Salesbot stats and analytics

May 23, 2023

If you are tired of carrying out repetitive administrative tasks for your business, by using Kommo’s Salesbot, you can say goodbye to data entry! Along with being a great assistant to your business, Salesbot provides detailed statistics on the work of your bot to help you identify where the Salesbot is not effectively taking a client further through the sales process.

In this article you will be learning about:

Salesbot stats

Head over to Chats > Gear icon > Templates & Bots > Salesbots, to access the list of your salesbots. In addition to bot names and triggers, you can find the following columns:

  • Conversion rate
  • Total launches
  • Active sessions

Total launches refers to the number of times a particular bot has been launched since its creation. It helps you to understand how often your bot is being launched and whether it is working effectively.

The Active sessionscolumn shows the number of active sessions of the bot in real time.

Conversion rate is a great tool to understand how successful your bot is in taking the lead through the bot steps.This provides insight into whether clients are completing the bot session or leaving prematurely.

This calculation is determined by dividing the number of cases that successfully reached the last step by the total number of launches and then multiplying the result by 100%. So, let's say that your bot triggered by 10 people and only 7 of them reached the end of the bot cycle, the the conversion rate of the bot is 70% - it’s as simple as that!

Note: Sometimes the conversion rate can be over 100%. This can happen for several reasons:

  • Conversion rate is counted for every channel. For example, if one lead has three channels and you launch the bot, it will work for all three channels and the conversion rate will count this as 300%.
  • If several buttons in a bot step are connected to the same step. For example, if you set the question ‘what would you like to buy’ with the option to choose a cap, t-shirt or trousers, and each button choice leads to the same ‘please provide your phone number’ step, the client may click all buttons causing the same step to be launched several times. This will therefore increase the overall conversion rate of the bot.
  • When you run the bot manually.

Salesbot step analytics

Along with general statistics, you can also get detailed analytics for each step of your salesbot. If the bot is launched at least once, you can see stats for each step above the step-box.


The first number represents the number of times the step has been launched, while the number after the slash shows the percentage of launches for that step compared to the overall launches of the bot. For instance, if the bot has been launched 10 times, and a particular step has been reached 5 times, the percentage will be 50 percent. This indicates that the step is not being reached in half of the overall cases.

Having this information gives you the chance to edit or improve the text of the steps to make it more user-friendly and attractive to the client and get the most desirable results from the work of your salesbots.

If you haven’t created bots before, read our How to create Salesbot article. To find out more about the actions and the steps of our bot, you can visit the Salebot steps and actions article.

Additionally, you can find more information about the settings of your salesbots, in our Configuring the Salesbot settings article.

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