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Connect your forms and sheets directly in the Kommo pipeline

Google Sheets Integration

The Google Sheets integration adds new features to your account:

  • Combine the power of Google Forms, Google Sheets and Kommo
  • Count on Google Forms to collect leads of all kinds
  • Send new leads straight to your pipeline automatically
  • Get notifications of new leads and don’t let them rot in spreadsheets

❤️ Why do Kommo users love Google Sheets?

Kommo users love Google Sheets to capture leads effortlessly. From registering event attendees to capturing requests for quotes, whether you enter data into your sheets manually or collect Google Forms automatically - every new row in your spreadsheet will automatically create a lead in your Kommo account.

❤️ Why do Google Sheets users love Kommo?

Google Sheets users love Kommo as it lets you send new leads straight to your pipeline automatically. In Kommo, you’ll be notified the moment a new lead appears, and Digital Pipeline can start engaging them with automated nurture sequences.

Kommo, Google Sheets & Forms – better together 🤜🤛

Drive more conversions by sending them where the sales team spends the most time: your CRM. With the real-time sync, you won’t need to juggle files to export or import your leads’ data anymore.

💡Cool ways to use Google Sheets and Kommo

Keep a real-time record of leads in Google Sheets while managing them effectively in Kommo. Let the Digital Pipeline keep your leads engaged with automations while you work on other things.

How to connect Google Sheets🔌

In your Kommo pipeline, go to Setup and add Google Sheets as a source by clicking on Add source. Install it and sign in to your Google account. Then authorize access to your Google Sheets account from Kommo. Once finished, you will be able to select the spreadsheet you want to link to the pipeline. Match the sheet columns with lead card fields and choose the stage where new leads will be created. Kommo will automatically grab the data every time there is a new entry in the spreadsheet and create a lead.

⚒️ What do you need?

  • Kommo Basic plan or higher
  • Google account