Sales automation in 5 steps with Kommo

7 sales tasks you can automate with Kommo

August 12, 2020

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7 sales tasks you can automate with Kommo

The role of a salesperson is a unique one. It’s the mantle of a frontline warrior of almost every company. Few professional pursuits in life have rewards so heavily tied with individual performance. No sales, no business. Simple as that.

You must close. You must sell. And…you must also put all the little things down on paper. Otherwise, it’ll be a hot mess. Precious minutes turn into hours spent getting your sales tasks in order. The whole thing stacks up, so you end up with data entry tasks instead of the actual sales job.

What a drain, right? But there is no escaping it.

Okay, maybe you can escape it - with the help of automation. In this article, you will learn how sales task automation is done with the help of yours truly — Kommo!

7 sales tasks to automate

Before we begin: don’t be intimidated by the word “automation”. It doesn’t involve coding skills or anything else too difficult for a sales manager to handle. It’s like Lego, except it’s for building a business and it’s just as awesome.

1. Lead management

Got yourself a pipeline full of precious potential customers? Good on you. As you sell, you need to move your leads (your deals or your prospects) from one stage of your sales pipeline to another. That's not much of a time consumer, but if we can get it out of the way and forget about it, why wouldn’t we?

The advantage here is a defined process. It depends on what you want to do with the lead - move it to another stage of your pipeline, change the responsible manager, add tags, etc.

With Kommo, it’s as simple as pointing where the lead should go and on what conditions.

2. Lead capture and data entry

The arch-enemy of so many salespeople around the world. According to Hubspot, more than 27% of salespeople spend more than an hour each day on data entry. And these salespeople often enter data manually. What would happen if the contact data took care of itself?

Let’s imagine you have messengers, email, and phone as a means of contact data gathering. These communication channels are all separate. Every time you receive a request, you have to write it down, again and again (which will be prone to error - we all make mistakes).

Get rid of the need to enter data manually altogether - by automating that kind of sales tasks entirely. In Kommo, this is solved by simply integrating your communication channels with the system. Now you don’t need to write down names and phone numbers. Connect your favorite communication channel - be it Facebook Messenger, your email, your website form or anything else - and next thing you know the leads start to appear in the database without any other help.

You absolutely should automate other forms of data entry too. Think of a field that is filled out after you’ve spoken to your prospect. A field with values something like “good prospect”, “okay-ish prospect” or “bad prospect” (pardon my oversimplification). An automatic action in Kommo can modify this field based on the pipeline stage, tags, and many other conditions. Good prospect? The field gets one entry. Kinda okay-ish prospect? Another entry is made. You get the picture.

Or, if you’re feeling lucky, you can have your prospects fill out the fields themselves. How? An automatic action called Individual form sends them a page with a form to fill out! You can use kind of the same scenario. Good leads get a free pass, but an okay-ish lead gets a form to fill out — to qualify it more.

3. Sales task management

Now, this is where an essential part of the sales process happens. A salesperson is a busy person, and without a clearly outlined schedule, they risk being late to the party. Won’t be a problem if you automate task management, though.

Imagine it this way: your lead is now qualified and moved to the demo stage. While they’re still hot, you need to schedule a call. In Kommo, an automatic action can set a task (and synchronize it with your Google Calendar!) for you, to a specific date and with a specific message.

Automatic task creation is a great thing, but I’ve witnessed first-hand what happens when sales reps ignore overdue tasks and how they pile up into something horrible. That’s why you can also close tasks automatically in Kommo - it’s also a separate action. After a sale, you can get rid of all these tasks you didn’t complete - we’re all human, after all.

4. Email follow-up

Automated emailing saves time - big time. You don’t have to enter any contact data into the email yourself to make it look personal. The system can use special brackets to insert contact name, phone number, email address, and other data. But that’s also a downside - in case contact data wasn’t entered properly, your prospect will receive an email with something like “Hello Contact name, nice to meet you!” instead of their actual name. So be careful!

In case you’re using an external email service for emailing needs, it’s also not a problem - an automatic action in Kommo can subscribe your lead to a mailing list in MailChimp or ActiveCampaign all the same - they’ll get their nice email one way or another.

5. Qualifying via chatbots

Chatbots are more advanced in terms of automation. Intimidated because this sure seems difficult? You shouldn’t be - now chatbots can be built without coding skills and that’s where Kommo shines once again.

A proper chatbot can aid you with lead qualification, data gathering, task scheduling and much more. The greatest advantage is that a chatbot made in Kommo is intertwined with other automatic actions. It can also move the lead in the pipeline, give it tags and tasks, and more. My imagination is running wild as I imagine what it can do, and so should yours.

If you’re aiming for something really simple, a greeting chatbot can be a great addition to your website or Facebook company page. In the visual chatbot builder, you can create a short introduction to your product and beckon the leads to provide more information about themselves, thus become qualified leads. I’m sure you know where to follow-up on a lead with this level of interest to your company. That’s a big chunk of sales tasks removed out of the way.

Example of Kommo chatbot builder used to create a chatbot

6. Quickbooks invoicing

Yes, you did it, you almost closed the sale! And now you need...yeah, paperwork. The last step between you and your commission is a billed invoice. We've got you covered on this front as well - with the Quickbooks integration.

You don’t even need to leave the system to create an invoice or send it to your to-be-customer anymore - it’s all done from the system. Automatically! It’s magic.

7. Stripe payments

The last in the list and the most exciting for us (and soon, for you!) is the Stripe integration - meaning your clients can pay you in the chat interface! It’s a fantastic solution for eCommerce and many other small business services that include messengers as a sales channel.

The process is like this: a lead writes to you, you move them to a stage with Stripe integration and then they receive an invoice. The invoice is payable right in the chat interface. Your leads don’t have to go anywhere. Convenience, with a capital C. If automating that kind of sales tasks doesn’t save time, I don’t know what will.

An example of a chatbot with Stripe integration used to process a payment

Get automated!

For every company, there is a different sales process and sales tasks. One thing unites them all though - a lot of them eat away at the salesperson’s time - time they could spend closing deals and not entering data.

Automation is key to freeing up this precious time for your sales reps. It’s liberating both to the salesperson and customer - everyone wins in the end (because everything is so much quicker!)

What's stopping you from rigging up a bit of your own automation, and getting these sales tasks out of the way? Get Kommo and start scoring more sales with less friction!

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