Tilda Integration

❤️ Why do Kommo users love Tilda?

Creating a Tilda website feels like playing a video game, you will be able to unleash your creativity with more than 450 pre designed blocks. Combine and add them up to create your perfect website.

❤️ Why do Tilda users love Kommo?

In Kommo you can structure and automate your sales and marketing proceses. It is the world's first Messenger Based Sales CRM which helps you communicate with your customers efficiently, create loyalty and achieve more sales.

Tilda & Kommo — better together 🤜🤛

With the Tilda integration you will receive new leads in the Kommo pipeline whenever someone fills out the form on your Tilda website. With it you will get an amazing lead generation tool.

💡Cool ways to use Tilda and Kommo

Add a contact details form on your Tilda website and some fields for product and services requests or any questions potential customers have. Once the form is filled out, a lead will automatically be created in Kommo's Incoming Leads stage. Lead card fields will be populated from the form used on your website. From the on, the lead can take its journey across the sales pipeline until it becomes one of your loyal customers.

How to connect Tilda 🔌

The Tilda integration is installed by copying your Kommo API key and account subdomain and pasting them in your Tilda account. Note: Your Kommo API key can be found after by accessing the profile (top left corner after clicking on the profile picture). Further details on who to set up the integration on Tilda's side can be found in their article.

⚒️ What do you need?

To use this integration, you will need:

  • Kommo base plan or higher
  • Tilda website