Kommo vs Leadsales: Which is right for you?

March 4, 2024

10 min.

Choosing the right CRM can be challenging and painful for your business, especially if you’re new to the industry. We decided to break down the differences and similarities between two well-known CRM providers today: Kommo and Leadsales CRM.

Today, we’ll discuss key features, pricing, and more! So grab a snack and be ready to explore!

Kommo vs. Leadsales: At a glance

Before we start digging more into the differences between the two CRM platforms, let’s look at the features of Leadsales. Both companies present unique features and opportunities for your business.

Kommo Leadsales

Kommo is the leading Messenger-based CRM that easily integrates with email, telephone, and all messaging apps. It enables businesses to streamline customer engagement, improve the customer experience, and drive sales. Kommo’s mission is to transform conversations into clients, from the first contact to purchase, support, and beyond.

🦸🏻‍♀️Kommo’s mission

Kommo’s mission is to transform conversations into clients, from the first contact to purchase, support, and beyond.

Leadsales is a platform designed for managing every stage of the sales process. It also integrates with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, allowing you to connect your social media chats into a multi-agent platform.



Starting price
From $15 per user per month
From $83,99 per month
Maximum users
Up to 3 users*
Daily Active Users (DAUs)*
2,500 - 10,000 per active users
Communication channels
WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, Skype, iMessage, phone & email
WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram
Chatbot editor, task management system, omnichannel inbox, broadcasting
Chat template, customize pipeline, auto-task delegation and reminder, visual sales pipeline

Please note

Even though the Leadsales monthly plan includes up to 3 users, you can always add more for $10 each.

Kommo vs. Leadsales: What’s the difference?

Kommo and Leadsales share features, such as a multichannel inbox, a visual sales pipeline, a list of contacts, and more. However, Kommo expands this list further by offering:

  • Chatbots & chatbot builder
  • A wide list of integrations
  • A mobile app

1. Chatbots & chatbot builder

The main difference lies in chatbot capabilities. With Kommo, you get an easy chatbot experience because you don’t need any coding skills to build a chatbot from scratch, and that’s a huge advantage. Also, in Kommo, you can create as many chatbots as you want, helping your business stay online round-the-clock, 24/7.


Kommo's bot for chatting and performing actions

Kommo’s chatbot constructor

On the other hand, Leadsales needs an official chatbot and constructors. However, the platform offers automated greeting and closing messages. While this is a great feature, you must rely on support agents.

2. Integrations

Kommo has over 200 pre-built integrations and plans to add more integration options. In addition to popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, Kommo offers many integration options for workflows, lead capture and more. From Google My Business to Apple, Zoom, and WordPress, the list keeps going.

Discover Kommo’s 200+ pre-built integrations that help you work seamlessly, improve customer experience, and boost sales.

Kommo’s list of integrations

Leadsales has only three integrations: Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. The list is quite short, but that’s because Leadsales’ primary purpose is to create a unique and multichannel communicative platform. That's also a fantastic feature. However, you cannot integrate Zoom or schedule a weekly call with a client.

Keep in mind

Leadsales has only three integrations: Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

3. Mobile app

Kommo and Leadsales offer the same functionality as their desktop versions, such as a multichannel inbox, visual sales pipeline, contact list, push notifications, task reminders, and more. However, Kommo went the extra mile here, offering:

  • An intuitive mobile CRM
  • A chat with your team within the lead card
  • A product list
  • A business card scanner

With Kommo’s mobile app, your work stays dynamic and productive. Moreover, you’ll always be connected with everyone, no matter where you are. Whether at your desk or out of the office, you can quickly access your CRM data, make calls, send emails, engage in conversations, and add leads with just a few taps.

The Kommo app seamlessly integrates with desktop and mobile devices, ensuring you take advantage of all opportunities to grow your business. It offers the same powerful CRM solution as the web version but is now optimized for mobile use.

Leadsales’ mobile app

Having CRM on your phone is important for daily work and lets you stay connected.

Kommo vs. Leadsales: Integrations

Different integrations make your workflow more automated and advanced. You can improve workflows, capture more leads, drive sales, and even send invoices.

Here’s a list of integrations available from Kommo and Leadsales:



Integration Category
Messaging Apps
Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, LiveChat, Zoom, Skype, Viber, iMessage, WeChat, SMS and more
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
Zapier, Slack, Shopify, Make, Calendly, Google Calendar, Zendesk, Piesync, Google Sheet, Evernote, Mindbody, PandaDoc, Forms.app, 10to8, Breezy, Pyrus, ClickUp, Ecwid, Webhook
Leads Capture
acebook leads form, LinkedIn, RD Station, Wufoo, Formstack, Typeform, Tilda, Unbounce, JotForm, Getsitecontrol, FormKeep, Formidable Forms, WordPress
MailChimp, ActiveCampagne, Twilio, Facebook ads, Google Ads, LeadsBridge, Google Analytics, Omniconvert Explore, Outgrow, Weblium, Rigostat, MailerLite
Documents & Storage
Dropbox, HelloSign, FormStack Documents, Proposify, Dokker, Folder
Invoicing & Payment
Stripe, PayPal, MemberSpace

As you can see, Kommo provides more integration options for personalized and automated workspace which is important for business success. Nevertheless, Leadsales offers several integrations that could be useful. Still, it’s challenging to create an advanced and self-operating working system.

Kommo vs. Leadsales: Pricing

We have already covered the main differences and tools that can provide companies, but what about pricing? Let’s look at different plans and compare them.

Here’s the table that lets you choose the best pricing plan for your needs and budget:



Unified inbox,customizable,Unlimited sales pipelines task management, and more
Unlimited messages, unlimited funnels, WhatsApp integration, Facebook Messenger integration, Instagram integration, access to Leadsales Academy, priority support
$83.99 month/ up to 3 users
Everything in Base,no-code Salesbot,pipeline automation
Everything in Advanced.increased client database,advanced client profiles

Entry-plan comparison

Let’s dig a little bit deeper and look at the entry-level plans. These plans can provide essential features for starting marketing activities, tracking leads, and managing client relationships.


The minimum monthly subscription is $15 for 1 user. There is also the option to add users for $15 each. Kommo offers a 14-day free trial.


Leadsales offers a monthly subscription plan for $83.99 monthly for up to 3 users. You can always add new users for $10 each monthly.

You can test drive Leadsales for $7. The trial lasts only 7 days, but you can test all its features in the base plan.

Monthly active contacts (MACs)

Kommo’s basic plan offers 2,500 MACs for each active user. Leadsales, on the hand, doesn’t have any limitations.

Communication channels

As mentioned earlier, Kommo and Leadsales have the core channels on their entry-level plans. You can apps channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Leadsales uses WhatsApp with an unofficial integration; Kommo stands out by being the official Meta Business Partner, offering two types of WhatsApp integrations:

  • Free WA Lite: Offers cost-effective solutions for basic needs.
  • Paid WhatsApp Business API Integrations: Provides advanced features and scalability for businesses.

Please note:

Leadsales uses WhatsApp with an unofficial integration, Kommo offers an official WhatsApp Business API integration, and is a proud Meta partner. You can learn more about this here.

Kommo is an official badged Meta Business Partner

Besides the messaging apps mentioned earlier, Kommo offers more complex integrations, including iMessage, PayPal, MailChimp, and Calendly, giving its users greater flexibility and functionality.


In Kommo, you can test important functionality of the entry-level. These include:

  1. Create a sales pipeline
  2. Use the omnichannel inbox
  3. Connect apps
  4. Add lead profiles
  5. Manage & assign tasks

Leadsales offers the same functionality, except that the basic plan can be more expensive, depending on the budget.

Kommo vs. Leadsales: Features

Let’s highlight the similarities of both CRM platforms.

Similarity #1: Multichannel inbox

Both platforms offer a multichannel chat inbox or call it a unified inbox. This means you can manage all your client conversations from different apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, in one place.

Kommo’s unified inbox

Similarity #2: Sales process visualization

The second similarity is the visual sales pipeline. Keeping everything on track is one of the important tasks for any business owner. A properly visualized sales pipeline can boost your sales.

Kommo’s visual pipeline:

Both platforms divide sales pipelines into different stages, allowing you to customize them.

Leadsales’ visual pipeline

Kommo understands that every business has a unique customer journey, so the platform offers the flexibility to create up to 50 customizable pipelines.

💡In Kommo offers the flexibility to create up to 50 customizable pipelines

Similarity #3: Broadcasting

The third, one of the coolest similarities, is the broadcasting feature. Broadcasting allows you to send messages to many people using different communication platforms. It’s great announcing updates or launching marketing campaigns among your user database.


A feature that allows you to send bulk messages to a large group of people with just a click.

Example of a WhatsApp broadcast using Kommo CRM

Kommo and Leadsales offer an easy way to launch marketing campaigns targeting a selected user group or to simply message-blast your entire audience.

Kommo vs. Leadsales: Ease of use

Having a convenient and easy-to-use interface is important for any business size. Both platforms offer a see-through communication process with clients, so you won’t waste time learning your chosen CRM.

Kommo's user-friendly UI allows you to dive into your work process hassle-free.

Kommo vs. Leadsales: Customer support

Another difference between Kommo and Leadsales is the number of support channels used. Leadsales only uses live chat and email, while Kommo offers more options.

Apart from live chat and email, Kommo’s users can receive customer support through calls, messaging apps, social media, or web forms.

Overall, both platforms provide good customer support that can be tailored to different business needs.

Besides, Kommo and Leadsales regularly upload new YouTube tutorials and publish articles on their blogs.



Hours of Operation
Business hours only
Business hours only
Support channels
LiveChat, email, phone, web form (any subscription plan)
LiveChat, email
Support resources
Knowledge base, training materials, documentation
Knowledge base, training materials, documentation
Best for
Real-time communication
Real-time communication

Kommo vs. Leadsales: Customer reviews

Kommo features a series of customer testimonials from businesses of various sizes and industries. Check out one of them below:

A customer review of Kommo

Here’s one of the reviews of Leadsales:

A customer review of Leadsales

Choosing between Kommo and Leadsales



Kommo Pros
Leadsales Pros
Kommo Cons
Leadsales Cons
Wide WhatsApp Solutions:Kommo has two types of WhatsApp Integrations:Free WA Lite: Offers cost-effective solutions for basic needs.Paid WhatsApp Business API Integrations: Provides advanced features and scalabilit
Customization:Leadsales allows you to create a pipeline that meets your needs.
Pricing: Kommo has three different pricing plans that will be suitable for every business.
MACs:Leadsales do not have any limitation in MACs.
MACs: Kommo gives only 2,500-10,000 MACs depending on the pricing plan.
Pricing: Leadsales provides only one pricing plan.
Free trial:You can try it out for free before submitting a subscription.
Numbers of users: Automatically it’s up to three users per account. You can always add new users by extra payment.
Numbers of users: Only one user per plan by default, but you can always add new users by extra payment.
Free trial: Leadsales only has an initial plan for $7 with 7-day periods.
Integrations: Kommo has a wide range of different integrations.
Integrations:Leadsales provides us only with three integrations.
Chatbot: Kommo has a chatbot builder with which you can create any chatbot within a few clicks.
Chatbot: Leadsales only has automated greetings and leave messages.

Small business vs enterprise



Target Market
Small Business
Small Business
Ease of Use
Easy to use
Easy to use
Email marketing, social media marketing,WhatsApp marketing, lead generation, CRM marketing, message scheduling, custom funnels, Cahtbot builder
Unlimited message sending, no user limits, message scheduling, custom funnels
More expensive
Less scalable

Email & messenger marketing

Kommo and Leadsales are adaptable platforms that seamlessly integrate with email and messenger services.

Even though Leadsales doesn’t have a specific marketing service, you can set up automated greetings and close-the-chat messages. You can also schedule messages like personalized reminders to your customers.

Kommo offers several advantages for email marketing:

  • Segmentation & personalization
  • Email parsing
  • Automated campaign management
  • A/B testing
  • Detailed analytics

When it comes to messenger marketing, both platforms are well-equipped and offer a variety of opportunities.

For example, Kommo provides

  • Support for over 10 popular messengers, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, and others.
  • Tools for creating and automating messenger campaigns.
  • Analytics of messenger campaigns

Leadsales offers the following advantages

  • Support popular messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Instagram
  • Automated greetings & leave-taking messages


Kommo’s plans try to accommodate different businesses and budget sizes. Meanwhile, Leadsales offers only one fixed pricing plan for small businesses.

However, as mentioned earlier, Leadsales provides unlimited monthly active contacts. At the same time, Kommo offers 2,500 monthly active contacts as part of its base plan. Moreover, Kommo offers various features, tools, and automation capabilities.

📌 Please note:

Kommo doesn’t charge additional fees. The price covers all features included in your plan. The only potential extra charges you may have (which are entirely optional) are for third-party integrations.

Business process

Leadsales excels with its user-friendly interface, requiring only three essential integrations.

Kommo simplifies the creation of personalized pipelines and chatbots.

Kommo vs leadsales: Final thoughts

Whether you're a large organization preparing for expansion or a small business starting, Kommo and Leadsales can optimize your workflow and maintain everything on one platform.

Choosing the right CRM platform depends on your goals and requirements. Both platforms allow you to manage your customer interactions and propel your business to new heights.

Bottom line

If you’re still unsure which platform is best for you, we suggest trying Kommo and Leadsales.

To unlock the full potential of Kommo and discover how the platform can boost your sales, start a 2-week free trial today. No credit card is required.

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