification, which is why they lean towards messaging channels like 📱 WhatsApp, 💬 Telegram, and 📷 Instagram rather than good old email.

But what happens if your team is too busy to respond or your client sends you a message outside your business hours? ⏰

An auto-responder bot will come to the rescue. 🦸‍♂️

🚀Buckle up because today we're diving into the magical world of automated chatbot replies. As a bonus, we’ll help you create your very own auto-responder bot in just a few simple steps. 🔨

meme about a bot

What is an auto-responder bot?

🤖An auto-responder bot is a must-have chatbot that replies to your clients' messages.

Implementing this bot means you can:

  1. Give speedy and automatic responses, so your clients won’t feel ignored 💨
  2. Make communication smooth and hassle-free 💬
  3. Cut down on the time it takes to reply, making everything faster and more efficient ⏱️

And guess what? When you use this bot in Kommo, you can send automated responses on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and any other communication channel. You name it. 💁‍♀️

How cool is that? 😎

Ready-to-use chatbot templates for an auto-responder bot

Kommo has a chatbot template for any occasion you can think of, from measuring customer satisfaction to automatically replying to comments on your social media profiles.

And all of them were designed with the purpose of being easy to make your user experience as friendly and enjoyable as possible. 🙌

🤖The auto-responder bot template: Kommo’s chatbot template is designed to provide your leads an immediate response, even if you're busy doing something else. 💬

Use case: Lead Generation

Imagine that your inbox is blowing up with messages from potential clients.

But with an auto-responder bot, you can stop worrying about this for good. Every time a lead reaches out to you, they get an instant reply. Communication becomes smooth and efficient. 🥳

The chatbot can engage potential customers by asking tailored questions to understand their needs and provide personalized information about the company's products or services. 💬 Plus, it can seamlessly collect contact information and follow up with customers later. 📲

Salesbot chatting with a client

Here’s an example of a message template for a chatbot that auto-responds to new incoming conversations:

a bot with a chat bubble

Or you can personalize the message to your business needs

a bot with a chat bubble

Getting started with the auto-reply bot in just three steps:

Thanks to our code-free visual chatbot builder in Kommo, setting up a chatbot that automatically responds to a message is incredibly simple.

To start the process:

  1. Go to your Kommo account > Communication tools > Create a new bot
  2. From the templates, select Respond to incoming messages
  3. You will see the template inside the visual builder. First, let’s make it a WhatsApp auto-reply bot, so simply select WhatsApp as a communication channel for this template.

A salesbot template in Kommo CRM

  1. Now, let’s add a couple more steps here, so your bot can have a proper conversation with the lead. To do that, add a Pause Until message received step

Another step in a bot template

  1. Then add a new Message, something like: Thanks for your message! One of our specialists will be in touch with you shortly.

Final step in a bot template

  1. Stop the bot and Click Save & Continue. 😎
  2. An Execution window will appear asking you to set up the rules. The trigger for the bot activation will be automatically set to When a lead starts chatting for the first time that day. Just leave it as it is and click Done.

And that’s it! Your very own AI assistant is now ready to help you! 🥳

Auto-responder bot setup

Ready to set up your auto-responder bot in Kommo?

Having a chatbot that can respond to every incoming message instead of you can make a difference for you and your potential clients. With an auto-responder bot, you'll be able to build stronger relationships with your clients and take your business to places.

Kommo makes communicating with your customers a breeze!

So why wait?

Start today and see the awesome results yourself! 😉

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