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Boosting Conversions with Intercom + Kommo

May 5, 2020

3 min.

We are very excited to continue building features that make Kommo even more reliable and effective for your business. Today, we roll out another fresh addition to help your business communicate better with clients and power up your Messenger-Based Sales strategy: Intercom + Kommo integration.

intercom for kommo integration

Intercom is a messaging platform that proves to be one of the fastest ways to boost sales. Now, with the Intercom widget, you can grab web visitors and convert them into valuable customers by chatting and tracking them in your Kommo account.

As you capture and qualify leads in Intercom, the new integration allows you to create leads directly in Kommo. This means that you’ll never miss a chance of winning a sale in Kommo using its powerful tools.

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Bridging the gap between the marketing and sales team

Although the marketing and sales teams rely heavily on each other, they often tend to be separated from one another. The new integration closes this gap between the two departments and allows you to provide a seamless buying journey.

In other words, interacting with website visitors via Intercom live chat isn’t just for the marketing or support team, now the sales team can also seamlessly join and keep the conversation going.

intercom and kommointegration

As soon as the visitor, for instance, hints their interest to buy your product or service, a sales rep can immediately jump in at the right moment. No need to copy-paste stuff from one department to another: Intercom for Kommo integration bridges the gap when your lead moves from marketing to sales, making the two work finely together.

Continue sales where you left off in the lead card

It has become more critical than ever to respond to leads straightaway in real-time. With the Intercom widget in Kommo, you don’t need to switch a million tabs. Instead, you can interact with your potential customers in one place and lightning-fast without missing a beat in your conversation.

intercom in the lead card

Case in point: when a website visitor connects with your marketing team through Intercom, a lead profile gets created in Kommo. When this happens, you immediately receive a notification in your Kommo account, which allows you to respond fast.

Additionally, all the context you need when chatting with a potential customer is also in front of you in the lead card. Kommo lays out a complete picture of your lead’s journey, letting you pick up the conversation from where you left off.

Going beyond Salesbot

We know that businesses have different needs. We focus on making your workflow and entire sales process easier.

Even if you’re already working with bots to automate conversations in Intercom with your leads, such as sending greeting messages to introduce your service or providing fast answers to frequently asked questions — your automation shouldn’t stop there.

kommo salesbot

In Kommo, you can not only use an AI Salesbot to engage potential customers when they’re most responsive but continue automating your sales pipeline even further.

In a couple of clicks and with no coding required, Kommo’s automation can deal with your workload. For instance, it can:

  • move lead’s stage in the pipeline
  • fill out and update information in the lead card
  • add data to the analytics
  • set a task for a sales rep
  • send your customer a message

This way, Kommo will keep all your leads engaged through your pipeline automatically.

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