Real-time dashboard: What is and which are the features?

February 19, 2015

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A real-time dashboard is a software used to collect, track, analyze, measure and to monitor data about your strategies, campaigns, leads and customers, to give you insights about how to improve your business and boost your sales.🚀

In this article, you will learn what a monitoring dashboard is, what its advantages are, the dashboard features, benefits and integrations. Last but not least, we will talk a little about the Google Analytics real-time dashboard and it’s importance for those who have it’s business on the internet 💻.

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What is a Real-Time Dashboard?

First, it is important for us to know what a real-time Dashboard is. Is a dashboard that allows you to monitor the visitors, leads and customers of your website, ecommerce and social media in real-time, as the actions are happening 🕐. You can check who got in contact with you, submitted a form or sent a message for your social media, everything in real-time.

Interactive Dashboard

A particular thing about this software is its interactivity. An interactive dashboard for monitoring is used to monitor and track data and information along your platforms, sites, social media and others 🔍. It shows you all the datas on the same place, in a way simple to understand. Also, it helps you on improving productivity on your team and embasing strategies on real data.

The key point is the word “interactive”, because on this kind of real-time dashboard, the user can interact with the datas, to, for example: compare data from previous months, personalize the dashboard for your KPIs, share the results easily and export personalized reports for each department of your company.

Dashboard Features

The dashboard features exist to make it interactive and useful, to make it easy to collect, analyse and measure the datas and to convert them into real solutions 🎯. It’s features include integrations, graphics, reports creation, sheets, filters, and, of course, relevant information about your consumer, like location, age, gender, behavior and journey inside your virtual pages.

There are many useful tools and features on this kind of software that can be used by any kind of business. The main real-time dashboard features are:

  • Integration with multiple data sources, like social media and WhatsApp.
  • Intuitive graphics that show complex datas on a simple way.
  • KPIs personalization, which makes it possible to select the best metrics, like clicks, visits, conversions, and others.
  • Personalized reports, to compare and monitor your team’s development
  • Some dashboards have a pipeline, to measure and analyze each step of your consumer’s journey.

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Advantages of a Real-time dashboard

As we could see, there are many useful dashboard features. There are some advantages on using a dashboard for monitoring, and they are:

  • Gives you insight for improving your marketing and sales strategies.
  • Helps you understand your consumers journey and behaviours.
  • Gives you relevant information on the same place, without the need of going from one software to another.
  • Use easy visual elements, without complex numbers and codes. Simple to use and understand.
  • It’s rich in data for you to embase your strategies.
  • Allows you to integrate with other softwares and tools, like Google Analytics.

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Integrations on a dashboard for monitoring

A real-time dashboard can be integrated with lots of softwares and tools, making your team’s job much easier.

Of course, the integration possibilities vary from dashboard to dashboard. Our real-time dashboard is Kommo, which allows the following integrations:

  • WhatsApp App and Business to communicate with your customers.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, including forms on Facebook Ads.
  • Real-time chats inside your website.
  • Websites and forms softwares, like Wordpress, RD Station and Jotform.
  • Outreach platforms, like MailChimp and ActiveCampaign.

Kommo has an interactive and simple to easy dashboard for monitoring each action your leads and customers make. It shows you lots of datas and relevant information, to help you and your team on each strategy.

📚 A CRM is an excellent integration for a Dashboard, and for it, Kommo is perfect. You can know more on our article CRM onboarding: Get started with Kommo

Using the Google Analytics real-time dashboard

If you work with digital marketing and internet sales for some years, I suppose you know Google Analytics 🧐. It’s an essential tool for every digital entrepreneur. According to the blog “Act”, Google Analytics is the most popular way to know what people are doing on your website, since 29 million sites use this tool.

When we talk about dashboard for monitoring, it’s impossible to forget about Google Analytics real-time dashboard. To use it, all you need to do is to have an account on Google, integrate on your website, and complete 👌. You can make use of this software to analyze your blog/website content, the most visited pages, the development of your strategies and your consumers statistics.

Like other, Google Analytics real-time dashboard uses important and relevant information, like:

  • Consumers characteristics and interests
  • Preferred pages
  • Bounce rate
  • Click rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Time in each page
  • Best landing pages
  • Leads and visitors behavior

Some softwares have integration with Google Analytics, easily exporting datas from one platform to the other, importing it or changing data capture. This can be done in Kommo, a CRM system used to manage your leads, visitors and customers, everything with a real-time dashboard, interactive and simple to use.

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A Real-Time Dashboard in Kommo

Kommo is introducing our new real-time dashboard, with constant monitoring. Now, you can view all major sales performance indicators right in front of you, constantly updating you on all the statistics 📈 you need – Lead distribution within pipeline, how many new leads, closed, won, contacts, new notes, sent emails, etc.

You can switch your view period from day, week or month and all the data will reflect that same period, so it’s quite dynamic 😊. As we saw, you can even integrate it on the Google Analytics real-time dashboard.

Now, just like the operator in the Matrix movie, you can see everything that is going on simply by viewing your screen! No need to ask anybody to learn about the status of your account. Just take a look and get all the information you need – Here are the latest notes, contacts, leads and status changes – all in one place. Just like before, you have your pipeline, latest contacts and dynamic search bar, so you can find all you need.

There is also an “add” button so you can add new leads, contacts and tasks from within your dashboard. In the near future, we will add more dashboard features so you can setup them up to fit your needs better. Such as, move or change widgets or even add your own! Our updated dashboard has become the main workspace for Kommo users, as well as managers.

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