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Loads of New Zaps!

November 13, 2017

3 min.

Zapier is one of our favorite tools to recommend because it helps you to connect more than 750 apps to each other like Gmail, Dropbox, MailChimp and many more. Because our users love it so much, we’ve been hard at work putting together a boatload of new zapier-powered automations (49, to be exact) to make your CRM experience even easier.

But wait, what’s Zapier?

Basically, Zapier allows you to connect two or more apps. It’s perfect for automating repetitive tasks, which frees up more of your valuable time to focus on more important tasks. For example, imagine that you want all your Kommo tasks visible on your Google Calendar. Unfortunately, Kommo doesn’t have this feature built-in, but the good news is that there’s a zap for that! Once you set it up, now whenever you add a task in Kommo, it will also be automatically added to your Google Calendar.

That means you’re not tied down — you can move seamlessly from app to app without a hitch. Our clients love Zapier so much that we added more than 45 new zaps plus 3 new triggers, 1 new action and a new search.

Five Types of Zaps

There were five main types of zaps that clients wanted the most: calendar connection, billing and invoice info, lead grabbing from more sources, increased contact capture and linking contacts and leads together.

1. Connect your calendar

We’ve added several options to help you keep your calendar connected with Kommo. You can now use Google Calendar and Calendly in harmony with Kommo and never miss a deadline again.

2. Add billing and invoice info

Need to see whether a client paid before you pick up the phone? Now you don’t have to switch apps or ask a colleague. These new zaps add the info intothe client’s profile as a note.

FreshBooks + Kommo

Add new Freshbooks invoice info to Kommo contacts. Use this Zap

Xero + Kommo

Add new Xero payment info to Kommo contacts. Use this Zap

3. Grab more leads

We’ve also added new Zaps that will help you grab leads from more sources. Now, you can automatically get new leads from Facebook Leads Ads, Unbounce and Linkedin. These are simply awesome platforms to run ad campaigns, and now there’s no excuse not to do it! So, get those leads directly to your Kommo pipeline and start selling while they’re warm.

4. Capture more contacts

You can now get new contacts from more sources and forget about import/export. Whenever forms are submitted, new contacts will be created to Kommo. We’ve added apps like Google Contacts, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Unisender, Gmail, Mandril, Ninja Forms, TypeForm, 123ContactForm and Gravity Forms.

Omniconvert + Kommo

Create contacts in Kommo from new Omniconvert survey leads. Use this Zap

Ninja Forms + Kommo

Create contacts in Kommo when new forms are submitted in Ninja Forms. Use this Zap

5. Link contacts and lead together

So you’ve got contacts and you’ve got leads, but how can you connect them? First, we’ve just added a new zap search and action that does just that! You can search for related profiles and then link them together. Even better, there also several new zaps that create both a contact and a lead and connect them from the very beginning. Like whenever a new form is submitted, both profiles are added to Kommo automatically.

Omniconvert + Kommo

Create leads in Kommo when new interaction lead forms are submitted in Omniconvert. Use this Zap

Click here to check out the full list of our zaps now!

Want more?

The Kommo team is actively working on new automations to improve efficiency and help you save time. Let us know in the comments which zaps you’d like to see!

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