Click-to-message ads: a short guide

October 24, 2023

3 min.

Today, we’ll explore Click-to-message ads, a revolutionary tool that helps audiences connect with businesses through messenger apps they already love.

What are click-to-message ads?

Click-to-message ads are ads that direct customers to WhatsApp, Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger.

Send your ad traffic to WhatsApp, Instagram & Messenger

Unlike a regular ad that takes you to the static page or brand’s website, a click-to-message ad is perfect if your customer has doubts about your product or wants to ask you more questions.

Click-to-message ads example

You can also create a template with 3 messages that will prompt potential leads to start the chat with you once they tap on your ad.

Overall, with click-to-message ads, you can do the following:

  1. Generate leads
  2. Guide personalized sales transactions
  3. Increase conversions.

If you’re struggling with creating a convenient customer journey, click-to-message ads can help you solve that. With click-to-message, you can initial engagement and lead your potential customer to the final purchase, all within the context of a conversation.

Instagram marketing with click-to-message direct ads

Click-to-message ads best practices

Let’s look at the best practices of click-to-message ads.

1. Click-to-message ads for product updates

2. Click-to-message ads for lead generation

3. Click-to-message ads for high involvement-products

4. Click-to-message ads for offers & discounts

Getting started with click-to-message ads

Setting up click-to-message ads is very straightforward.

Simply head to your Ads Manager account, select Campaign objective to Engagement, and set your ad Conversionlocation to Messaging apps.

Choose the type of messenger you want your customers to get redirected to.

Optimize your ad performance by setting a budget and targeting a customer audience that is highly likely to engage with your advertisement.

Set up your ad and design your ad creative. Select your ad placements, and don’t forget to include a Headline and text for your Callto action button.

Create a template that will prompt potential leads to start the chat with you once they tap on your ad.

Once everything looks good in the ad preview, click Publish.

And voila, you're all set to generate new leads with click-to-message ads.

Click-to-message ads placements & destinations

It’s important to place your ads strategically on different sections of your Instagram and Facebook accounts based on your goals.

For example, your Facebook or Instagram are excellent for building awareness, while stories effectively drive impulse purchases. The Explore page and Instagram Reels can extend your reach to a broader audience.

To simplify the process, you can choose the Advantage+ option, which uses Meta's data to allocate your ads automatically. This ensures that your ads are displayed where they are likely to perform best, maximizing the impact of your campaign.


Ads that click to Messenger can be shown on Facebook Messenger and Instagram

Ads that click to Instagram can be shown on Instagram

Ads that click to WhatsApp can be shown on Facebook and Instagram

Also, if one of your audience doesn’t have a certain app on their phone, Meta can show your app on another destination. For example, if someone doesn't have WhatsApp installed, they may be sent to Messenger instead.

Support chat conversations with Kommo CRM

As you start bringing leads to your messaging apps from click-to-message ads, you must think of how to support many chat conversations.

To save your marketing or sales team time and not miss any conversation, Kommo CRM, an official Meta Business Partner, offers many features including chatbots and automations.


With Kommo, for example, you can integrate Salesbot (Kommo’s chatbot) into regular messaging flows to answer customer questions before they reach one of your sales reps. It can also provide customer service and handle simple tasks during offline hours. With Salesbot, you can also add Quick replies.

Chat routing

If the human agent is needed, and regardless of the channel set in your click-to-message ads, Salesbot automatically directs the conversation to the best team or person to handle that specific inquiry.

Unified inbox

Kommo gets every message delivered to the right person to secure a higher conversion rate from click-to-message ads and keeps it all within the pipeline. It collects all contact details and messages and stores them in an automatically generated lead card, providing a centralized hub for easy access and multi-channel communication.

Data & insights

Kommo offers a dashboard that lets you easily monitor important conversations from click-to-message ads. Whether you want to track unanswered messages or monthly sales targets, you can gather all these metrics with just a few clicks.

Combining click-to-message ads with Kommo can create a seamless customer journey that drives results. The ads spark interest and capture attention, while Kommo's messenger-based sales approach takes it further, converting leads into loyal customers.

Bottom line

Paired with Kommo, click-to-message ads will revolutionize your business communication, making it easier to start conversations, find new customers, and build relationships.

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