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Ringostat Integration

What is Ringostat? 🔍

Ringostat helps sales departments to improve their results and increase the number of successfully closed deals by uniting the voice and text communication in a single interface. Sales reps can improve the work with calls due to the automation of processes. Besides, the platform helps managers to control the effectiveness of their employees with the data on processed calls and recordings of conversations.

Who is Ringostat for? 🎯

Ecommerce, Real estate, Autodialers.

Ringostat use cases 💡

  • Flexible integration with Kommo. The matrix that you can see on the screenshot above makes Ringostat's integrations flexible. Thus, for example, you can set under what conditions and in which funnels in the CRM to create deals. It is also possible to configure whether to create a deal and a task during outbound calls, whether to set a call forwarding to the responsible employee in the CRM system, etc. Also, you will see the source of calls in the Kommo interface and the attached recordings of calls. That's how you can increase the benefit from the integration and flexibly build processes.
  • Time-saving on switching between Kommo, dialers, and different messengers by moving all the text and voice conversations with a customer to a single interface of Ringostat Smart Phone. As you can see on the screenshot above, the extension opens in the same browser tab, so a sales rep can simultaneously work in both Ringostat Smart Phone and Kommo. Thus, a sales rep works comfy and doesn't open several windows at once during the conversation.
  • Available insights on customers. Ringostat Insider increases chances to successfully close the deal by knowing the detailed information on callers, such as the total number of calls, top-five viewed pages, advertising sources, and even page where he is at the moment. If a user has already called the company and is on the website at the moment, his phone number will be displayed in the Ringostat Insider's interface. Thus, a sales rep can be proactive and be the first one to contact a customer. This will increase the chances to successfully close the deal and increase the user's loyalty.

Why use Ringostat and Kommo? 🤜🤛

When you connect all Ringostat's products to Kommo, you receive a full-fledged ecosystem that boosts the company's results. It's advantageous for both the sales and marketing departments. The first one can improve skills of work with customers and increase sales due to the detailed information on users, as well as comfy and automated work in a single window of Ringostat Smart Phone. The second one can understand which ads drive calls, gain more qualified leads and revenue, respectively.