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How to use a document generator bot in Kommo

March 22, 2023

6 min.

If your job involves paperwork, dealing with it can take up most of your work time, leaving you feeling like you never have enough time to complete your tasks. 😩

The bad news is that the amount of paperwork increases exponentially with the size and growth of your business.

📝 Interesting fact: On average, employees spend 20-30% of their work time, or around 12 hours a week, dealing with documents and document-based information.


If you or your managers spend roughly 12 hours a week processing the documents, that’s a lot of time wasted because this can be done automatically!

Luckily, the document generator bot can help you avoid this pitfall and focus on high-value tasks instead.🥳

But what is a document generator, how can you use it, and what role can Kommo play in it?

Keep reading to find out.

Document Generator vs Document Generator Bot

Let’s define the Document Generator first. A document generator is a tool that generates commonly used documents, like invoices, contracts, offer letters, order forms, and much more, at scale.

In Kommo, however, this is called a Document Generator bot. It can automatically identify any customer's details in the database, such as their name, contact number, address, and order price, and input them straight into the placeholders in the document template.

Document automation: the process

Benefits of using a Document Generator bot

Here are a few reasons why you should consider implementing the Document Generator bot in your business:

🏃‍♂️ Speed up the document generation process

🤖 Minimize manual input and avoid errors

🤑 Reduce costs

🤩 Improve customer experience

Document Generator bot: Use Cases

Automated document generation is not limited to any industry or type of document.💃

It can be applied in:

👨‍💼 B2B and B2C businesses

👩‍💻 IT companies

👨‍⚕️ Healthcare providers

👩‍⚖️ Legal & Financial Services

🖥 Digital Marketing Agencies

And you can use it to generate anything you need, including:

  • Sales contracts
  • Offer letters
  • Budget approvals
  • Insurance claims
  • Event registrations
  • Other commonly used forms

And these are just a few examples of its use cases. With the Document Generator bot, the sky's the limit. 😉

How to use a Document Generator bot in Kommo

Kommo’s Document Generator bot allows you to automate the routine work of your managers or sales reps and help them save hours generating commonly used forms.

How Document Generator bot works

The Document Generator bot works as a part of the Kommo chatbot, or as we call it, a Salesbot.

It transfers data from Kommo lead cards straight to your document templates, creating a personalized document for every client.

🪄 Special modifiers will help you transfer data, including:

  • Lead’s name
  • Contact number and address
  • Order Price
  • Dates and more

⚠️ Please note: The documents can be generated and stored in 2 formats: PDF and Google Docs.


There are a few things you have to prepare before letting the technology do all the work for you. 😉

  1. Prepare a document template
  2. Create custom fields in Kommo
  3. Have a Google Drive Access

Prepare a document template

The document template allows you to put a placeholder for your recipient.

🤓 A document template is a pre-designed file that you can use as a starting point to create new documents that have a consistent layout and structure.

You have to make sure that the text in the placeholders of your template is:


✌️Clearly labeled


Unique means that you need to differentiate placeholders one from the other. Otherwise, the data will merge incorrectly.

Here is an example of how you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do it:







Important: All placeholders should be unique for the data to merge correctly.

👇This is what the document template looks like:

Document template example

Create custom fields in Kommo

Now, you need to create a group of custom fields in the lead card. Those fields should correspond with the data you want to populate your document template with.

The custom fields can indicate any data of your choosing, including but not limited to:

✏️ Type of document

✏️ Document number

✏️ Date of issue

✏️ Client’s Name

✏️ Payment Agreement

To create custom fields, go to Leads > Open a random Lead Card > Select ⚙️Setup.

Now click +, add a New Group, and select the Fields from which the data will be extracted.

Create a folder in Google Drive to store all generated documents

Lastly, you’ll need access to Google Drive to upload and store your document template in a Google Doc format. If you don't have a Google account yet, you can create one in a few clicks.

How to set up the Document Generator bot

Now it’s time to use document automation in Kommo! To do this, you need to set up the Document Generator bot in the Salesbot visual builder.👇

Step 1: Create a new Salesbot or open an existing one

Step 2: Click Add next step, select Widget, find the Document Generator in the Widgets window, and click +Install

Step 3: Accept the Kommo privacy policy and click +Install

Step 4: Go back to the Widgets window, find the Document Generator, and click +Add, then sign in to your Google Drive account

Step 5: Start setting up your bot by choosing the document template you want to fill in

Step 6: Choose the folder where you want the documents to be saved

Step 7: Select an existing Kommo field where a document link will be stored once its generated

How to replace placeholders with Kommo fields

🖍️ After you hit Next, you’ll need to identify which text in the document should be replaced with the information from the lead card.

Highlight the placeholders in your document template and choose the corresponding field in Kommo to fill it in, just like it’s shown in the example below.👇

Then, hit Save.

❗ Important: No changes can be made to the original template once the document is saved. Otherwise,

you will have to start this step from scratch.

To finish building the bot, you have to indicate the message a user will receive in case of a successful or failed document generation.

For example:

✍️ The document is successfully generated.

✍️ The document generation has failed.

If you don’t want your bot to perform any other actions, Stop the bot and click Save & Continue.

How to generate a document link in Kommo

Now, we are only a few steps away from your first automatically generated document.👻

After you’ve decided on the client, you want to generate the document for, go to their lead card, and fill out the required fields for document generation.

In order to send out our contract to an influencer, we have to find and reach out to them first. Kommo is a perfect place if you want to communicate and manage influencers.

Go to the influencer’s lead card, and fill out the fields that are required for document generation. This can be done while you’re reaching out or speaking to influencers. In Kommo, you can reach our to influencers via WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook Messenger. You can also connect VoIP integrations to call your influencers directly from Kommo.

Once you’re done with gathering the info, in the chat box, type / (slash) and then under the Salesbot category, select the Document generation PDF / Google Docs, depending on the format you’ve chosen to store it in.

Then, hit Run.🏃‍♂️.

How to generate document link

The link will be automatically generated in the Custom field you’ve selected during the setup.

⚠️ Keep in mind that this is the only way you can generate the document in Kommo.

Generated document link in Kommo

Make sure you Visit the link to check if the document has been generated correctly before sending it.

To send the document to your client, simply copy and paste the link to the chat box and send it via email or a preferred messenger right from the lead card without leaving Kommo. 💬

❗ Important: While every user can delete the document, only the user who created it can edit it.

Sending a document link to clients in Kommo

Wrap up

Document automation is a must for any successful business that wants to grow even further. It helps to speed up the sales processes, shave off costs, provide better customer service, and much more.😎

However, like other AI tools, the document generator bot is not meant to replace humans but rather to release them from tedious routine tasks, allowing them to focus on high-value work that only humans can do.

Start a free Kommo account today and try our Document Generator bot yourself.

And remember, if you still have questions, our team is always happy to help. 🙋‍♀️

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