Facebook Messenger Integration

The Facebook Messenger integration adds new features in your account:

  • Create new leads from Facebook messenger
  • Respond to messages directly from Kommo
  • Add Salesbot to Facebook Messenger (Advanced plan)

❤️ Why do Kommo users love Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is an essential customer touchpoint for the modern business, no matter which demographic you’re targeting. You can win over inquiring prospects with fast and personalized responses, nurture leads over chat, and keep in touch with longtime clients. This integration puts Facebook Messenger at your fingertips right inside Kommo.

❤️ Why do Facebook Messenger users love Kommo?

Kommo is the world's first Messenger Based Sales CRM. Custom-tailored messenger features and automations to help you get the most out of Facebook messenger and take your communication with customers to the next level.

Facebook Messenger and Kommo - better together 🤜🤛

When a new person messages you on Facebook, they’ll be added to your pipeline as an incoming lead. Just approve, and their lead profile is created automatically. Built-in chat in the lead profile means you can keep the Facebook conversation going without leaving Kommo, and the interaction is also logged and visible in their profile’s feed. That way, your team responds to inquiries when they’re hot, and it’s easy to keep talking in the channel comfortable to the lead.

💡 Cool ways to use Facebook Messenger and Kommo

Connect Facebook Messenger as a lead source in the pipeline and create a lead whenever someone new writes to you. Create the perfect Salesbot companion in Kommo and add it to Facebook Messenger. It will take over, save your team precious time, and increase your communication efficiency. You can even add features such as AI responses that recognize the intention behind questions and invoicing. Messages will appear in the lead card and you will be able to respond manually or use templates in the card chat field.

How to connect Facebook Messenger 🔌

The Facebook Messenger integration is built-in and designed by the Kommo team. To set up this integration, go to Digital Pipeline. In the incoming leads column on the left, scroll down to the chats block and click the connect button. Select Facebook and log in.

⚒️ What do you need?

  • Available on all plans
  • Facebook messenger account