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CRM Cafe: How to Generate Customer Loyalty

September 25, 2017

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The good ol’ days

Growing up, I vividly remember this old couple, Avi and Sharon. They owned a small cafe in my town. Everybody loved them.

During the summer, my father and I would go to the beach and enjoy a good swim in the warm, salty water. When the sun would reach it’s peak, we’d pack our things and leisurely head back the direction of home. On our way, we always passed by this cafe — it was small back then with maybe 12 tables at most.

Tables with chairs

We’d always stop there. My father would order a pint of beer and I’d get fresh juice. And while my father drank his beer, I would munch on the salty treats that came with it.

What I remember most is that when they noticed us, both Avi and Sharon would come to say hello to my father. They’d ask about me and about my parents’ business, remembering previous conversations that my father had even forgotten himself. And whenever my mom would join us, without asking, they would bring her favorite latte and a chocolate croissant.

Coffee and croissant

I always loved that cafe.

And we weren’t the only customers to receive such a greeting. Avi and Sharon would greet every customer in this manner, and most of these customers continue to visit them to this day.

Last time I was there, they had expanded, taking over half of the little street where their cafe is located. They have more tables, more room and a longer menu.

The thing is — I, as their customer, am so happy for them.

I can’t say their food differs greatly from the neighbouring cafes, or that they have a great location, or that their chairs are extremely comfortable. Nope. But, what I can say is that their relationship with their customers was and continues to be outstanding. They are like family to their customers, and because of that, the market rewarded them well. They earn more money now. In fact, they recently financed the construction of an office building just around the corner that they now rent out to a bank.


Ok, what does it have to do with me?

You’re probably asking yourself how any of this is relevant to you, well, here’s why.

This is an outstanding business approach and to be honest, the best one. This is how you generate customer loyalty, pure and simple. Sure you can offer incentives like discounts and coupons, but if you build your business only around this, your customer will only be strategically loyal to you during discount days.

To truly get customer loyalty, which lasts for years, you need to be like Avi and Sharon. You need to show your customers you care about them and remember them.

Of course, not everyone can remember names or old conversations, and not everyone has the opportunity to greet their customers everyday, in person and with a big pearly smile. And it gets even more difficult when you have many customers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your customers the same kind of attention that Avi and Sharon show theirs. Here’s how:

Customer Relationship Management

This is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software comes into play.

A CRM system allows you to give your customers that personal touch and create great memories with your customers just like Avi and Sharon made with me. In essence, it gives you the tools to be the best salesperson you can be.

Kommo was designed with exactly this in mind. It wasn’t built for corporations, it was built for small and medium businesses who want to build solid, lasting relationships with customers.

People talking

You can use our intuitive interface to follow and manage potential customers, so you never leave anyone hanging. Our system integrates with popular applications such as Gmail, Viber, Facebook Messenger and more to make your interactions with leads and customers easy and centralized. Basically, you can keep in touch with customers on the communication channel of their choice, and always know exactly where you left off.

How does it work? It’s simple.

First, any phone call or message you receive will be logged and recorded in the system. That way, no matter how much time has passed, you can always resume the conversation with your client without missing a beat.

Lead card crm

On top of that, whenever you get a call or message from a new prospect, Kommo will automatically grab their information and create a profile for them. All you have to do is approve or decline it.

Pipeline crm

The process is simple

Somebody calls or texts you. The system automatically creates a lead profile with their contact details, where the recorded call or saved message is attached. You or your sales manager can then review this lead and act on it. Call or text back. This transforms feet-dragging data entry and follow up into lightning-fast responses with all the lead’s info in front of you.

Lead card crm 1

After the initial exchange, you can move the lead into another category, say “new customer”. There, perhaps you’ll attach a note to call them back later or send them some some specific information like a price list or technical documentation. Then you or any sales manager can follow up on the task with no need to ask for clarifications. Just log on to Kommo and see all your tasks.

It it brings back the personal touch when your business is scaling:

  • You have a new customer
  • You can manage your interactions easily
  • You increase profits
  • Your customer feels happy and important


Make a personal sale with Kommo

Kommo is a pioneering Messenger Based Sales CRM software that helps businesses achieve more sales and create long-lasting relationships with their customers. It is a tool that enables companies to reach better results and increase their profits.

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