WhatsApp Lite Integration

The WhatsApp for Small Business integration adds new features to your account:

  • Share WhatsApp access with your team for free
  • Capture leads from incoming WhatsApp chats
  • Manage all your WhatsApp leads through the sales process
  • Send automatic follow-ups through WhatsApp
  • Use Salesbot in WhatsApp

❤️ Why do Kommo users love WhatsApp?

With more than 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is the world's most popular way to communicate. It's the perfect way to connect with your potential customers lightning-fast and build strong relationships that keep customers coming back.

❤️ Why do WhatsApp users love Kommo?

Kommo makes WhatsApp a serious business tool. It gives users the ability to easily share access with the whole team, assign a responsible user for each lead, manage their tasks, measure the performance of WhatsApp and a whole lot more.

WhatsApp & Kommo - better together 🤝

Combine Kommo and WhatsApp for an organized way to meet your customers where they prefer to connect. You can chat with potential customers from the first interaction all the way to purchase and beyond — and do it all within a platform equipped with tools to make the process seamless for you and your customers.

💡 Cool ways to use WhatsApp and Kommo

Add an engagement button to your website that allows interested web visitors a way to connect via WhatsApp or any other messenger. When your office is closed, create your own WhatsApp chatbot that instantly responds to inquiring customers with relevant content. Reply faster to frequently asked questions with templates for WhatsApp. Use Kommo's WhatsApp for managers tools to compare how many sales come from WhatsApp versus other communication channels. Want more ideas? Read our WhatsApp blog.

Connect WhatsApp Lite 🔌

WhatsApp Lite is a built-in integration designed by the Kommo team. You can connect your personal WhatsApp account or WhatsApp Business account in 2 minutes, and start using it right away. Even better — sending messages is totally free! Just create or sign into your Kommo account, and head to Settings > Integrations > WhatsApp Lite. Need to send a massive amount of messages? Larger businesses should check out our WhatsApp via Twilio integration.

⚒️ What do you need?

  • Kommo Base plan
  • WhatsApp account