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Mobile CRM App: 5 Ways to Increase Sales Productivity

April 20, 2018

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is growing in importance as consumer preferences change and technology continues to evolve. The increasing complexity in the field is also a challenge, though: companies have to take control of a system that now encompasses sales, content, productivity, and other core business aspects. This endeavor demands resources and the predictions are that the CRM will become the largest area of spending in software by 2021.

Why is this? Well, when trying to figure out the game plan, CRM apps come as life savior, invaluable tools that streamline the process of managing relationships and interactions with the customers. They enable businessmen to stay productive even when outside the office. In other words, you can be at the right place at the right time. This is such a vital thing in the tumultuous mobile age we live in, where customer expectations are higher than ever.

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Handling CRM tasks on the go

First of all, CRM mobile apps offer unparalleled flexibility. They are great means of maintaining and customizing relationships over their whole lifecycle. They let sales reps to be on the ball at all times, react the moment a prospect reaches out to them, and stay focused on the set objectives. Turning the laptop one while on the go is highly impractical and that is where your smartphone comes into play.

Equipped with the right app, it becomes your tool for rising to any occasion and handling conversations. It prevents communication downtime or complete blackout, alleviating pain points and issues in the CRM system. Also, it gives you a chance to book appointments, plan activities, and monitor sales through stages. All in all, the chances are much better to capture the important deal and boost revenue streams.

A source of actionable information

Moreover, mobile CRM is your encyclopedia that fits in the pocket. Take the example of apps like Kommo and Hubspot CRM, which are a vast improvement over traditional mobile internet browsing. They pull in necessary information from email and web. You may receive it before the meeting or conversation and move forward with confidence. Likewise, users are able to log in every interaction and have valuable consumer data at hand.

Such CRM solutions designed for leads and deals often give direct access to the central database, regularly update opportunities, and register activities wherever you go. Users can find anything you need in the palm of their hand, including data on customers, partners, prospects, suppliers, colleagues, stakeholders, etc. Namely, studies show that 65% sales reps are able to close deals in companies that employ mobile CRM.

Saving time and reprocess

CRM apps are a huge time-saver as well. They act as digital address books and integrate all those scattered notes, calendars, diaries, and contacts. You do not have to reach for your bag, go through the inbox, or make phone calls to coworkers. Using the smartphone, it is way easier to stay connected with the customer while also saving a ton of time when following up on leads.

This translates into the ability to close more sales and do it in less time and with fewer interactions. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that recent findings suggest that mobile CRM increases sales productivity by 15%. As an additional benefit, sales staff can free up time in the schedule to work on other prospects and new opportunities.

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Fine-tuning consumer experience

Mobile CRM systems are built on the experience of other successful apps and borrow quite a bit from mobile app monetization platforms in the league of Appnext. These revolve around understanding the real-life context and unique interests of consumers and providing personalized recommendations based on them. Similarly, there is a multitude of CRM apps that provide a clear overview of sales processes and facilitate its optimization.

For instance, browsing customer's previous history with you can give your great insights into preferences and behavior. With such resource pool, you may provide support and additional services and conduct effective and precise retargeting without going out of your way. Companies that encourage bring-your-own-device policy (BYOD) are in a particularly solid position to tailor the consumer’s experience and increase overall sales productivity.

Grasping the big picture

Along the similar lines, CRM apps should be used to gain a better understanding of the entirety of the pipeline of sales and prospects. Not only that, the great thing about these mobile solutions is that their users easily share vital information across teams and departments, spurring better coordination across the board. This is thanks to data and messages being updated seamlessly, in real-time.

What is more, there are handy digital tools that let you present and organize the data visually and practically. This feature can function in the offline mode as well and minimizes the chances of missing out the opportunity to close or failing to solve identified customer service issues. Finally, organizations that implement mobile CRM can make accurate forecasts, give sales coaching on the fly, and gain an edge over the competition.

Tools of the modern trade

CRM apps are an integral part of a modern sales strategy. These easy and convenient solutions allow you to picture the whole journey from the point of inquiries to the moment that sales take place. Therefore, they act as powerful productivity boosters, adding additional value to the organization and empower it to build meaningful and lasting relationships with the customer. Sales reps, who are often outside the office, are able to gain access to CRM data, record interactions, and use short windows of opportunity to close sales. So, do not miss an opportunity use CRM apps as incredible marketing and sales tools and enhance the bottom line. Grasp opportunities, provide top-notch service, react promptly, and generate leads. Arm yourself well to tackle challenges and opportunities of the mobile business era.

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